A Licking

with thanks to Wifegonebad …inspired by her HNT….go…look….yum…
She hung, suspended, exhausted.  He had told her she was going to get one hell of a “lickin” tonight. From the deep south, she knew what that had meant. She was going to be beat. Hard.
“His arm must finally be tired,” she thought, because at long last there were no more blows to absorb.
She hurt. Throbbed. Her tits, pussy, legs, back, arms. No place was immune to his whim tonight, no place was left unmarked. Even her cheeks were reddened by his slapping hand, something she loathed. Something he knew, and forced her to work to accept. His will, his pleasure.
She could hear him moving about the room, had no idea what to expect now. He’d crammed his cock up her ass, making her cry aloud at the invasion, no lube, no stretching, just
“take it, slut.”
Oh, her cunt was wet, not to mention lonely. Tonight, apparently, was only about his needs. He…
Her angry ruminations were interrupted when she felt something cool dripping down from her shoulder to her chest. She smelled something but what the hell was it? Her head rose fractionally, releasing some stress on her neck, and she began to get her feet under her, rather than just hanging as she had been a moment before. She couldn’t speak to ask what was going on, not that he would tell her anyway. The ballgag was worked deeply into her mouth and she could only offer unintelligible grunts. She preferred to be quiet rather than sound like some monkey from the jungle. Still, the oozing continued, cool, ticklish, drifting down to her breasts, gathering on her nipple before dripping onto her foot.
The contrast of the thick, cool fluid against her burning, welt-covered flesh caused goosebumps to erupt, and her nipples rose, jutting out far from her tits. He loved her nipples, spent long times playing, pulling, biting, sucking them. He clamped them, slapped them, and photographed them. Now they were covered in some kind of goop.
She felt his tongue flat against her chest between her breasts. He was lapping slowly up her torso, slowly driving his tongue under her breast, circling around the globe until finally, finally, he lapped at her nipple.
“Hmmmmm,” he murmured. “Sweet, so sweet.”
As he continued to adore and suckle her  nipple, his hand dipped between her legs and flicked at her clit. A long, low moan escaped from behind her gagged lips, her hips thrust against his probing hand.
“Looks like I’m going to get a whole lot of honey tonight,” he whispered against her breast, “and you’re going to get a good licking.”

Camp Nekkink pt 6.

