The Handyman

“So, um, can you fix it?” she asked, leaning over to peer where his torso disappeared under her kitchen sink.

He tilted his head a bit, caught a perfectly fabulous view of her cleavage, observed the deep shadowed V “pointing to the promised land,” he thought, smiling. That Vee was located between two of the prettiest mountain peaks he’d ever wanted to climb. An avid outdoorsman, he knew he’d not seen a prettier view in a long while.

She caught his smile, saw his gaze, stood quickly. Not before he’d seen her flush. Was it embarrassment, or something else, he wondered, now catching a glimpse of smooth flesh as he looked, completely unashamed, up her skirt.

The shadows under there hid a wealth of dips and curves, and as he slid out from under the sink, and rose to his full height, he smiled again.

“Sure can fix that for you, darlin’, but it’s going to cost you some.”

She threw him a glance, looked away. There was a gleam in his eye. Oh, he was a wonder to look at, and she had stolen more than her fair share of glances when she watched him get into his truck each morning. But neighbors did that, didn’t they?  Watched each other, and watched out for each other? 

“Um, like more than $100?” she asked, worry in her voice. It was early in the  month and already two unexpected car repairs had dipped into her savings taking a bigger bite than she liked. Now this.

He took her hand, which had been nervously twining in  her hair. Most of it was still up, but the long day had taken it’s toll on her style, and small whorls of hair had slid down to frame her face. He reached behind her, pulled out some pins, watched the rest of the mass fall past her shoulders. Moving into her personal space had her backing up to the wall. He followed her, still holding her hand, squeezing her fingers, then raised her hand  to his lips. One digit at a time he began to suck them, never breaking his gaze from hers.

Her lips parted, her breath hitched. She felt that she had just mainlined sex right to her cunt, which began to throb in time with his suckling on her.  She hadn’t had a boyfriend in  many months, not since Rob had decided to move out of state when his job transferred.  The lack of sex hadn’t bothered her too much. She was, well, Rob had called her borderline frigid in bed that last time. She was not feeling frigid now, not with the heat uncoiling in her belly and sending tendrils of fire down to her clit, to her toes, to her nipples. She could feel them poking through her thin shirt, rubbing against the scratchy lining of her jacket.

“Hows about we do some negotiating on that price?” His voice broke the silence that had lingered while he’d laved her fingers.

“I…Rob…he said…” she broke off, frustrated. Sighed. Looked up at him, this tall, lanky man, a hunk in denim from head to toe. She could clearly see his cock outlined against the buttons on his fly…she tore her gaze away, looked again at his face. He knew where she had been looking, and he grinned at her; she broke eye contact, stared at her hand still linked with his.

“Look, my last boyfriend,” she began,

“The Jerk,” he clarified, interrupting her.

“I beg your pardon?”

“The Jerk. He stayed here, and had several girls he was fucking on the side. Used to brag about it down at the pub some nights. ”

She gasped, astonished. This was news to her. The Jerk.

“So, what did the Jerk tell you that was so important to  our  here and now?” he asked her solicitiously. A small smile played about his mouth.

She looked at the floor, then up at him. Tears shimmered in her eyes as she confessed that Rob aka the Jerk had told her she wasn’t good in bed.

He looked at her, at the curves, pulled her forward so he could view the sweet round ass behind her. Running his hand down her side, curving up her shape, he laughed. Laughed and laughed.

She tried pushing her fist into his gut, but he pulled her closer, hugging her to his body. She felt his cock, a very big cock, push against her lower belly through his jeans and her skirt. Finally his mirth ended, and he reached under her suit jacket to caress the beautiful tits hiding there.

“You going to believe a low-down Jerk like him, or are you going to believe my cock?”   He started peeling clothing from her, first her jacket, then her blouse, dropping them to the floor at her feet. He continued to strip and touch her, while she stood there, shocked, and aroused by his actions. Finally, they stood flesh to flesh, he pushing her against the wall. As he entered her she could hear her sink dripping into the bucket underneath, an annoying ‘ping! ping! ping!’   Soon, very soon, she could only hear her heartbeat pounding in her ears, hear the sound of skin slapping wetly against  skin.  Faster, harder, deeper, his cock slamming into her. Wetly, wildly,   her mouth was plastered to his.  She screamed when her orgasm blew through her, as his talented fingers pulled on her nipples, as he pounded deeply inside her again and yet again, until she rolled into another explosion. She saw stars, felt darkness threaten at the edges of her vision…she felt wanton and wicked and wonderfully woman. She stared at him dazed, felt him pulse and thrust once more before he released his cum deep inside of her with a moan of his own.

