The Rental

She wondered, as the sharp cold edge of the knife pressed against her soft neck, why she never listened to Ken. He had told her to wait until tomorrow to return the rental movies.

“No,” she had argued, “these are two free movies, and if they are late, I have to pay a late fee…which makes them NOT free!” After wrangling back and forth, she came up with the coup de grace….

“Besides, we need eggs and milk if you want a lovely Sunday breakfast in bed!”

He was most unhappy when he finally, grudgingly relented, and she strode out of the house with a big grin.

” Point, round,  and match, for the slave!”  she exulted to herself as she backed her old clunker out of their driveway and onto the dimly lit road.

She stopped first at the local market, knowing that their closing time was fast approaching. She thought she would cruise through the video store to see if there was anything she and her Master would watch tomorrow, since it was forecast to be a dark and gloomy day. She moved quickly through the grocery store, adding a nice hunk of cheese and a loaf of cinnamon swirl bread, knowing He would be pleased with the meal she would provide him in bed.

At the video store, she walked up and down the isles before finally selecting two movies,  one was a chick flick about cheerleaders (he’d like the bouncing tits, anyway!) the other  a new disaster flick he had wanted. She paid for her rentals, and sailed out of the store just ahead of their closing time. 

She had parked on the very edge of the parking lot, where there was a long line of shrubs rather than a second row of cars. That way no damned fool would ding her clunker again, as had happened twice in the last week, putting two small dings on her front bumper. She came around the back of the car to the passenger side, opening the door and putting the rentals onto the seat. Closing the door, she passed around the hood, bending slightly to avoid the taller branches, but still managing to scrape  the back of her leg on one of the lower limbs. Bent over, she did not see the stranger in a dark hoodie come up behind her from between the bushes.  She first knew he was there when she was jerked upright by her hair, and felt his knife against her throat. Her keys fell from her hand, clanged once on the bumper, then silence.

She wanted to scream but the knife pressed so hard against her throat that she was almost afraid to swallow, let alone draw in a breath deep enough to yell. His other hand wrapped around her waist and she was pulled back against a hard body. He was strong.  His body was hot, but she was shaking. She had left her purse in the car with the movies, so no phone, no mace, no help.

A gruff voice growled into her ear “put this on”. He took his arm from around her waist, handed her…something. It was …a mitten? She slid it onto her left hand. It was surprisingly heavy. Pulling her arm against her belly, he grabbed a strap and wrapped the cuff firmly around her wrist, holding the glove in place.

Again his dark voice spoke into her ear.

“Hold out your other hand.”

The low tones carried no further forward then her head, so she knew no one else would hear him, even if there was anyone else around at this late hour. No parking lot lights illuminated this one dark corner where she had so blithely parked earlier. The knife continued to dig at her throat and she could feel the panic blooming in her stomach, like a thousand ants crawling in her gut;  bile rose in response to her fear.

“P-please,” she gurgled out, but the knife at her throat pressed harder,and she imagined her blood spilling across the hood of her car, and she fell silent. Tears formed, dripped slowly down her face as she put out her right hand. She felt the second glove go on, felt his hand tighten this cuff as well. The knife moved from her throat, but her relief was short-lived.

Grasping her two wrists firmly, he forced her to bend forward over the hood of her car. He pushed first one, then the other of her gloved hands to the hood, then released her. At once she tried to pull away, but she was held in place…the gloves stuck her to the hood! She panicked, pulling as hard as she could, yet she could not move her hands from the car. She felt him reaching under her skirt, but before she could protest,  her panties were torn off, stuffed into her open mouth, and a strip of cloth wrapped around her mouth and cheeks. He tied it roughly around the back of her head, then shoved her miniskirt up around her waist.

She could hear him chuckle to himself as she continued to pull and writhe trying to free her hands as he stroked her ass and fingered her cunt and asshole. She tried to kick him, which only made him mad. He slapped her ass hard, then took something and bound her legs, spread widely apart, to her bumper.

