Camp Nekkink ch 12

If Corinne thought that being hung and facefucked and whipped was the end of afternoon playtime, she could not have been more wrong. After some lovely cuddling, something he called “aftercare” and  which she hadn’t heard of before, he rose from the couch in the Dungeon. Patting her on the head “like a good dog,” she fumed, annoyed, He told her to “sit and stay put, cunt.” And he walked away. She watched him leaving the building, startled. Had she done something wrong? Before she could dive into the pity pool, a woman sat heavily down beside her.

“Phew” said the slave  while fanning at her rosy face, (surely she was a slave, with all those red marks all over her tits, Cori thought silently),  “I’m glad he’s done with me for now. I’m Cassie, by the way. I saw you hanging over there. You looked gorgeous!  That Rolf  is a wonderful rope worker, isnt’  he?  He did me up last year  when we were here. Couldn’t move an inch but I looked damned good!”  With a large grin, the effervescent woman chattered on, and suddenly Cori didn’t mind that they were two nudes sitting on the sofa. They were women, chattering about life, and that was all that was important!  She and Cassie continued  talking  until Cassies Sir came to collect her. Cori was a bit shocked when he strode up to them, grabbing Cassie by the hair at the back of her head  and raising her up from the couch in one swift, almost brutal, move. But when he ground his mouth down on her, she could tell that this really was something that Cassie liked, as she began to moan deep in her throat. Cori swallowed a lump of jealousy, felt a quickening in her clit, and tried to look away. She could still see them in her periphial vision, however, and she was amazed at how long that kiss went on. She wondered who was consuming whom, as both were entwined so deeply in the kiss. She knew the Master…uh, Sir, Cassie had called him, was in control, as his grasp on her hair never wavered, and perhaps even tightened as the kiss went on and on. Finally, they broke apart, Cassie, red faced and panting, and her Sir, smiling. They  went across the room to a cross contraption there. Halfway across the room, Cassie turned and threw a wave at Corinne, who waved back. Wow. What a place!

She closed her eyes, leaned back into the sofa. There were groans, grunts, and even screams echoing around the large room, but she was adapting to the sounds of tortured flesh, of whips whistling through the air, of heavy duty vibes getting people off in amazing ways. She slipped into a light doze. She awoke with a start, but she couldn’t see. She lifted her hand to her face, but another hand stopped her. That hand secured her arm into a stiff leather cuff. Then her other hand was retrieved from beside her, where it rested against her thigh, and was  secured in a similar cuff. This was odd…her arms were spread apart, and she couldn’t pull them apart, nor push them together. Something kept them widely apart…ahhh, a spreader bar, she remembered the name now. It was heavy, too. She had no idea who had secured her thus, but hoped like hell it was Master Dave. When she opened her mouth to ask “Who’s….” a thick rubber ball was pushed deeply into her face, and pulled very tightly around her head and secured. “ouuunnnounnn?!” was all she could say, in protest.

“Shut the hell up, cunt,” came a gruff voice.

Not. Master. Dave.

“uh oh,” she thought, nervously. Her heart rate came up quickly, and she was sure that  her  pulse would be visable as it  beat  it’s rapid tattoo in the hollow of  her throat.

He must have been pulling on the bar, because suddenly she felt herself pulled forward, though no hands touched her body. Cori was becoming  frightened for although she knew she was “safe”  here at camp, what was happening to her now was an unexpected event. She found she could not swallow the spit that was forming in her  mouth, and a glistening rivulet of it began to drool from the edge of her mouth, tracing a silver trail across her tit, while a second trail began oozing down her belly. She shuddered in distaste. “Ugh, spit! And it was getting all over her. Ugh!” Gagged as she was, and ordered to silence as she had been, she could make no protest, but inwardly she was …angry…turned on…angry…submissive..angry…turned the hell on…oh gawd he was pushing her submission this strange man, and she liked it. Loved it. Hated it. Loved it. She was wet, a rivulet of her sex juices was running down her leg to join with the spittle that was sliding down to coat her foot. Onward she was pulled, firmly, quickly. She fought to keep her feet under her as he torpedo’d them across the room. He came to a sudden stop, nearly throwing her off balance again.

“Learn to anticipate my desire and  do not smash into me again,” came the voice. She could almost see the angry glare he was throwing at her, despite the blindfold. She was throwing one right back at him, so it was probably  a good thing that there was something covering her eyes.

She remained silent, although words of protest formed in her head. How the HELL could she anticipate if she was blinded and gagged?  She felt herself pulled forward, felt a cool surface in front of her. Her feet could move forward no further, her knees came in contact first, then as the pull continued, up as well as forward now, her spit slick belly, her breasts, and finally her face were leaning forward, tilted at an angle. She was being held against what felt like a smooth wooden tabletop that was tilted upwards. She heard a click and felt the bar weight taken from her as it was secured somehow at the end of the table that rose above her.  A sound of feet moving around her, more than one pair.  Heavy boots joined the sounds around her.  She felt many hands securing straps around her, holding her firmly to the tabletop. A strap was secured around her knees. The man who put that strap on had a birds eye view of her leaky cunt, and joked about it with the others.

“We need to put a caution sign  near this one,”  he laughed, to her mortification.

“Yeah, what should it say?”  replied the man securing a strap around the back of her neck. The position allowed her to tilt her head enough that the spit could continue to ooze from her mouth and not drown her in her own fluids.

“Slippery When Wet!”   chortled the asshat Master, lightly swiping his finger up her thigh through the fluid trail there, and caressing her womanly folds.

“I think we need a treasure map,” spoke another as he strapped a thicker belt around her waist, “one that has a big old X to mark  the spot.”

“What, you don’t know the spot by now?” laughed leg-strap Master. “Maybe Dave will let you practice finding it on this one,” and he slapped Cori’s ass playfully.

“mmooommmmuuuuu” she grunted, trying unsuccessfully to wriggle her ass away from the hand that was lightly rubbing her sore spot.

“Told you to be silent, cunt.” This growled warning was from the first man.

“Uh oh,” came the voice of waist strap man, leaning into her back and speaking against her hair, “cunt’s gonna get punished now…” and she heard him move away. Not far away, but the other feet also shuffled a few steps back, which made her very…

“AAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMM” she screamed behind the gag as she felt a firm smack on her ass. Before she could draw breath, two more fast smacks in the same spot caused her to bite down on the gag. Tears and snot and spit began leaking from her face, adding to the misery she was feeling on her ass.


More tears, more fire on her asscheek.

A pause. Then he spoke,

“it always hurts more to strike the same spot over and over, doesn’t it, cunt?”

As much as she was able, she nodded, trying fiercely to quell the moan that was building in her throat.

He continued, “Since you are new, I’m going to cut you a bit of slack. But word to the wise, cunt, never disobey a Master. Especially one who is helping out your Master.” She nodded solemnly.

Seven…this was applied to her other asscheek…as was Eight….

a pause for breath….


“Oh, oh, ” she thought, dazed, “oh my ass, my ass is on fire!!”  She felt a soothing hand rubbing her posterior, gently, almost….kindly.

“Well, you do take pain well for a beginner,  cunt, I’ll give you that.”

And with that, she heard him moving off. Resting against the table, ass afire, she wondered what would befall her next.