Warning..boring ahead!

Yah, so Nilla is sick. Yanno, when the Mom is sick everything just…sigh, no words. My wife is really stepping up, did the dishes (didn’t use enough detergent so I had to rewash all the oily-ish kiddy cups this a.m. but it’s the thought, right?!)

And I had to work yesterday but my boss took pity on me when I called him w/no voice and deep coughing and sent me home early…(and likely if I’d called at noon rather than 4 pm, he would’ve sent me home earlier, my bad)… since I only work outside the house on Saturday I hated to give it up…my peaceful get-things-done day. <g>

I’m a craft-geek, so I knit and sew (from back in the day when home-ec was taught in jr. high school) and on Saturdays I have the opportunity to do these things.  Since I can’t be home looking at/reading/writing  porn w/my nillawifie at home, it’s a good substitute. (see I did get one porn reference in here!)

And Hey! I discovered my “stats” page here on wordpress. Gosh I’m so not a computer nerd type (but I can knit, lol!) . I got a huge chuckle out of how many folks come and look at my 50 year old boobs, now that I’m de-nilla-ed enough to actually post them on the internet!  What a nice confidence boost! Thanks y’all!

Okay, off to suck down some more cough meds and nap. The nilla-wife has taken our 4 ducklings off to church so I have the house to myself.

More stories to come this week…cough meds give me wicked awesome sex dreams, I’ll tell ya! I had an orgasm…in my sleep w/no touching…ohmygod!Boy did I wake up happy! And all those endorphins must kill cold/virus germs because I do feel much better today!


2 thoughts on “Warning..boring ahead!

  1. It always amazes me how many people DON’T know how to do certain crafts. I recently turned 26 and I’ve known how to knit, crochet and all sorts of other crafty things since I was 9! The fact that I’m also goth and have tons of piercings/tattoos probably weirds people out a bit when they see me do it though lol!!

    I was at a dentist office the once, brought my blanket I was working on for my Master and was sat in the waiting room in my happy place just crocheting away. When I got up to use the bathroom an older woman followed me, she was probably about 70+ years old, full head of gray and all right? She stops me and asks, “Is that thing your doing, with the yarn…is that hard to do?”

    I was SHOCKED! How did I learn to do this at the age of 9, in an era when women were breaking away from the home mother stereotype, and this woman didn’t even know what it was called???

    I’m an avid crafter. Master’s mother is gonna show me how to do SO much more!!! Sewing my own curtains, clothes, needle point for cushions, embroidery (though we cheat and use a machine lol), beading and so on. I ❤ crafts!

    1. You rock! I’m always so happy when I hear (especially young) people are crafty! You’ll do fine w/curtains, I make my own all the time. Lately I’ve been on a “jammies” for the wee ones kick. Tricky as the 2 yo still wears a diaper at night (cotton w/wool cover, so very bulky) but is dry daytimes so she wears two different sized bottoms depending on time of day!!
      O lovelovelove knitting. i was an avid quilter, but knitting has quietly taken over my life! I have 4 projects going (I’m aquarian so I’m always jumping around on projects, but I do get them done…usually!) right now.

      Thanks for your great reply!

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