They rested, locked together, his arms tight around her, his cock, softening but still inside her, there  on the floor, where they had collapsed in a heap.

“Nailed your ass to the wall, didn’t I, ” he grinned at his carpenter’s pun. She moaned at his joke. She couldn’t move, didn’t want to move,  only wanted to feel this way forever. Then she smiled, a pun of her own rising to her lips.

“I think I’m the carpenter now,” she giggled, ” because I screwed the hell out of you!”

Laughing with her, he began rubbing her backside, sliding his hands up and down and around the globes of her ass, tracing her crack with his fingers, drawing a shiver and soft gasp from her.

“If I ever, ever hear you say that you’re not good in bed again, I will spank this sweet ass of yours, got it?” She nodded, aroused and amazed.

“Of course, I may spank it anyway, because you have an ass that just begs for spanking!” He gave her a smack on one cheek. She jolted, squeaked, then aaaahed, as he rubbed his hand over the red print. Again and again he smacked and rubbed, pinkening the flesh on her bottom, until she squirmed and moaned. When he dipped his fingers between her legs, he found her cunt wet, as he expected. Rolling over until he was poised on top of her, he nudged at her slick wet hole with  his now hard cock.

“Now I have two leaks to fix,” he smiled down at her. “And I have just the tool for the job,” he added, as he pushed slowly, deeply home.

Camp Nekkink ch. 11

They walked from the beach up to the lodge for lunch. He was leading her ,  fingers wrapped around a long tendril of her blonde hair, as he fingered the soft silky strand. She enjoyed his hands on her, the possessive gesture of his hand holding her thus, possessive in a way no man had been about her before. Her husband had taken her for granted, she knew, but she had been as comfortable in her old life as she though he was…until he dumped her for the dental hygenist who worked for him. Or should she have said “under him,” she mused with a wry twist of her lips.

“Where are you, slave?” he asked, looking down at her, tugging not too gently on the captive hair he held. She gave herself a mental shake, smiled up at him, wincing as he tugged that strand yet again.

“Sorry, Master, I was…”

“Woolgathering?” he asked with a grin, remembering how they had met just the day before.

“Done now,” she assured him.

“Good. I want all your attention on your tasks, you have many that lay ahead of you today. I know you will do well, because I sense you would not want to disappoint me in front of my friends here at camp. Some leeway will be granted as you are still new and learning, but I believe in starting as I mean to go on. This means that you will receive…corrections…” he drawled that last word, pausing for emphasis before he continued,

“when you have made a misstep. I will be  gentle at first but … I  will not continue to be, if you do not  fully surrender. And I will know if you are holding back, cunt, ” he spoke kindly, but firmly, gazing into her eyes.

She was captured once again at the mesmerizing blaze of blue, at the power that came from him, power that caused her to shiver with deep anticipation. She had come here just for this. To understand what it was that drove people  to let themselves be consumed by a Master. And she was beginning to understand. At this moment, she would let this man do anything to her, to gift him with her essence, with her pain, her body, to please him.

As they approaced the steps of the Lodge, he took out her blindfold, and placed it firmly around her eyes. Leading her steadily up the steps, she wondered how she would make it through the lunch line like this. She needn’t have worried, as she felt his hand guiding her away from the meal queue, turning to the right and heading for the tables.

“Huh,” she thought to herself with an inward smile, “the Master serves the slave!”  She heard the heavy scrape of a wood chair against the floor, and he pushed her down into what felt like a very large chair. He placed her right arm along the wooden arm of the chair, and she felt coarse rope wrap around her wrist, securing her arm in place. He repeated this with her other arm. Pushing her back into the chair, he positioned her head against the back, and she felt more rope snaking about her neck. She was surprised, and a bit apprehensive now. His finger pushed against her lips in the age-old “hush” position, and she took this as her cue to remain silent. There were a few moments when she heard nothing, then she felt his hands pushing against the folds of her cunt. Something cool and rounded…he was pushing it inside her. It felt like…an egg? He caressed her head, and she heard him walk away, then a click, and the egg inside her sprang to life.

