She walked across the room to the bar. The crowd was the usual mix of S& M Folk…some Goth-garbed, some in Leathers, subs and Masters, a few slave wannabe’s, and a group of Doms on the far side of the bar, some working too hard on their Domly Face, as she called it, with an inner grimace.

God she hated this. Three Dom’s, three strikes, shouldn’t she be out now? Shouldn’t she be looking for Mr.  Vanilla Right?  She was an intellegent woman, good professional job, earned a good wage. Kept a nice condo downtown, and hoped for a home in the country, some day.

She dated a few vanilla guys after her last Dom and she parted ways, after he had turned out to just have anger management issues, and not just a Domly nature.  But…she wanted…no, she craved a man who would take charge of her, in bed and out. A Man who knew what He wanted, and was unafraid of what others thought of Him as He went after it. Sighing, she ordered a drink  and looked about the room.

He noticed her the moment she entered the bar. His head was back, swallowing the dark ale He favored, letting the full rich hops tease his tongue, and He nearly, almost choked on the last bit of it.

It was her.

He’d been to several of these gatherings over the last few years, and they always left Him feeling…needy. Oh, He’d found a few girls now and again, someone to teach and train and mold, but no one He felt connected enough to stay with over the long haul. Each of His former slaves had moved on to other Masters, Doms who reaped the harvest of His work. He didn’t mind, really, all  the breaks had been amicable, mutual, and unsurprising.

He had seen this woman before, had tried to get over to meet her, but she had been snatched up by others before He could make His move on her.  He pushed away from the bar and moved over to where she stood at the bar, watching the room.

From where she stood she could not see Him move up to her. She only knew He was there when He spoke softly into her ear.

“You’ve been here before, looking.”

A bit startled at His silent approach, she jumped, stuttering a bit in her reply,

“y-yes, I have…….” a long pause, He continued to look down at her, and she added,


He smiled. She looked up at Him. The noisy bar faded away, she was surrounded by the depth of His need as He gazed deeply into her eyes, reading her, assessing her….

“Will you come, little one?” He asked, gently.

She put her hand into His and He led her out into the night.

At His car, she was pushed forward, hands on the side of the door panel, able to see herself  and Him reflected in the window before her. She felt Him lift her skirt above her waist, rub His hands over her bare bottom.

“No panties? What a good girl you are already, ” He spoke quietly. “Such a nice, round bottom you have here, little one, ” and He gave her ass cheek a firm pinch. She jumped, but kept her position, arms slightly bent, bent at the waist, legs slightly spread. Anyone walking down the street would be able to see her ass, and perhaps her cunt as well. She could feel her cheeks begin to flush as the door opened at the bar behind them, people, noise and lights spilling out, further illuminating her bare butt to the world.

Catcalls and hoots erupted as the bar flies lurched past,

“nice ass, cute cunny”

“hey how bout some titties on display too!”

“i’da like to get ahold of some of that ass…”

The voices faded as they moved off, but her mortification was intense.

He continued to stroke her ass, smiling, she could see in the glass, a Cheshire Cat grin. He began to outline her cleft and she moaned deep in her throat.

“Like that, do you?” He whispered to her. He felt deep between her folds, to find her wet, aching cunt.

He pinched and prodded at her outer swollen lips, pulling them away from her body, stretching and twisting them. She gasped, wiggled her hips, but moaned as well. He continued playing with her for a few minutes, feeling her wetness begin to drip from her, and land on the pavement between her spread legs. Slowly he traced one finger across her cunt opening, dipping in a bit to gather the moisture there, up and around her cleft, missing,  just barely, her clit. A deep moan from her then, as she thrust her hips back to try to force His finger across her clit.

“No no, little one,”  He admonished, “it’s far too soon for that. All pleasure comes in due time, but for  now, I just want to get a feel for your sweet wet holes.”

His forefinger continued to slip up and down her slit, while his other hand pulled her pussy lips, one at a time. He would let his thumb brush her rectum pushing slightly against that tightly shut doorway.

His hands fell away from her cunt, and He pulled her back agains His groin, letting her feel His hard erection. Pushing her forward again, He turned her around, looked at her breasts, rising and falling quickly with the rhythm of her breath.  She thought He would touch her then,  grab at her big tits and squeeze, but instead He brought His moist hand to her mouth, sliding His fingers within, grazing her teeth, touching her tongue, her inner cheeks.

“Lick me clean,” He commanded, and she complied, tasting her juices on His fingers.

“Yes,” He murmered, withdrawing from her moist mouth, sliding His fingers across her face, hooking His thumb under her chin and raising her face to His. 

“Yes,” he said again,  looking down at her with a smile, slipping His hand behind her head to tangle in her hair. She smiled, a shy smile, and looked up at Him with the beginnings of adoration on her lovely face.

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