Barn Dance

“Take Friday off and come out to the country” He had said, firmly.  “Leave Thursday night. We’ll spend the weekend together.”

“i’ll be there,” she had agreed, knowing that tone brooked no arguement. Besides, they hadn’t been together physically in a few weeks, between His travel schedule and all the crap going on at her work. From the time of  His call, until she was packing on Thursday morning, she had thought and wondered about what this play time was going to be like.  They had only been a D/s couple for 7 months, but she already felt her dependence on him deepen through every phone call, every internet visit, each order He gave her, whether it was to mastubate herself to orgasm in front of her webcam, or just to torture her nipples and no orgasms. 

It was still dark on this chilly October morning, as He woke her roughly, blindfolded her, told her not to speak, and herded her towards the barn where they played. She felt the cool dew on her bare feet, shivered. The chill air played around her body, hardening her nipples, raising gooseflesh along her arms, legs, belly. She heard the barn door slide open, felt the dusty floor, dry and somewhat warmer against her feet. The door slid shut. A light clicked on, she heard that, then other sounds, unknown to her. She felt her hearbeat quicken. This was new! Exciting, and yet…an element of fear, danger added a deeper note to her arousal. She felt her cunt begin to warm, pulse with anticipation. Last night, they had made love in a most vanilla-like fashion, two lovers who had been missing each other for too long. He had massaged her tense shoulders, she had given Him a blow job with enthusiasm and all the skills He had taught her  over their time together. They slept entwined. And now…
…she was brought back to the moment as she felt Him move to stand in front of her. His large hands took one wrist, wrapped it in a heavy leather cuff, then the other. A metallic click and she knew her wrists were coupled together. He pulled her forward, one step, two, then stopped. Holding her wrists captive, she smelled hemp, knew He was using it on her somehow, then felt Him move away. A sudden upward pull of her arms and she knew He was somehow winching up the rope that He had attached to her cuffs. Higher, higher. Breast jutting out, her upper arms acting as earmuffs, further confusing her senses as He tied off the rope. She was standing, just barely flat footed, tension in her arms and upper back. Again she felt Him approach, His body heat a palpable thing. He came behind her, gathered up her hair, ponied it and pulled it into a messy bun with a scrunchie. He moved away again, she heard another click, light out, she guessed. Then…nothing.
She could hear the calling of the last hopeful crickets out and inside the barn, the early calls of crows, but even straining as much as she could, she heard no sound of Him. She became cross, then, fully pissed off. Their first time together in so long and He’d waste it by hanging her up like a discarded jacket and leave??? She almost called out to Him. Almost. Then remembered His one stern word to her as He pulled her out of bed,
Her cunt began to moisten, despite her anger, and a deep need began to build inside her. Her achingly hard nipples hardened still more, and she began to squirm. A twist this way, that, trying to keep her footing, to get a sense of where, just where was He?
As if it was a cue, she felt….a tickle on the underside of her tit. She pulled away a bit. Insect? She shuddered, ooked out by that thought. Again, a light tickle on her ass, then on her exposed underarm. She began to gasp and dance away, but the soft tickling followed her, dancing lightly over her body, first the inside of her elbows, then behind her knees, across her mons, then up, slowly, teasingly from the small of her back to her nape. She shivered, shuddered, began to feel moisture dripping from her now superheated cunt. Her tits felt engorged from the tickle play, hypersensitve to touch.  she moved and swayed but was never quite able to get away from the delicious torment. Just as she felt that she might scream from the constant stimulation she felt a nipping pain in her right nipple. She did yell then, just a little but…then a second pinch and she knew that He’d clamped her nipples. Then, the bastard added weights and damnit all, a pair of bells.
“Music to dance by” she heard Him say with a chuckle, as she felt the tickle of the ostrich feather flirt across her ass.