He watched her struggle. She was nearly motionless, trussed as she was, but He could see her muscles quiver, the faint give and take as she pulled at her bonds.

“Breathe,” He said to her, His voice quiet, deep.

He watched her magnificent tits rise, hold a moment, then fall as her breath moved in and out of her. This glorious creature, tied, rouged with His handiwork……His.    Doing His bidding, breathing for and because of Him, submitting completely to His wants, to assuage the hunger that drove Him to drive her submission deeper, deeper.

“Again,” He ordered.

Once again, pale mountains undulated. A shiver escaped her, and He watched the peaks of those mountains harden and rise.

“Again,” He spoke, and as she inhaled He brought the lash down again,  and colored her flesh with His desires.