His cock was buried deep inside of her cunt. The smell of sweat and sex permeated the air. Her wrists, wrapped in thick leather cuffs, were attached to the matching pair of cuffs that were fastened tightly above her knees.  Those cuffs, in turn, were tied to the D rings that were welded to the bedframe, tied and pulled tight so that her upper legs were splayed widely,  open as far as humanly possible.  Below, her lower legs hung limply, able to wiggle or scrabble on the bed a bit, but no more than that. 

A pair of clamps were tight on her nipples, the silver chain sparkling in the dimly lit room, glittering as her body was pushed, pushed with every thrust he made into her willing, wet body.

He barely pulled out of her each time, pulsing his stiff rod deeply into her tight hole.  She had already given him three orgasms, squeaing in bliss, even as her nipples screamed with pain.

Never stopping in  his pulsing thrusts, he pulled the hanging chain up, and tapped her mouth with his forefinger.

“Take this,and hold it in your teeth,” he told her.

“Do not drop it, or I will take your ass tonight,” he ordered.  This was one of her  “hard” limits.

“Hard limit,”  he snorted to himself. “I set what is a limit, and it will do her good for her boundaries to be pushed a bit more than I have been doing recently.”

“All I know for certain is, there is no limit to what I want, and when I want it, it will come to be.” With this thought tucked firmly in his mind, he smiled down at her, as she strained to take both his deep thrusting cock which brought her deepest pleasure, and the nipple chain pulled high between her teeth,which brought her deep pain. He saw the worry etched in her face, should she drop it, he would take her ass, and they both knew it.

Gazing deeply at her, watching her eyes half close with the pleasure, as she built for yet another climax, he reached behind her head, and took hold of her ponytail. Pulling firmly, steadily, her head tilted back, more, more, pulling deeply on the chain clamped between her teeth, biting deeper into her sore and swollen nipples. Her eyes flew open in pain, as she tried to assimilate the twin sensations, nipples feeling like they were tearing off her body, even as her traitorous cunt began to spasm as another orgasm swept through her.

And even as she reached the full peak of release, she felt his hand on her hair, pulling back harder yet, and she felt herself losing her grasp on the chain between her lips and …..

“oops,”  she said, the ghost of half-smile playing across her face….

