Camp Nekkink pt 3

Cori felt herself pulled along behind the blue eyed mystery Dom. There was no  mistaking him for anything other than a Domly one, a Master, a Top, however….

“whoa…wait!” she dug in her heels, and pulled hard on her hand. Surprising him, she felt her hand pull free of his grasp with an audible “pop” !

“Okay, okay, ” she looked up at him, head tilted back to make eye contact…no that was a mistake, she could feel the pull of those eyes, and looking away, she paced a step or two, then back. Jabbing him with her forefinger, she directing her attention to his chest (still not the best idea as his softly rounded, furred chest just turned her the hell on).

“Now look here, buddy, ” she began, using her best  “Mom on an anger trip” voice, “I may be here alone, and new, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to …to…”  she stuttered to a halt as he reached for, and retrieved,  the finger and hand that was poking him in his chest.

“Go on,”  he spoke softly, not bothering to hide the amusement in his voice, “you were saying?” As he looked down at her, his fingers began playing with hers, pulling and stroking each of her digits, rubbing the pads of her fingers with gentle pressure, then squeezing the webbing between with a firm hold, then back to massaging..

“I, er, for crying out loud, ” she practically shouted at him, “will you stop that!”

“Stop? But why? You are very obviously enjoying it. I’m guessing your panties, should you be wearing any, are even getting a bit…moist… shall we say?”

The blush whooshed out of nowhere, flooding her face and neck with color. Oh, how she hated blushing. She was a woman grown, a mother, a divorcee for craps sake and here she was blushing like a schoolgirl. At least He didn’t make some sort of rude comment about it, but she saw the smile quirking around on his face, dammit.

Trying unsuccessfully to pull her hand from his grasp once more, she gave her attention to his face. “Look, Sir, or Dom or however I’m supposed to address you…”

“Dave,” he said.

“What?” she replied, annoyed yet again by his interruption.

“You can call me Dave.” Looking at her face,  nonplussed, he did laugh then. “Did you honestly think I was going to haul you over to the bushes and fuck the life out of you? C’mon Rina. This is a fun, sexy, awesome place, but unless a scene is set up properly beforehand, there’s no dragging off of women and raping in the woods!” He pulled on the hand he still held, bringing her up to his naked torso. “However, there are NO rules about not kissing a pretty thing if you get a chance!”  So saying, he used his free hand to raise her pert chin and laid his lips firmly on hers. Maintaining eye contact with her, he deepened the kiss, seeing the bemusement there yield and change her grey eyes stormy. Was she angry yet, or was he finally stirring up her pot a bit. She was one sexy woman, and he felt an immediate hardening in his jeans as her lips parted, her eyes drifted shut, and his tongue began to explore her warm, wet mouth. He tongue fucked that mouth, pleased and surprised when she returned the favor. The kiss turned wet, raunchy hotter than hell as he slid her captured arm around his waist, then used that freed hand of his do some more exploring, namely, her well rounded tits. He found the nipple hard, thrusting forward, and he took it between his fingers and tweaked, pulled and turned it firmly. Her back arched, pushing more of her tit into his hand, and a long low moan echoed from her mouth into his. He continued his assault on her mouth, the mating of lips and tongue becoming wetter and more frantic as she gave into her urges, licking and biting his lips.

“Whoa ho, Dave, what have you found?”  The laughing male voice came from right behind her, causing her to yelp and attempt to pull away. Dave held her for a moment longer than she would have wanted, and when he pulled away slowly, he looked deeply into her eyes. He glanced at his friend, scowling, then back to Cori.

“Rina, if you want this to go further, want to really explore the urges that brought you to Kinkcamp in the first place, you will find me at the Lodge at noon. We will eat together, then talk about our playtime. I think you and I will be very good together, and so, apparently, do they,” and with a smile, he pulled her nipples before walking off with his friend.

Shocked, aroused beyond anything she had ever experienced before, Cori stared down at her nipples which were sticking so far out from her shirt that she looked like she had her snakebite suckers  on them.