To be, or not to be…

He had waited a long time to see her in the flesh. Three months of online chat, then picture sharing, and eventually, phone calls. They lived in the same town, but traveled in different circles. She was the minivan driving soccer mom,  he the business executive. She, divorced with two kids, he….well, he traveled the world, and through women as well.

There was something about this one.

She’d written hesitantly to the D/s search site. He could sense it in her message.

“newly discoved sub wanna be. Will You be the one for me?”

Succinct, yes, but something in the message spoke to him.  Several others had responded to that, the WannaDom’s he called them. Sniffing new blood, circling around like dogs waiting to mate a ripe bitch.  But she told him that his was the only response she had felt drawn to answer.

“Experienced, yes. Will I control you? Yes. Will you want to submit to me? We shall find that out, together.”

He waited at the hotel bar, watching for her. His call had been abrupt, and didn’t give her time to do anything but come to him, now. He saw her walk into the room. Her hair was untidily piled on her head, some tendrils falling from the loose knot, curling charmingly around her face. She was tired, he could see it from here, and he could see stress in her tense shoulders, and yet, she was here. He watched her take a deep breath, in, out, then enter the darkened room and head for the bar. She took a stool a few places away from him, but stole a glance his way.

He tilted his head a bit, raised a brow, smiled just the smallest amount. Her eyes widened, then she quickly looked down at her hands, clasped tightly in her lap.

He slid over to her.

“Hello, pet” he murmered quietly. “Please go to the ladies room and bring me the items I requested during our phone call earlier.”

She grew red in the face, but got up, and headed for the restrooms. She was gone just a few minutes but he could tell she did not want to cross the room with her bra and panties clutched in her hand. He watched her innner struggle as she remained half hidden in the archway, then, with a visible sigh, she crossed to him.

“here!” and she ungraciously thrust the bundle of underclothing at him. Her black lace panties fell to the floor and she gasped. She began to stoop to retrieve them, when his hand caught her arm and she glanced at him in horror.

“Leave them,” he said with a smile. “I’m sure the cleaning crew will enjoy finding your damp panties later tonight.”

She glanced from the panties to his face. This, he knew, was the moment in which their future would begin to be decided.