“Oh MY!” she thought, sitting up even straighter. “A Vibrator. In her cunt. At the Lunch Table. Oh MY!”

There were loud conversations, laughter, admonishments, sucking sounds all around her, but nowhere could she hear her Master.  She smelled food, and her stomach growled. She was hungry!  She could feel the vibe working inside her, felt the vibe increase, then decrease, then increase again.

“It must have some kind of variable function” she thought, trying to be nonchalant about having a vibe inside her in such a public venue.  Suddenly, and  without any warning sounds to alert her to anothers’  presence,  she felt a hand caressing her tit, pulling her nipple.  She jumped, but the restraints held her firmly in place as the hand continued to stroke and shape her other breast and nipple. She wanted to protest, but the vibe had done it’s work, and the caress aroused her further, pulling a low moan from her.

“Yeah, she does have a nice pair, Dave, really great nipples!” and she flushed with embarrasment. Dave was showing off her ‘charms’ to one of his Master-type  friends.  How long they’d been there gawking at her she had no idea but this was truly mortifying. She felt the blush spread from her cheeks to her neck to her breasts, causing even more laughter and chatter. Not only that, but the vibe was still performing  it’s magic  deep in her cunt, and she was having trouble sitting without squirming, and she knew the seat of the chair was wet. Because the seat was rattan, this meant that a puddle of her juices was pooling under her chair.

As if to confirm her thoughts, she heard one of Master’s friends laugh, then he said very loudly  “There’s some kind of puddle under your slaves’ chair, Dave,”  which only served to increase her embarrassment, then another voice saying   “Look at those large Pink tits ….and not a  lash in sight! ” Of course, that was not the only remark but it was  the loudest. These observations, which elicited laughter in the chairs around them,  caused her to attempt to slump down to hide…but she forgot about the rope at her neck holding her in place. She heard chewing and slurping and other sounds of eating, and realized that HE was eating, while she only had a tummy full of his cum. She was feeling pretty pissed, very horny,  and a lot hungry when at long last, she felt his finger at her mouth.

“Open up, cunt,” and when she complied he gave her a large, double fingerful of ketchup.

More laughter as she made a distasteful face at the stuff in her mouth. He had been rather generous with the portion, and she was really unhappy about…

“Open up, cunt,” he said again. She hesitated a brief moment, and she felt her nipple get a hard tweak.

“OW!” she squeaked, and when she opened her mouth, more ketchup was squirted inside. She would have erupted in outrage, but she felt his hand, or rather, the heat from his hand, just a fraction away from her nipple, and she remembered the conversation outside the lodge. His friends were silent now, but she knew they were watching her, judging him by her actions. Less from fear of punishment, and more from wanting to please him, despite the horrible taste of the ketchup, she swallowed, and waited for him to command her again. Four more times he forced her to open and eat something distateful, which she swallowed hastily. Finally the test was over, and when he told her to open, a bit of  a soft roll  and butter was placed between her lips, soon followed by chicken slivers which were delightfully seasoned. To be fed so lovingly by his hand tripled the lust within her, and she moaned as he traced her lips with his fintertip, felt the orgasm building inside her. 

He leaned forward, placing his lips right by her ear, and whispered, “I want you to cum for me, slave, cum while I feed you, cum in your chair, cum all over the floor where everyone here can see you.”

And once more his finger was at her lips, a large chunk of watermelon dripping it’s juice onto her legs. She felt it slide with sensual coolness to pool in the hot V of her mons.  His other hand slipped down to her clit, rubbing firmly. As she bit into the melon, she felt her cunt convulse around the egg. She threw back her head, mouth full, cunt full, and keened her orgasm. Breasts sparkling with sweat and  lust-blush, heaving with her gasping breath, hair sluicing down her shoulders, knees clamped tightly together, capturing his hand in her crotch, she made a wildy erotic sight, and many in the lunch room were seen to fondle a breast or cunt or cock as they gazed at the wanton sight. He was more than proud of her, and  his jutting cock complained in his suddenly too tight jeans. As she came out of her orgasmic haze, he began removing her ropes and blindfold. She blushed as she saw the Masters gathered at their table, and continued to blush when several of them applauded.

“One hell of a lunch, Dave, ” remarked his oldest friend, Nash. “So, ” he drawled, “what’s for dessert?”

She looked at her Master. She had a feeling that she knew exactly what was on the menu.