Nilla says…

Hi everyone (see me wavin’? Well, I am!  At You. Yup, you too!)

You might not remember this but when I went on a writing spree last week, and wrote something like 4 stories in one day, I told you I was stocking up on them, because I’d not be able to write at the end of the month.

Home improvement rears it’s horrible, ugly head once again. Once again, the Nilla and her wife will strap on….

—No—noo —hawhaw—-you guys, really! *snorts out a laugh at what YOU were thinking, and I know who you are, too!*

Our tool belts. Yes, women with power tools. A few weeks ago it was a new back door, this weekend. O.MY.GawD. Kitchen ceiling. I shit thee not. WE, two middle aged women, will climb bravely to the tops of our 5 foot ladders (hey, when you’re a petite pet who stands just  5′ 1″ tall, a 5 foot ladder is Nilla height!) and pull down our crappy, dilapidated  ceiling tiles, and TA-DA…install new ones.

Luckily, the neigbor that may have been inspiration for the Handyman (grins) across the street is an electrician and he will pull the lights down for us, then reinstall when we finish the ceiling (or die trying, my new motto, lol!)

All that said, I’m going to be writing this afternoon, and tomorrow, and setting up publish dates for Monday, Tues, and Wed. when I won’t have even a minute to browse porn, read your blogs, or comment on this one. Come, read and enjoy and if I still have use of my arms come Thursday I’ll start responding to all your comments, blogs, and stories.

I’ll have a bit of time on Sunday a.m. before the renovation begins, as Wife takes kids to church, but it’s limited time, so…I’ll be popping around the internet today, lookin’ at all your HNT’s for inspiration, and writing and writing and trying NOT to think about having my neck craned backwards for 3 days.

Hugs and slaps, (and I mean that in the BEST possible way!)