He leaned over her, mashing her into the car. Her breasts flattened, but he fished under her to grab and maul them. She muttered and moaned through the gag, which only served to fuel his humor at her situation. He stopped laughing when  he pushed his cock deeply inside her, telling her she was a whore, a cunt, a hole for his pleasure. That she was his toy, and he might take her with him when he was done with her, so he could keep on playing with her. With every thrust, he whispered threats at her, nipping at her neck, her ear, her shoulders as she cried and whimpered behind her gag. He gave a few last hard shoves deep into her, punishing her cunt, slamming his hips into her exposed ass, and shot his cum deeply inside her with a gutteral moan.

He wiped his cock on her ass, then slapped her hard.  She lay there, used, abused, his cum dripping from her. She felt him untying her legs, then, reaching over her, he pulled each hand free from the car. He released the velcro securing the mitts to her hands, and the gag.

“Say nothing, and do not move until you have counted to 20. I’ll be watching you, and I’ll know if you cheat that count. Move too soon, and I’ll be back and my knife won’t just be laying across your throat, it’ll be slicing it.”

He melted into the darkness.

She lay draped across the car, counting to 30 just to be certain he was gone. She had heard a vehicle start as she had reached ’22’, so she was hopeful that it was him, leaving. She slid down to the ground, shaking, scrambling around the ground, searching for her keys. Once found, she bounded to the driver’s door, and all but dove into the seat. It took several tries for her shaking hands to insert them into her ignition. Finally they slammed home, and she took off, backing from the parking space rapidly, and heading straight for home. What the hell would she tell Him? Tears formed and rolled down her face. She was a mess. Tears at the top, cum still oozing from her cunt, wetting her car’s seat.

He sat at the kitchen table, with only the light on in the hood fan of the stove. His feet were propped on the table and he waited for her. He heard her car pull into the driveway, the slam of her door, the opening and closing of the other doors as she gathered her items. She came into the darkened kitchen, holding all her packages.

“Cunt?” he spoke from out of the darkest corner.

She jumped. It was visible even in this dim lighting, that he had managed to startle her.  She flashed a look towards where he sat, but couldn’t quite make him out in the gloom. She heard the pop of the chair coming down to all four feet, the scrape of his shoes on the floor as he came towards her.

She still hadn’t figured out what to say, how to say it. His arms came to bracket her against the fridge.

“Cunt?” he spoke again.

“Yes, Sir?” she responded, her voice tear-filled and shaky.

“Put the milk away, cunt.” With that, he levered himself away from the fridge, stepped back one step, crossing his arms. She could see the stern expression on his face. She turned back to the fridge. Froze in horror.

There, stuck on the front of the fridge were a pair of mitts….magnetic mitts.

He leaned against her back as she raised a shaking hand to touch one, whispering into her ear,

“I guess that free rental cost you, after all, cunt. ”

She sniffled, tears flowing again, then turned to him, folding herself against his hard warmth. She knew she would never again so flagrantly defy her Master’s wishes.

15 thoughts on “The Rental

    1. Hope it kept you hanging until the end. …so glad to finally be able to get that one off my brain! I was perking it for days and days!


  1. That was incredible, i love the whole rape fantasy bit (again glad it was her Master that was doing it though). Hot stuff Nilla 🙂

      1. What have you got in mind? Happy for you to share some ideas with me if you want a second opinion, just drop me an email 🙂

  2. Tweaked it a bit…just wanted a small change, if you read the last bit, I think it’s…tighter, more …character correct.


  3. please, giving you some feedback on your writing is the least i can do considering how much i read them and loose myself in the fantasy, getting all sorts of horny and hard (as hard as i can get in my cage anyway!)

    So thank you for the writing 🙂

    1. I almost (g) feel bad causing you pain! Still, knowing I’m making you hard *and* answering your kink…well, that’s pretty gratifying!


      1. Dont stress – i like the feeling i get when i get hard in the cage, it hurts but feels good at the same time (weird huh?)

        But yea, your stories do an awesome job of getting me hard, so enjoy your well earned gratification 😉

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