Raped Again: The Workout

“The things she did for  her Master, ” she mused to herself as she huffed her way up the hilly trail.
“He decides he needs to lose a few pounds and i wind up doing the workouts,” she shook her head, torn between amusement and annoyance. He’d practically chased her out of the house this morning. It was too cold, she’d complained, too windy, too gloomy, all to no avail. It was what He wanted that mattered, he reminded her, and as she knew, once Marc her beloved Master had spoken that was it, with a capitol   “I”   and   “T” !
So here she was, tee shirt below her blue flannel overshirt, sweatpants, wool sox and hiking sneakers, trudging through the early October gloom. It was Saturday, and no one was on the trail,
“likely,” she thought snarkily, “because all smart and sensible people were having an early morning fuck, blow job, or even, sleeping in!”
She had warmed up with her exertions, and was prettily rosy-cheeked as she crested the hill. Below her the trail wound through a tight copse of pine trees, the darkest part of the trail Marc had laid out for her a month ago, and that she followed like clockwork 3 days a week.  Generally the route took her about an hour, although there were a few days she took it a bit slower,  and admired the pretty glades, once even spotting a deer in the distance.
“I keep forgetting to grab the camera,”  she said aloud, sighing her regret. The mid-October colors were nearing peak, and the yellows, oranges, russets and reds of the forest would soon give way to bare branches and deep frost.   As she passed the huge glacial boulder which  the trail curled around before straightening again, she was grabbed roughly from behind.
“eeeppp!”  she screamed before the hand cut off her flow of air, pinching hard over her nose, and fully covering her mouth. She fought and struggled, but bright spots of darkness danced before her eyes and her hands fell weakly to her sides. He let up a bit on her mouth, allowing her to draw a tiny breath, as he growled into her ear
“you breathe, bitch, because I am allowing it. Don’t wanna fuck no damn corpse, but if you don’t cooperate some, that’s exactly what I’ll be doin’ to ya.  Got it?”  the last bit was accompanied by another clamp-down of her airway, and a violent shake of her upper body.
She trembled in fear, then nodded, slowly, carefully.
He released her mouth, then still from behind  her, inserted something into her mouth, and covered it with duct tape. He then covered her face with some kind of scarf. Around and around her head she felt him wrap her, until she could barely breath through her nose. He grabbed her by the back of  the shirt, propelling her forward. Tripping over unseen branches, leaves and twigs snapping underfoot, she was forced deeper into the silent woods.  They hiked for a good quarter hour or perhaps more, although it felt far  too soon to her, when she was stopped.  Strong arms pushed her to her knees, and she felt the dampness of the earth seeping through her sweat pants. Her hands were pulled to the front, and she felt her wrists lashed tightly together, was  then  pulled forward until her face was on the ground, her ass in the air.  She felt the rope on her wrists jerked down and forward  as he tied her off to something unseen in front of her.
“Could this be another of Marc’s fantasies?”  she wondered,  but no, she knew she had left him warm and snuggled in bed;  plus,  she knew he had not been working out the way she had, so there was no way he could have beaten her to this point of the hike.
“Goddamn, I really am going to be raped…maybe killed,” she thought, and panic hit her full on, a tidal wave of fear that had her trying to jerk her arms up and away, scrabbling madly in the dirt with her legs, stronger now than a month ago, kicking out, trying to rise,  then
“SLAP!”   SLAP!”  SLAP!”   SLAP!”
the sharp reports echoed through the headcloth, through the woods, and through her body, as her assailant belted her ass. She felt him pulling firmly on her sweats, felt them give way and slide obligingly down her hips, baring her ass to his view.
“o-ghod” she moaned in her throat, “o-ghod….”
To think that this morning she’d bragged to Master how loose these pants were getting on her, and his response, grinning
“all the better to peel them off you when you return, slut.”
She felt the foreign finger forcing it’s way down her asscrack, mining for her asshole, pushing hard there, and gaining entry, even as she felt his knee at her lower back, forcing her down deeply into the dirt. Her heart was pounding, in fear and, yes, she had to admit it, as he would soon find out, excitement too. Already she could feel a throbbing beat starting deep within her cunt, and knew  when he was done savaging her asshole with his fingers, her assailant would find her cunthole wet.  She was disgusted with herself, but she knew the strange beast that lurked within her.  A slut-beast, a cunt, a wanting wet beast.
In–out….in–out, his fingers sawed deeper and deeper with each stroke, invading her ass, making her writhe in the dirt. Was she trying to get away, or reaching back for more?
A coarse laugh, another few slaps on her ass, much harder this time.
“You like that, dontcha, bitch?”   he taunted her. Harder and deeper he fingerfucked her asshole, the pain as tied up in her as the want.
“Oh yeah,cuntbitch, take my fingers in your hole, loosen up for me”     and without any more warning than that, she felt his fingers tear out of her, and his long hard cock enter . She arched up, trying in earnest to get away from the ravening beast that was forcing it’s way far, far up into her asshole. The fullness, the tearing ache left her nearly breathless. And then he reached under her and tugged on her clit, slick with her leaking pussy juices.
“You are one hot  fucker, aren’t you, bitch?” he growled into her ear as he thrust over and over again into her helpless ass.
“Wetter than a coon after a rainstorm, you tight assed cunt,”     on and on he verbally abused her, on and on he relentlessly fucked her ass until finally, she felt him stiffen.   With a grunt and moan, he flooded her ass with his man juices. He lay atop her, spent, panting.
A time later, he began to unwrap her headcloth, letting in the fresh crisp October air. She breathed deeply, then felt his fingers begin to slide into her wet and throbbing cunt.
“I told you I was working out,” said Marc, turning her head with his palm, laughing at her flushed and bemused face. “Beat your best trail  time AND  your sweet ass!”

New story and…

After this post there is a new story. See what being unable to get at the computer all weekend will do to me? *chuckle*. There are two or three more twirling around my brain, plus I’ve written a Christmas Kink thing and can hardly wait to publish that here! It’s silly that I crack myself up! Nonetheless, I did!
Thanks again, faithful readers!

