the leak

“Are you naked?”

His rich voice filled her ear as she pressed her phone hard against her head. “yes, Master” she replied, softly.

“Good. Butt plug lubed with hot cold ointment in place?”

“yes, Master” she responds again, then “it’s soo hot, Master”

He chuckles in her ear. “Yes, little one, it’s supposed to be.”

she squirms on the bed, the ache in her ass and the longing in her cunt driving her nearly over the edge.

 “Master” she says with a quiver in her voice, “your cunt is leaking again.”

This time his laugh spurts out, making her smile.

“well, I guess I need to come over and fix that. No good landlord leaves his property with a leak going on, does he?”

she smiles into the phone.

 “No, Sir.”

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