Be Careful What you Wish For

He finished clipping her left ankle cuff to the bedframe. She lay, spreadeagled, blindfolded, anticipating the play to come.

He had called her in the morning from the office.

“Forgot to mention this morning during breakfast,”   he began, “but you will need to drink a lot of water today. I want you to be well hydrated for tonight. You will become…” and he paused a moment while she waited, barely breathing on the other end of the phone  …”….quite de-hydrated by the end of the night.” He chuckled softly, repeated,  “yes, quite.” 

“Oh, and one other thing,”  he said, “you’re going to want to put that waterproof fake fur spread you got this summer on the bed in the dungeon.”

And he hung up the phone. Before she could ask any questions, before she could choke out any kind of response, he was gone.  She started drinking water right then and there, and started to get a nice tingly dampness in her panties, too.

She greeted him at the door naked, on her knees. He smiled down at her, patting her head as he carefully placed his key ring on the hook over the hall table as he did each and every night. The man was so damned tidy sometimes! By now the fire in the pit of her tummy had bloomed, spreading tentacles of heat to her nipples, which flushed an attractive rose, to her labia, a deeper pink than her aerola, and of course, the deepseated heat that caused her cunt to twitch and ooze.  Tiny rivulets of her arousal seeped down her inner thighs, a fact he noted, smiling as he cocked his head to take in the sight, but did not comment on.

“Dinner?” he asked, pointedly, gesturing her to rise, and attend to their meal.

She rose a bit pouty, but brought the food from the kitchen to the table. Two places had been set, but when she brought the first bowl to the table, only his setting remained on the table. Hers was not to be seen. She stopped, stared at the table, at him, folding his napkin neatly onto his lap, then pointedly at her place. He cocked an eyebrow at her, then pointed to the floor next to his chair.

“Oh Ho,” she thought silently, “so that’s how the game goes tonight.”

Wordlessly she continued to bring the platters to the table, steaming mashed potatoes with garlic, fresh baked biscuits, batter fried chicken cutlets, julienned carrots with tiny onions with a creamy lemon butter sauce. He watched her put the food onto his plate, setting it just so on the charger. As she turned to pour him wine, he reached for her nipple ring, pulled it, hard. She knew he expected her to continue in her ‘duties’ as waiter, so though she winced at the sting in her breast, she steadily poured his goblet half-full the way he preferred.

As he ate, she knelt silently by his side. Occasionally his hand would stroke her hair, her cheek, and once, he pushed her head to rest upon his knee. A few times he would push a piece of chicken between her lips, but other than that, he ignored her.

Finally finished with his meal, he pushed away from the table.

“Clean up quickly, you have 10 minutes to come to the dungeon or you will be punished.” and he turned and headed for the cellar door, closing it firmly behind him.

Quickly she dashed about the kitchen, packaging up the extra food, loading the dishwasher. With just one minute remaining, she opened the door and headed downstairs.

Now, here she was, secured to their playbed, hungry for more than mere food. She heard strange noises she could not identify, felt a cold thin tubing across her left leg, wondering what the hell he was doing or planned on doing to her.

At long last, she felt his fingers pushing and poking into her cunt. She was very well lubricated, and his fingers gave her immense pleasure as they dove in and out of her fuckhole.

“mmmmmmmm”…she moaned, low and throaty.

“Like that, do you, my slut?” he asked.

“mmmmmmmmyeeessssmastermmmmm” she moaned and undulated her hips in response.

His fingers withdrew, then something very large began to be pushed into her slick, hot hole.

“A large dildo, slut, one I’m sure you will take with no problem, right?” he purred at her.

“yyyeeessssohmygawdmasteritssobigandgoodandooooo…” she moaned arching to take the entire rod within her.

As he held the dildo inside her, she heard strange noises again. Felt a slight push and tug on the dildo then a humming noise filled the air, vibrated the bed. She felt the dildo withdraw, then slam back inside her, out then in, out then in, over and over and over and…

” A fucking machine, cunt. Borrowed it from Master S from our group. You have been complaining almost daily in your blog that I’ve not been giving you much attention of late. That you missed fucking.  But….This house, your clothing, our food…all of that comes from my paycheck, from my work. As I have told you many times, the job  is extremely busy now, and we are lucky for it. So, enjoy your night of fucking. I’ll be back….”

and his voice drifted off as she heard him head up the stairs, heard the door shut, and lock behind him, heard the hum of the machine, between her legs and knew it was going to be one long fucking night.