They sat together on the sofa, where she had just given him one hell of a blowjob. He watched her looking around the room, erotic scenes being enacted all around them, here in the Dungeon at Camp Nekkink. He knew where they were headed next, and he enjoyed her confusion, and he could see stress lines form around her mouth. He leaned closer to her, lips brushing her hair.
“Don’t worry about it so much, cunt.”
She turned, stared at him. Shaking her head slowly, she confessed,
“I don’t know if I can do this. I want to be pleasured, and to give you pleasure…”
“you just  gave me a mouthful of pleasure,” he interjected with a wide, boyish grin on his handsome face. He laughed as the blush suffused her face, and seeped down her neck to her chest. “Even your tits are blushing,” he noted, leaning away from her a bit, obviously oogling her ample breasts. Reaching up, he grasped one nipple between his thumb and forefinger, pulling and twisting it firmly. She jolted at the sharpness, torn between pleasure and pain. As he continued his assault on her nipple, his eyes locked into hers, and she felt the fly to his spider, caught in his web of words, of pleasures and “Ouch!” she gasped as he pulled her nipple as far away from her chest as was possible, stretching her tit.
“Pleasure, my pleasure that is,” he clarified, “is in watching you succumb to your inner slave. We both know she is in there. It’s time you let her out to play, cunt.” With that, his mouth closed over hers, encouraging hers to tongue fuck his mouth, as his hands continued their torturous play on her nipples and tits. She moaned into his mouth, the pain in her tit was searing now.  Even as their saliva swirled together, leaked from their locked mouths, dripped down onto her hurting breasts, she found herself relaxing into his grip, felt her cunt wetting, found herself releasing something dark from inside of her, setting herself free. He was there, after all, to control her beast, and she felt herself trusting him as she had no other before. Knowing that her release caused his Beast to come forth was power in itself, and she reveled in the knowledge that she could affect him, too.
With a growl, he grabbed her hand, pulling her up from the couch, and pulled her across the room. Positioning her under a low beam, he walked to the side wall, taking a pair of wrist cuffs, and strode back to her. He locked eyes with her for a moment, nodded, then affixed the cuffs to her wrists. He lifted her arms and secured the cuffs to the chain that hung from the beam, then pulled the blindfold from his pocket. He pulled her ponytail up, and secured that to the chain that held her arms up, forcing her head to look slightly to the ground. Applying the blindfold, she heard him step back, then heard the soft swish of feet. She gulped. Somehow, when he was touching her, she forgot that there were other people around. Yes, she had seen and watched other people being tormented  and now, well, she knew that avid eyes would be looking at her first….what? Beating? Flogging? Whipping? And did it matter, really? She was here to submit, and now she’d not merely jumped into it, but dove headfirst. She felt a soft, warm hand caressing her left breast, softly tweaking her nipple, felt another womans breast just touching her side.
“He told us it was your first time,” a soft voice whispered. She continued,
 “I just wanted to say, keep breathing, remember that. There is nothing like the very first time you take his pain.”  A pause, and then that whisper went on,
“Know that there are many here who are envious that you caught his attention!”  With a last brush of a hand against her breast,  the woman with the soft touch and voice was gone.
The silence was deafening. She knew that other scenes were happening, but she could not hear them. She was totally in the moment here, arms feeling the effects of being restrained above her head for quite a few minutes, hair pulling as she tried to move to gain some sense of space, feet feeling the smoothness of the cool wood floor. She thought she caught an essence of his scent, just a whiff, and then all thoughts flew from her head as the first blow from the flogger lashed her back. She was unprepared for the sting, hadn’t known that she would feel each and every tassle on it, as it danced fire across her flesh. She recoiled, dancing away from the source of the stinging pain. She felt tears dancing under her closed eyelids, but held them back. She took that deep breath, and as her lungs inflated, he struck her again, across her large tit, and a  quick second blow to the other tit. She drew her body back again, twisting and twirling, nearly losing her balance. He’d come around her so quietly, or perhaps the blood pounding in her ears deadened his approach, but no warning was there before each blow. Sometimes he would strike several blows in fast succession, leaving her gasping, moaning, tears and snot and spit draining from her, running down her face to drip on her body, and the floor. Twice she danced away, only to skid in her own fluids, and receive even harsher blows on her asscheeks, which felt raw and aching. She wondered if she was bleeding, remembered that she hadn’t mentioned that she didn’t want permanent damage to her body. She felt.
Alive. The word floated into her consciousness. She was drifting, feeling the pain, but standing, not defeated, but accepting of his blows. Her body would lurch at each strike, but she was in a hazy place, her body a searing mass of fire. She felt molten, that he was beating change into her as he melted her resistance away. After an unknown time, she felt hands, his hands, cool and caressing on her skin, became conscious of his murmuring encouragement, praise of her performance. She felt him release her hair, then her wrists, felt him guide her to the couch, press a cool glass of water to her lips.
He peeled away her mask, looking at her with deep admiration, and lust. Her gaze, still hazy, drifted from his eyes to his crazy sexy mouth, down his hairy sexy chest, down to where the bulge in his pants caught and held her gaze. His finger tapped her chin, and she looked up at him, a half smile on her face, while a few errant tears spilled from her eyes. Gazes fused together, he pulled her up and behind the couch, bending her over it. She heard his zipper release, felt his cock probing the entrance to her dripping cunt, and without a word, he buried himself in her, releasing both of their beasts into the night.
**dare I go on? Or has Cori and her Beast ended their story here?**

In Good Company…

She languished in her bathtub. What a week it had been, between work, errands, duties to the Man, her parents divorce arguments…she felt like a piece of taffy that you see in those ocean-side taffy shops, pulled and twisted this way and that,  stretched so thinly that she felt a snap was imminent. Thank goodness her Man knew her so well. As she had dragged ass into the house, He had pulled her into the bathroom, showing her the candlelit grotto, tub filled with the bubble bath she adored, finger foods laid out on the edge of the tub, and His promise of more “goodies” for later, when she had restored her spirit. After He’d carefully fed her, He  placed the tiny stereo ear buds into her ears, and she melted back into a peaceful place, the gorgeous notes of Vivaldi clearing her head of all but the lilting beautiful melodies.

Nearly asleep, she started a bit when she felt His finger on her lips, His other hand covering her eyes. She felt fabric sliding over her head…. ahh, yes it was the silken bag He loved to hide her with. He liked to keep her in suspense, never knowing what He would do next, but always keeping her enthralled with His touches.

She felt Him take her hands, helping her to rise from the tub. She felt the softly scented water sluice away from her skin, carrying with it all the cares and worries that had plagued her. She stepped out of  the tub, guided by Him, and was wrapped lovingly in one of their huge bath sheets. Expertly, His hands glided up and over her body, molding the sheet to her, letting all the water drops be sucked away from her warm flesh, and then, He pulled it away, dropping it to the floor by her feet.

