Rabbits run

She ran because He expected her to. Wanted her to. Dodging around trees, branches and bushes catching at her ass, she ran. He’d caught her twice, each time releasing her after He shoved His finger into her cunt to see how wet she was.

“Not wet enough yet, rabbit,” He’d declared, and, slapping her ass firmly, gave her a count of 1o to run again. The rule was, if He caught her too quicky, or thought she wasn’t trying hard enough to avoid Him, she would be punished, and not pleasantly as she knew from past experience.

Daring to glance behind her, she caught a glimpse of Him pursuing her onward, the bastard. Tired though she was, she sped on. Head down, legs pumping furiously, she dashed across the meadow and back into the trees. Momentarily blinded from the bright sunny meadow, she  ran directly  into a hard, unyeilding chest.

“Whoooph!”  she gasped as the breath whooshed from her lungs.

Firm hands grasped her arms, holding her in a tight grip. There would be no escape this time.  Hot eyes perused her sweat covered form, gazed at her breasts rising quickly in time with her breath . She was panting.  Was it fear, or the run that kept her from getting her breath back?  Whichever, her tits were bobbling about on her chest,  her nipples hard and darkly pink from her exertion.

Then, from behind her, His voice.

“Good catch, Eric,

You’ll have her first today.”

And with a firm swat on her backside He released her into His friends custody.

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