Deep Pockets

He called to her from the bedroom.
She responded to his soft voice immediately, as usual.
Naked, she stood before him as he sat at his desk in the corner of the bedroom, but he stopped her before she could kneel before him.
He rose from his chair, palming her tits, which were flushed and rosy from the heat of doing the dishes. He hefted one round globe, and then the twin, smiling down at them. He grasped her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, pulling them hard away from her chest, eliciting a tiny gasp from her, then twisted and tweaked the nubs until they hardened and rose to his greedy grasp. He pulled again, slowly, away and away from her body, forcing the round orbs to attain a cone shape before releasing them, watching them bounce back to their rounded softness, and motioned her to the bed with a nod of  his  head.
He had propped three pillows against the headboard, one atop the other, and it was there he placed her, reclining slightly, but nearly sitting erect. He took one arm, and reaching into his pocket, pulled out a roll of green…
“was that some kind of Velcro?” she wondered silently.
She watched him carefully, trying to assess his mood. He was home quite early from work today, and was even now still dressed in his business attire, although his tie was loosened and the top two buttons on his shirt were undone. Even with his sleeves rolled up  his forearms, he still looked like the powerful executive he was.  She was brought back to the moment when he peeled off a long strip of the mystery tape and cut it with clippers he’d retrieved from his pocket.
He brought her arm across the top rail of the headboard, and secured it above the elbow with a strip of the hook ‘n loop tape. A second strip secured her at the wrist. Easing off the bed, he went around to the other side, and secured her right arm in the same fashion as it’ s mate. Opening the drawer beside him, he pulled out her stiff leather collar, and fastened that around her neck snugly, then a 5th loop of the magic tape went through the D-ring on her collar, which he had put on backwards, and around the headrail. She was totally secure and could not move forward or back, which pleased Him.
“Legs up and open,” he ordered softly. She complied instantly and again he withdrew something from his pocket.
 She felt him pull apart her lower lips, and gently insert something into her. A dildo, she guessed. Not one of those big ones he had in the toy box, either.
“Legs closed and out straight in front of you,” he commanded. She watched him as he went to his closet, puzzled as she watched  him take down the hanger that held all his good leather belts. He took the first belt, and secured it under her thighs up high near where her ass cheeks met her legs.
Bringing the belt around to the top of her legs, he pulled it as tight as possible, then secured it. The second belt went on in the same fashion just above  her knees, and the third, he looped several times about her ankles before securing it as well. Finally, he took a leather strap and looped it between her ankles, and pulling to get full tension on her body, secured it to the footboard. He looked at her for a moment more, then rising, got a ball gag, plus the nipple clamps with the chain between them, and added that to her raiment.
He walked back to his desk, sat down and went back to work on the computer. She watched him work, amazed that he seemed to not even notice her bound to the bed like some ancient offering. She wondered why he’d put her just so, only to ignore her.  She began to daydream, was lost in thought when she caught a movement from him. Without even looking at her, he had dipped his hand into his pocket, come up with something else, and pointed in her direction. She heard a faint ‘click’,  then, inside of her the vibrator began it’s song.
After some minutes, she began to try to wriggle her hips.  The vibe might have been on low, but it was certainly having an effect on her! How much more time went by before she looked and saw him watching her she wasn’t certain, but he was looking at her steadily, and with a slight smile on his face.
“Uh-oh” she knew that  look.
Rising, he once again reached into his pants pocket and crossed to her. Drool had long since been dribbling out of her mouth around the ball gag, running in a thin, not to mention gross, river down her chest between her breasts, pooling into her belly button before oozing down her waist.
From  the pocket of his pants he withdrew their digital camera.
“Hells bells,” she wondered “was that a pair of enchanted pants? What the hell else could he have stored in those pockets?”
“Click, click, click” went the camera, as she stared at him wide eyed. That he would commemorate her drool….ugh!
“These will make great pictures for your blog entry tomorrow,” he chuckled at her obvious discomfiture.  He smiled again, began rubbing his finger into the drool river, spreading it across her nipples, driving his finger with a squish into her belly button, hard.
She moaned, caught between revulsion and lust.
Again, he dipped into his pants pocket, and took out yet another item. She had a moment to look into the eyes of her Master, saw the Beast was rising in him, before He raised the object from his pocket to her face. An eye mask. Now she would be prohibited from watching for signs from him.
She heard him cross back to the desk, heard the squeak of the chair as he sat. The vibe inside her whirred up a notch from a soft buzz to a more demanding hum. She heard the clicking of the keyboard,  the pauses, wondered,
“Is he looking at me?”
“You please me when you willingly take what I give you, pet,” he murmured very quietly, from just next to her. Not that she had a choice, really, trussed like this. What she really wanted just then, was for him to take out the vibe and fuck the living daylights out of her. Of course, what she wanted didn’t really matter, as she well knew. But still, she hungered for him.
“Whoosh!” the sound of the cane through the air was all the warning she got as blow after blow rained down across the tops of her thighs. She moaned, trying to writhe, but there was no movement to be had, bound as she was. She felt the vibe inside her turn up another insidious notch, increasing the heat, the moisture and the need within her.
“Whoosh!” the sound came closer as he began to strike her tits.  She could hear the small grunting sound he made as he wielded the cane hard against her flesh, heard his chuckle as she screamed in earnest from behind her gag when he made contact again and again with her clamped nipples.  Finally, after what seemed like hours, or maybe even days, the cane rested. His hand came to rub the swollen marks on her glowing flesh, wipe the tears and snot from her face. His hand snaked down between her legs to find she had soaked the bed with her orgasms, ones she didn’t even remember coming upon her.
She felt his hands at the back of her head, felt the hated gag removed, and she tried valiently to swallow all the drool that had accumulated behind it. She felt the bed give with his weight, felt his knees on either side of her head, and then his cock slid into her open, wet mouth.
“Please me,” he said.
And she did.