Camp Nekkink ch. 16

They lounged in her sleeping bag, nestled so tightly to one another that it was hard to see where he ended and she began. His cock was buried deeply in her cunt, further blurring the lines  separating them. One notable difference was the sparkle of metal on her neck, faint light from the dawning day glistening on the “D” ring that lay at the front of her new collar.

He spoke softly into her ear, blowing a soft huff of breath into the whorls and causing a shiver of response in her.

“Cunt, do you know what today is?”

“mmmmm,” she murmured, raising her ear and cunt to further his ministrations on her body, “Saturday?”

“And do you know what Saturday starts with?” he asked, teasing those whorls with the tip of his tongue.

She giggled, shivered some more, causing her cunt to tighten around his cock, making them both moan.

“Fucking?” she asked with a suggestive thrust of her hips, driving him a bit deeper into her wet fuckhole.

“mmmm, good idea, cunt,” he whispered into her ear, “but no, I meant, what letter does Saturday start with.”

She moaned as he pulled out halfway, then slowly, ever so slowly slid his thick cock back into her cunt, roughly rubbing her clitoris with the angle of his thrust.

“S!”  she finally managed to gasp out, “Saturday starts with ‘s’ ! ”

“Not for you!”  he announced gaily, rolling suddenly off of her,

“for you, my sweet cunt,  Saturday begins with Pee!” Laughing, he pulled her from the sleeping bag with startling strength. Grasping her slim wrist in his large hand, he used the other to unzip the tent door, and thrust her before him. When she wiggled and tried to evade him, he scooped her up and threw her over his shoulder, giving her ass a firm swat, commanding her to “be still or be dragged”.

His long strides ate up the yardage up the pathway from their tent to the bathroom. Outside the bathroom was a kiddie pool. Already there was pee in it. Unceremoniously, he dumped her from his shoulder into the pool, jumping away as her ass landing in the puddle caused a small spash of yellow to froth across the bottom of the pool.

“EEEWWWWWWWWW!” She gasped, grossed out and suddenly chilled. The day was not cold like yesterday had been,  the late August heat finally arriving at camp, but the urine in the pool was no longer warm.

“It’s cold!” she protested, wrapping her arms around herself, and shivering in overdramatic fashion. “Why, Master?” she pleaded.

He put his hand out to stop her before she could protest further.

“I told you yesterday when you chose to not join the other slave that was suffering here, that today would be your turn, slave.” He leaned forward, removed her leather collar, alarming her. “Be still. I am not uncollaring you, merely protecting my investment.” He reached into his pajama pocket, withdrawing a thin metal chain. He used the lock from her ‘good’ collar, and secured the chain around her neck. “There,  now you won’t ruin the leather. Pee is so hard to get out of good leatherwork!” He laughed at the expression on her face.

“Oh slave, you amuse me. ” His pleasure was evident on his face, and she could see he was even getting an erect…no….no

“Let’s see if I can warm you up a bit, cunt,” and without further ado, he pulled out his cock and began peeing on her. He aimed for her face, grinning as the splash of hot urine dashed across her nose, splashing her eyes. She cried out and gasped at the sting of his piss in her eyes, tears gathering quickly to wash the stuff away, and to show her humiliation. Before He had finished emptying his morning bladder on her, a second master had come up and was pissing on her back.

“I’ll be back for you later, cunt, but you’ll be in my line of sight, so no moving until I return.” She nodded her assent, head bowed. She sat there, pissed on by masters and their slaves. A mistress came up, mashed her pubes against her cheek and let loose a torrent of urine against her face. Grabbing her by the hair, the Mistress then ordered Corinne to lick her dry. Disturbingly enough, this rough and disguisting treatment made her cunt twitch, and she swore she could feel herself oozing into the pool which was becoming much deeper than she had ever imagined it could.

At long last, Master returned. He surveyed his dripping, piss covered slave, and smiled down at her.

“You are one fuckingly disguisting pet, you know that?” She nodded, greatly subdued.

He chucked her under the chin. “What’s up, cunt?” he asked, reading into her silence.

She shot him a glance from under dripping bangs. Glared at him.

“I’m horny.” she stated in a petulant tone. “I didn’t think something this gross would make me horny.”

He laughed. Threw back his head and guffawed, bent over and slapped his thigh. She stood, arms crossed, toes nearly tapping (but she decided that wouldn’t be a good move just now) and glared at him some more.

“I’m so very glad I amuse you,” she spoke acidly.

“Oh, cunt,” he said, wiping laughter tears from his face. He grasped her by the back of her neck and guided her into the bathroom. He thrust a bag at her, her toiletry bag she noted with surprise.

“Shower. Now. Immediately. I wouldn’t fuck you at this moment,  for any reason!”     He fanned his hand in front of his face.   “Sorry, cunt, but you smell worse than a men’s room in the bar on  ‘free round for every touchdown’  night!”

“Sorry? Sorry….?? ” she sputtered, but his  hand on her neck pushed her into the ladies room, and he firmly closed the door in her face. His voice receeded as he strolled away. “Don’t come out until you smell like your regular sweet self!” She swore she heard the brute chuckling.

He was chuckling. Wait until she saw the pictures!

10 thoughts on “Camp Nekkink ch. 16

    1. You stalkin’ me?! (laughs loudly!!) I just posted this, what, 5 minutes ago!! Glad you like it, and yes, that’s the tone alright!


      1. coincidently…*clears throat* I was cooking dinner and got bored waiting for the sweet potatoes to boil so I hit my blog surfer and like an erotic genie, there was another story for me to devour!

        I swears, I no stalky!

      2. hee! too funny! I have another two chapters to write…the piss one both turned me on and grossed me out…who knew? I have one sicko fantasy about…well, you’ll have to wait,missy because it will make one good story, methinks!


      3. speaking from a piss drinking point of view…its gross 😛 but the humiliation, submission and utter giving of oneself for His pleasure alone is definitely hot lol.

        Thankfully I only ever have to do that when I’ve been extremely bad and need to reminded that I do what I’m told when I’m told no matter what…*shudders* Yes Master!

        And I would like to place bets on it being an ass to mouth scenario!

    1. Oh, you gotta have pics or it didn’t happen, as Seph said earlier! Just tweeks the humiliation factor for me.

      PS….Sir of Poppet….oh Sir….I have an idea for you…


  1. Yea i can’t say that the idea of being pissed on like that has ever done much for me, but reading that made me very hard (well as hard as i can get under my little cage anyway!), thanks for the continuing flow of hot stories to read!!! 🙂

  2. Yea i can’t say that the idea of being pissed on like that has ever done much for me, but reading that made me very hard (well as hard as i can get under my little cage anyway!), thanks for the continuing flow of hot stories to read!!! 🙂
    Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

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