This is a quickie post , about a quickie, to sooth my frustrated muse…missing y’all! More tomorrow!………..**Nilla**
He stood on a ladder in her office, blocking her door to all incoming traffic. She was enjoying the relative peace and quiet.  Since he was up past his chest in the ceiling, she took free license to oogle his legs, his crotch, and if he turned a bit, his lovely ass. Good old fashioned worn-by-wearing jeans that just hugged his body, and made her drool.
He stood, head in the ceiling, and watched her watching him. By luck, a crack in the suspension ceiling tile allowed him to stare into the open V of her shirt, giving him a truly awesome view of her nicely rounded tits. He was amused by how much she was staring at him, and made sure to turn occasionally so she could also oogle his ass. Which she did.
“What a ripe sweet piece that babe is,”   he mused silently, smiling.
“Hey babe?”   he called down  to her. He watched her startle. Was that because  he had called her babe? Or that he had  broken the trance his cock had over her, he wondered, amused.
“um, yes?”  she said, rising from behind her desk  and coming to the foot of the ladder. Looking up, she could barely see his clear gray eyes in the gloom inside the ceiling where his head was.
“I have this wicked itch just above the inside of my knee, ” he told her, amazing himself with the story, “and my hands are rather tied up here with these cables”  he showed her his full hands  u” and no place to set them down. Would you mind giving me a bit of a scratch? ” he added a note of pleading, “it’s driving me crazy! ”
He leaned back enogh to see her face, watched a plethora of expressions run across it, then hesitantly her hand raised to his inseam. She scratched  lightly at his leg…hesitant.
“ooh, babe, you’re almost there…a bit harder, and a bit higher…please babe, I’m dyin’ here” and he gave a show of jiggling on the ladder, trying to rub his knees together with her hand caught betwixt them. Startled, she pulled her hand back, but could tell he wasn’t able to reach his own itch, and the ladder wobbled rather alarmingly, so she reached up again, about 4 inches higher, and rubbed even harder.
“mmm, babe, that’s it, almost, a bit higher now,” and as she shifted her hand another inch higher, he took a step down so that her hand settled on his hard shaft with only the thin, worn denim between them. She gasped, tried to withdraw her hand and step back, but his hand came down and forced her fingers even harder against his rampant erection.
“mmmmbabe, now that’s the exact place where I have that itch.”
He smiled at her, a gaze that sent bolts of electricity up her spine. She knew exactly what he was connecting next, as he stepped forward one step at at time, pushing her backwards, her hand still forced to grip his cock through his jeans. She thought he would bend her over her desk, and her lips parted, her nipples rose to firm peaks, her woman’s folds began to moisten.
He pushed her , to her surprise,   over to the plate glass window behind her desk. As he mashed her against the window, he  lifted her skirt and tore off her thin silken panties with one strong hand. Pushing her ass against the cool glass, that same hand began to saw along her cuntlips, grazing her clit, until a moan came from deep in her throat, and she no longer cared that she was mooning mid-town Manhattan. He pulled a long  electrical tie from his pocket and secured her hands abover her head, fastening them to what she had always considered an unnecessary security lock on the window.
He drank her mouth like a thirsty man at a fountain, diving headfirst into her liquid warmth, while his freed cock drove into her, hard. Each slam of his hips against her cunt forced her ass to plaster against the window behind her.
She was going to have one hell of a time explaining those marks to the janitor.
As the force of her orgasm overwhelmed her, she arched, threw back her head and froze like a woman caught in the fury of a live wire. He took her keening cry deep in his mouth, pumping into her hot and dripping fuck hole like a man possessed, until he too was caught and held in the throes of their electric passion.
Spent, they leaned against each other, breathing heavily. Finally, he withdrew a blade from his pants, cut her ties, and straighted her skirt. With a last kiss, he stepped back up the ladder.
She sat at her desk, glowing.
“hey babe?” he called down to her.
“Thanks for scratchin’ that itch!”


4 thoughts on “Babe?

      1. lol, yea i’m a sucker for bondage, i think the name makes that a little too obvious sometimes! haha 🙂

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