She unlocked the door to the house, juggling three bags of groceries, her oversized pocket book, her library book, and her water bottle.

“why the hell don’t I just make two trips?” she muttered to herself as she wiggled the key in the lock. After two attempts, the lock finally gave, and, turning the knob she stumbled into the house.  As she lifted her arms to drop her load on the island in the kitchen, a strong arm grabbed her from behind. Before she could do more than freeze and begin to squeeze out a scream, a gag was shoved roughly into her mouth and some kind of dark, rough cloth bag was pulled over her head and tied rather tightly around her throat.

Hands grabbed at hers as she dropped her items, wrenched them  around even as she grabbed frantically at the ties around her neck, .  She heard and felt the metallic snap of handcuffs securing them firmly behind her.  Trying to scream, writhing and wiggling, she felt herself  propelled forward. A gruff, mean voice rang out,

“Don’t make me drag you, cunt, or you will regret it.”

Whimpering in fear, she grudgingly allowed herself to be pushed forward. 

“oh God”  she thought, “he’s taking me to the bedroom…” 

Crazily, her first thought was wondering if she’d remembered to put away all the toys that she and Marc  had used last night after she washed them this morning. Her thoughts were cut short as her captor twirled her around and shoved her backwards.

With an “oomph” she landed on her back on the bed. Struggling to rise with her hands pinned beneath her, she felt him straddle her, pulling her more to the center of the bed. She heard, then felt her shirt rip, felt him grabbing at her tits, squeezing her tender flesh, pulling and twisting her nipples until she writhed and moaned in pain and, humiliatingly enough, pleasure.

God, it was a fantasy come true. She wanted this, to have this stranger force her, use her, abuse her. And yet the fear swelled inside her. She could barely breath through the coarse bag, gagged as she was.

“Hot cunt,” she heard him hiss at her, felt the sting as he slapped her tits, and then again and again until she was wriggling around the center of the bed like a snake, trying to dodge blows she could not see coming. Her breasts were on fire, she could feel the heat raging through them, knew they continued to thrust up towards his cruel hands, her back bowed in this secured position.

Without warning he rose from her belly, and flipped her over. As welcome as it was to have the terrible pressure off her hands and arms, feeling his  knife against the skin of her lower back, caused fear to well up again, making it even harder to catch her breath. He began cutting through her thin cotton skirt.  As the fabric parted his hands roughly caressed her exposed flesh, cupping, squeezing, and pinching her rounded ass cheeks. He kept cutting. Pulling away the skirt, he cut through the waistband and back thong of  her panties and pulled them away with an abrupt jerk, causing her to moan as the fabric rubbed roughly against her clit. She could hear his heavy chuckle at her response.

“Hot for me yet, cunt?” he taunted her. Roughly his thick fingers explored her, pulled hard on her clit ring, eliciting another deep moan from her.

“What’s this?” he asked, grabbing the back of her head-sack and a handfull of hair, deeply arching her back with one hand, while the other kept pulling at the ring.

“fffffaaavve-inkg” she tried to speak, but the damned gag made it impossible.

He shook her head,roughly. “Slave ring? You’re a slave, cunt?!” he asked, incredulous.

She nodded as best she could.

“Well then, slave,” he said in the darkest, meanest voice she had heard from him yet,

“take this!” and he shoved his large hard cock deeply into her cunt.


Later, they held each other in the deepening night.

“That was the best scene, ever,” he raved, “you were totally freaked that I was a rapist, weren’t you?”

“oh yes, Master, ” she responded, tucking her head under his chin, stroking his large cock gently, “you’re the Best!”

11 thoughts on “Raped

  1. WOW. You had me really going there for a moment, but I loved it. And the ending was perfect. I see I am not the only one that thinks of stuff like this. LOL. I have been reading your blog for a while, but sort of lurking. Wanted to comment this time. Thanks for the read.


    1. Thanks! I read your blog (and like it!)too. I appreciate when someone “delurks”…as a lurker myself, lol! Glad you like the story. *smiles*

  2. Thank you PapaTomLA, ‘fraid to disappoint but I’m a true nilla IRL. All the M/s is in my head, although I do wish it to be otherwise,life is what it is…
    thanks for the great compliment…made me smile all evening!


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