Boring part 2.

Okay, cough meds gave me wonderful sex dreams. Can I remember them now??? Of course I damn well cannot.

another stupid thing about cough syrup…while I got really turned on, when I masturbated…orgasm fail (to quote Kaya)…I was all …”oh yah yah..yah…uhhh…hell where did it go?!”  So no cough syrup this a.m. or all day today and i’m soooo happy to report one happy orgasm when I took a wee “nap” (ahem) when I put my dau down for her nap. OH YUH!! Phew. I was missin’ them. Thought maybe I’d used up my quota or something!!

So my brain is unfogging, my antibiotics are happily working, and I. Can.Breath. Yay. ! Which means I will start writing again. Soon.


3 thoughts on “Boring part 2.

  1. oh your so lucky! I cannot orgasm for shit without Master 😦 I tried the other day when He gave me permission (we’d slept in separate beds that night and I.Was.Frisky!) and fuck me if it didn’t take forever for me to get off! I used all the tricks I knew too 😦 I used to be able to get off in less than 5mins flat but ever since He imposed His “No orgasms without permission” rule, my body has slowly adjusted to His voice before release! I stand by my statement of my body hates me. *sulks in the corner with her toy*

    1. Well, some days it takes me awhile too! 35 minutes was my longest, but I was soooo tired. I try to have “an orgasm a day” (g) because I feel so much better in my head, yanno? It just smooths out the rough edges of my day. Oh, I would have such a hard time w/orgasm on command. 5 minutes…wow! the power of youth (laughs). Of course, I have to tell you, *blushes* I had NEVER had an orgasm until last fall. When I was 49. Isn’t that just AWFUL??? and sad. So, I have a lot of O’s to make up for *nods*…that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!
      Thanks for writing, Sephani!

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