Carefully she was guided to the bedroom, pulled gently up the bed and secured to the bedpost.  She was warm from more than tub water now, for excitement and anticipation were building a fire deep in her loins. The wetness between her womanly folds was not from the bath, but from lust.  His hand traveled a path down her body, from her captured wrist down to her ticklish underarm, causing her to squirm a bit, around the side of her breast, down her gently rounded sides to her hips, which were padded more than she liked, but just the way He liked her, so he told her often.  Down her leg, across the ankle cuff around her foot, and back up, up. She hoped He’d make a pit stop at her center, she was near to panting for more than just a gentle caress. Still, neither of them spoke. She had been commanded by His finger in the tub, and He, well He would do as He wished, as always.

Sadly, He bypassed the Love Canal, heading instead up the road to her naval, twirling and tickling there, resulting in still more squirming by her. Up between her well rounded breasts, until His hand was  cupping her throat. He squeezed, gently at first, then firmly, momentarily cutting off her air, letting her know He was in charge of all her functions when He chose to be. Finally He released her throat, and she  drew in a quick mouthful of air through the thin fabric of the silk bag.  She felt the hand traveling around her face through the bag, then begin to explore her other side. Slowly, tortuously, His hand travelled and explored the other side of her,  but not touching those places she most wanted, most needed His attention to wander to.

As He again avoided her lower lips, she began to writhe on the bed, as much as she was able, begging with every undulation for Him to take her, to touch her. She felt His weight leave the bed.

“Ogodogodogod,” she panted, silently in her mind, the need clamoring to be released.

A soft swishing sensation caught her off-guard.

“What the hell,?” she wondered, bemused. Tracing figure eights around and around her tits, the swishing was driving her mad. It seemed an eternity before the swirling, twirling, multi-stranded sensation stopped.


The first lash of the flogger hit full on her thrusting tit. Her nipple rose to a peak, even as a squeak of shock passed her lips. Again and again he lashed her tits, sometimes several blows in a row in the same place until she was whimpering, then mercifully the angle would change and the other tit would suffer his love touch.  He worked the flogger down her abdomen, and lashed blow after blow on her exposed cunt, several times hitting her clit. A scream would geyser from her, her body arch in pain and ecstasy, and her cunt began to leak. Her juices ran down to her ass-crack, soaked the sheet below her. 

Finally,  at long last , she heard  him move closer, then, the bed creaked with His weight, and she felt His cock at the entrance to paradise. With one smooth, hard thrust, He was there, a second thrust brought His balls banging on her ass. There was something…different tonight, and she couldn’t place it. He was hitting her in all the right places, bumping her cervix from time to time, scraping her G-spot, making her wild. As His body moved against the weals and welts He’d placed on her body, as His cock moved in a fierce rhythm within her, the sensory overload sent her spiralling into  orgasm, then rolled into yet another. Gasping for breath, dying from the pleasure, she felt Him loosen the silk bag on her sweaty head.

 He was leaning across the bed as  He pulled it from her, soflty stroking her sweatsoaked, dishevelled hair from her face.

“What?”  She gasped out in shock. For He was standing to the side of the bed, while another  man was pounding into her, preparing to blow his gasket inside her! Her Master continued to stroke her face with one hand and His hardened cock with the other, a wide smile on his face. He had certainly surprised her this night!

“I am proud of you, my sweet cunt, for you have greatly pleasured Master Steven, hasn’t she, Steven?”   With a final deep grunt, Master Steven unloaded his contribution to the evenings festivities deep into her cunt, groaning out,

“Ye-ssssss, so fucking good, your cunt is so fucking goood!”

“Oh my sweet slave,”   her Master complimented her, “you have done so well for me this evening.  You have brought me much pleasure.” 

She knew He spoke in earnest, that he was deeply pleased by what had transpired here tonight, but she was becoming  afraid of what was coming next.   Her heart began to beat in her chest so hard she was amazed it stayed inside her. Was He cutting her loose after all their time together?   Was this, then, a transfer of  Ownership, and her bed performance a test she had passed, all unknowing? She felt tears gather in her eyes, for she had loved no man but this one, her Master had saved her, molded her, made her.

 He looked deeply into her eyes, seeing her tears, and understood instantly what she was fearful of. He was pleased that she controlled this fear, just as she controlled her responses to all the delightful torments He had given to her over their years together. Finally, he slid his hand up to join hers, still locked at the bedpost.

He spoke quietly to her heart.

“I know you have always wanted a baby, and you know I cannot provide you with one. I have decided to grant your wish, my lovely cunt.  Steven and I have been friends for nearly all our lives, and He has long admired you, my slave. When I mentioned that you wanted a baby, Steven  graciously offered to contribute his potent sperm.”   He smiled at Steven, who sprawled at her side, playing with her reddened, welted tit. He was pulling her nipples, occasionally slipping one into his mouth to suck and chew it, causing her to shiver with pleasure.

And so it began their new life, together. For three is company, and not at all a crowd.