Striped Sox

He loved to watch her. He saw her cross the quad every day, her coffee cup in one hand, her bookbag in the other. She was one of the older students, a mum, even. He’d eavesdropped on her conversation with one of the  OsO Girls, as he called the “One-the-same-as-the-0ther” younger students. This one, this woman, stood out. She stood  taller, prouder, perhaps. Her personality made up for any lack of height she had. Those sox! They were tall, over the knee. Black and white. And today?  Today she wore fingerless gloves to match. A black miniskirt, one so short it  must’ve shown an acre or more of bare thigh between the hem of the skirt and top of those wonderful sox!  He ached to see even a passing glance at her cunt, but alas, she didn’t sit on the wall today. Her white tank top showed her lovely shoulders, dotted here and there with fairy freckles. Her dark hair hung below her shoulders, drawing his attention to her perky tits. If he looked really hard, he imagined he could just see the aerola surrounding  fantastic nipples. Whenever the breeze had drifted across to where she stood with  her classmates, her nipples rose accordingly, as the wind chilled her. He cheered the wind. He followed the dancing leaves across to where she was laughing. Her face just lit with her smiles.

“Miss Greenwood,” he called to her. She glanced up at his approach. He was her teacher. And he planned to teach her many, many things. Including sharing that dazzling smile, as she knelt between his legs. Wearing those sox. Only the sox.

And maybe those matching gloves.

20 thoughts on “Striped Sox

    1. Thanks *l blushes*….they are the fruits of a sexually frustrated woman, with a twisted mind! I’m so glad you are enjoying my fantasies!


  1. just outside of “normal” to be entirely believable! Stripped sox and fingerless gloves indeed 😉 I ❤ my fingerless black and white stripped gloves Master's mom bought for me 🙂

    1. grins….thanks! See, I’m just this side of “normal” lol!! I’m makin’ myself a pair of fingerless gloves that are long to the elbow, but they won’t be striped because I just don’t have the patience. All one color but using variegated yarn. Maybe the blue/aqua/green I got last month…hmmmm….


      1. Oh, not done yet! Still a work in progress…as in…the yarn and needles are in my knitting bag and begging me to start!!! But…there are also matching leg warmers, too! and I would have yarn enough for both…I keep sayin’ I’m going to knit for half an hour before bed…but instead, I just nip under the covers and start *ahem* yanno…smiling *grins cheekily* and after the O, I falls asleep!

        still hoping to get more knitting done!

      2. ROFL sounds like me and my blanket I still haven’t finished and have been “working on” for over a year now 😛 I have very little left to go but I just can’t muster the give a fuck! I’ll make you a bet *grins and winks* see who finishes their project first, whoever loses has to write a story for the other?

      3. Oooh, an incentive bet…I LOVE it…you’re on! Ready, set…wait…just howmuch do you have left? Hmmm, cuz if you only have an inch and I have 15 inches times two gloves….you sneaky bitch, ROTFLOL!!!


      4. You’re on!

        off to find…hell no, I’m still at the computer catching up on 5 days of porn/blog reading! Later…my pretty, later I shall find my needles and go to town in a knitting frenzy!



      5. The duel is set then! My crochet hook against your knitting needles….I shall start on it after dinner…and a bath…and possible some well oiled spankings….fuck it…tomorrow sounds good 😛

      6. Hmmm, you keep on with those tomorrows and I’m going to win, yanno!

        off to make dinner, early.
        van is fixed.
        wallet says..
        screams, rather,

  2. Hehe no the boyshorts weren’t on that day 😉 instead there were sexy g strings …. the striped arm sleeves you can buy from 😉

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