getting His vibe

She woke to the feeling of His hand in her cunt. Pushing something inside her…oh damn. It was the egg vibrator.

She hated vibrators. All the whirring, the jarring feeling inside her. The turning into mush and cumming without her control. That was it, the crux of the matter. She had given Him all controls over her body, making it His toy. But still, she had such a hard time at this last loss of control.  And yet it made her horny as hell to know she was submitting because He owned her.

She rolled out of the bed as he slapped her ass playfully. Getting  into the shower, she began to wash when the egg inside her awoke for the first time. A low humming came from her crotch, and she grimaced. As she finished under the water, and began to dry herself, she felt the vibe increase in intensity.

“Grrrrr…” she muttered under her breath, feeling her pulse quicken, her cunt leaking, her hips rotating without conscious thought.

“How’s things cumming in there?” she heard Him call, laughing. “You nearly done yet?”

She muttered under her breath, and as though He had heard her, or perhaps just read her mind, the vibe increased again, and she opened the bathroom door and gasped “Master, may I cum, please?”

“Hmmm, you just got all clean and lovely for work, slave,” He responded, as He reclined on the rumpled bed, a thoughful look on His face.

“Better not.” He mused with a small smile on His face.  He gave her that look, the one she called the “Master-y” look. Oh, He was one to look at too, laying there like a God from some ancient Greek tale.

They stayed, gazes locked for several long moments, the only sounds in the room, her ragged breathing, and a faint  hum from her body.

“oooooohhhhmmmmoooaaann” She slid her hand down her cleft, soothing, reaching for…


The note of commmand in His voice caused her to cease her near-rubbing of her clit. Another moment passed, then another.

“Who owns you, slave?”

“You do, Master.”

“You obey?”

“Yes, Master.”

He nodded, pleased, and turned down the vibe. As her breathing began to return to normal, the egg went off.

Over breakfast he told her his plans for the day. He’d be driving past her office several times as he met with customers. Several were located in the same building. Her office had a large window, just within range.  He held up the remote.

“Clicky clicky…” and laughed.

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