Camp Nekkink pt 4

Cori collected her lunch tray and proceeded down the line, choosing a variety of foods. “Mmmm, those sliced peaches look good,”  she mused, taking a small dish of them,  “and so does the potato salad!”   She hadn’t had potato salad in so long, at least not since the boys grew up and moved out.   She speared a small amount of cold cuts onto her plate, a potato roll, and a bowl of green salad to “balance off the potato salad”   she thought with a smile. She was at camp, after all, and what was camp without good old camp grub? Grabbing a bottle of soda, she exited the line. Pausing, she looked around the cavernous room.

Although she knew he was there, she couldn’t see him, but she felt his magnetic  pull. She started across the room, and there he was.   His back was to her, but she knew he knew she was there.

“Sit,”   he said, pulling out the chair beside him. She set her tray on the table, and sat. Bracing his elbow on the table, nesting his chin in his palm, he looked at her. Looked into her.  To stave off her nerves, she speared a forkful of the potato salad, but he forestalled her, placing his hand on her wrist.

“Why did you come to this camp?”  he asked her.  “Tell me what you hoped for, in coming here.”  Hesitantly, looking into his beautiful eyes, she told him. Told him of the websites where beautiful women posed in bondage shots, websites where you could tell the women were experiencing real beatings and orgasms, web blogs of “lifers” as she called them. He stopped her flow of words, placing his finger across her lips.

“How does looking at those pictures make you feel? Do you wish to be the rope winder, or the woman in bondage? Are your panties wet even now telling me of these “wicked’ things?” he asked with a smile.

“I…I want to try, try, some of those things, er, have them done to me. And yes, it makes me wet,”   her eyes fluttered down for a moment, but he gently tapped her chin to receive her gaze again,

 “a…and I’m not wearing panties!”  she blurted out, blushing.

“I think perhaps you may be  more of a kinesthic learner,”  he mused, using his finger to trace her cheeks, her lips, to whisp down her throat and back up to her ear.

A barely audible   “What?”   squeaked out of her.  She cleared her throat, gone husky at his gentle ministrations to her face. For some reason his touch made her cunt throb and heat; she felt her nipples rise and harden.  All morning as she had walked around camp she had seen couples fucking on picnic tables, men and women being pissed on in the wading pools, women tied to trees, floggings, chases and catching and rough and tumble sex. All varieties of naked men and women, all kinds of sexual positions (who knew there were so many?) but all united in one thing…they were all enjoying their sexual freedom,  here in this sexual Utopia. Yet, nothing she had seen thus far affected her as much as this man. He was not the most handsome man in the room, middle aged, slightly rounded in the tummy, but his eyes…that sexy just-out-of bed, too-long hair…made her weak in the knees. The power she felt flowing from him, the confidence…it just connected them. She felt poleaxed and supercharged at the same time. It was so confusing!

 “I’m sorry, what did you say?”  she spoke, realizing that more than a few moments had passed while she stared at him, lost in her thoughts.

“A kinesthic learner. Someone who learns by doing. Did you come here to watch, or to play, Corrine?  Hmmm?”    She looked at her lap, but knew he’d only allow that for a moment. Raising her eyes to him before he could coerce her to do so, she looked into those mesmerizing eyes of his and said, “play.” He smiled. Not exactly a cat-with-a-canary-in-it’s-mouth smile, but not far from that either.

Corinne swallowed, suddenly nervous. “I, I’m not certain that I want to be beaten, I just …”  her voice trailed off, then  “I do want to play with you, but I want to make sure …”

“We will both be well satisfied by play time, Rina,” he said in a sexy, husky voice as he leaned into her space, and spoke softly into her ear.   She felt his warm, moist breath slide into the whorls of her outer ear, and shivered.

“There is plenty of time for you to learn what pleasures us both. What pleases me now is your willingness to try. Let us begin. Are you afraid of the dark?”

“What?”  she wondered to herself, looking up at him,    “um, no, I’m not.”   She saw him take something from his pocket, oh my..

“Close your eyes, Rina”   and as she complied, she felt him slide the blindfold into place. He took her hands, and placed them into her lap.

“Lunch time, ” she heard him say quietly, into her ear again, felt him gently lick her lobe, then suck it into his mouth, where he pulled and tugged on it with lips and teeth. A shudder wracked her body as a sexual spark ignited deep in her clit, causing her to shift in her seat.

 “Be still.” came his quiet order. Then, “open your mouth.” She felt his fingers at her lips and then something cool, and wet. Oh, it was a peach. She opened her mouth to take the slice, but he withdrew it, and said “no, just a bite.”  She complied, gifting him with her acceptance of his command. He smiled as he continued to feed her,  one bite at a time,  both of them lingering over each savory morsel he allowed her.

Then it was potato salad, served on his finger. He taught her to tongue off the food from his finger, then suck his digit clean. Each time her lips closed about his finger, she felt the heat of him, felt an answering heat in her loins, felt her cunt begin to leak. She knew her seat would be wet by the time this meal was done!

It took more time then she could ever have imagined to eat the sensual meal, small bite after small bite. Occasionally between bites, his hands would come to her breasts, forming and shaping them, then he would pull on her nipples, pull hard and out, then squeezing them, then rolling the hard nubbins between his fingers. Halfway through the meal, he’d moved her hands to his lap, let her fingers wander over his hard shaft, letting her know that she affected him, too. Lunch would never be the same for her ever again.


…to be continued….