inertia: n the tendency of a body at rest to remain at rest or of a body in straight line motion to stay in motion in a straight line unless acted on by an outside force.

She lay prone on the bed, arms stretched and restrained above her head, feet crossed, tied and secured to the bottom rail. Thin red lines ran evenly up her back from her shapely calves to her shoulders. He ran his palms up and over her curves, admired how the straight caned lines accented the swell of her hip, the curve of her waist, the rise of her buttocks, the drop to her full, lush cleft.

Her cleft was weeping, He could see, feel, and smell it. As much or more as she was weeping, He smiled to himself. Both ends seeping, lovely.

He gently unfastened her ankles, stretched out against her side to release her hands. Putting His hand to the small of her back, He informed her,

“Do not move. I have more to give you, more for you to take for Me.”

Sliding off the bed, He retrieved the leather flogger. As He began to strike her rhythmically, blooms of red blossomed like fireworks against the skin of her back.  He continued to strike her, harder, and harder yet. He could see she wanted to writhe away from the blows, but held her ground. Moans and tears came to him, distantly through the mattress. Peering down, he saw her cunt was also leaking harder again.

His cock hardened further, jutting proudly forward, precum glistening on the engorged head. Finally, throwing down the tool, He mounted her and drove her from inertia to bliss.

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