Camp Nekkink pt. 2

Cori had worried that she would be “overdressed” in her silk tank top and shorts, but she was seeing that “peoples came in many flavors” as her youngest son used to say when he was small. Three times she had been mistakenly addressed as “Mistress” , no doubt in part because of her wide, funky leather belt which she wore low on her hips, a throwback to the ’70’s when leather belts like this were paired with flairing bell-bottoms and low slung tops.  She had seen Sirs (or were they officially ‘Masters’ …that was always so confusing to her) in leathers or just jeans and boots, true Mistresses in tight corsets that showed curves to lust after, subs in collars and leashes, and so many others. This being Thursday , camp folk were coming in, setting up camps and everywhere, it seemed, squeals of “OH MY GOD! It’s YOU!” as old friends and online friends met, hugged and talked fast and furiously. She felt a bit bereft, and wondered, not for the first time today, if she had made a giant mistake in coming.

She felt someone come up behind her, then he took her hand, raised it to his lips, and licked it gently on the palm.

“Rina,” he murmered against her palm. It was him, the blue eyed god from her earlier collision, and she realized with a start that she had been  looking for him all along.

“I, em, I’m afraid I don’t know your name, ” she spoke softly, overwhelmed by the blue intensity of his gaze on her face. She felt … measured. Not once did his eyes leave hers, and yet, she was certain he knew exactly how big her tits were, knew that her nipples were large hard gems,  tenting out the front of her shirt.

For a moment more he looked at her, then a soft smile crossed his eyes, and mouth.

“You are here alone.” It was a statement of fact and she wondered how he …she broke off that thought, realizing he was silently demanding a response.

“Yes,” and she felt her damned head start the puppet nodding again, and forced herself to stop. “Yes, I came alone. I wanted…”

He interrupted her. “you wanted. Yes, I understand that. And that makes me very, very happy. Come, ” he commanded, and continuing to hold her hand, he pulled her  firmly along in  his wake.

Camp Nekkink part 1

**with special thanks to Kaya and the other bloggers who told wonderful tales of their summer camp adventures…in your adventures, I lust, and when I lust..well, those that can, do…those that can’t… write…Nilla**


She wandered around the gorgeous campus of the campground. Looking, while trying not to look …”oh, c’mon, ”  she chided herself, “you know you want to shouldn’t be staring at people setting up their personal spaces.”  And yet, she did. After all, despite camping many times in her life, she had never, ever been to a campground quite like this one.

She’d seen the ad on a blog, a special camp that catered to a kind of lifestyle that she had always fantasized about.  She thought about how her life had changed over the last 5 years. Divorced from her husband when he traded her in for a younger version of herself…blonde, perky, and breasts like cantalopes.  “At least mine  are real,” she said to herself, looking down at her still impressive chest. Yes, middle age, giving life to 3 boys, and gravity had all done their part to give a bit of jiggle to her tits, but they held their own.  Despite the various activities  going on  around her, she was back inside her head again. She thought of those three boys, men now, with lives of their own;   one would soon be making a Gram out of her. Still, at 48, she was finding life was okay.

She was comfortably set financially, she had a lovely although quiet house in the ‘burbs, and she could spend as much time as she wanted trolling the internet, looking at all those lovely blogs and sites showing and talking about men and women performing all kinds of kinky sex acts on each other. If there was one thing she missed more than any other, it was the lack of a sex life.

“Harder to ‘hook up’ when you hit a certain age,” she mused. Her ex had been a good provider, but a total bore in bed. “Thank goodness for online toy shops, ” she laughed to herself.  She had a pretty good collection of dildos and vibes. Too bad that was as far as her collection wen….She was quite literally knocked  from her train of thought as she collided, clumsily, with …someone.   Her braless breasts, lightly encased in a lemon colored silk tank top, mashed hard into his bare back, her belly pressed against his ass, which was nicely outlined with thin leather pants, she noted rather crazily. The breath whooshed out of her, and she blushed, deeply embarrassed by her gracelessness.

“I, oh gosh, I’m so very, very sorry…I…well, I wasn’t looking where I was going and I…. ” her voice trailed off as she looked up, into the deepest blue eyes she had ever seen. There were crinkles of laugh lines sprinkled at the outer edges of his eyes, and his hair was long for a man of his age, windblown yet sexy.

“Well, obviously you weren’t here …” his statement was also a question, and with a lift of his brow, demanded an answer.

“Woolgathering, ” she replied, nervously. “uh, this, um…it’s my first time here,” she blurted out, hating that she sounded so damned stupid.

“Ahhhh, a bit overwhelming the first time, isn’t it ?”

She nodded, knowing that she looked like a puppet, her blonde head jerking back and forth like a rag doll. “Stop it,” she spoke in her head sternly to herself. “He is just a man, okay one HELL of a man…” Staring up at him, she visably drew in  her courage, and thrust her hand out at him. “Corinne,” she said.

“Welcome, Rina. I hope you enjoy your time here.” and with that, he strode off, while she stood stock still, mesmerized. Shaking herself a bit, she glanced around, orienting herself. Heading to the main lodge, she noted a kids wading pool positioned outside one of the bathrooms. She laughed aloud at the sign hanging above it, a send up of one she’d seen at a friends’ pool. Her friends’ sign had read

“OOL. Please note, there is no Pee in it. Please keep it that way.”

This sign, however, let her know she was not in Kansas anymore, thank you Dorothy! It read:

“POOL. Please note, there is pee in our pool. Please keep it that way. Thanks for your contribution.”