Basquing in the Pleasure of You

curvaceous dee has done it to me again! inspiration of this weeks hnt lead to this …   Nilla  *blows kisses to dee**

She walked into the room and instantly all eyes were on her.  She was a tall, strong, curvy woman. Her tightly fitted basque showed  off her waist, dramatized the flare of breasts and hips, while the skirt of the sheer slip she wore beneath it flowed from under the bottom to tease the watchers with softened glimpses of her ass, her legs, and from the front, her pouty mons. The black basque showed her skin to perfection, and the tight half cups raised her breasts like an offering. Those breasts were discreetly covered by a lacey shawl, translucent, but glittering with the jewels that embellished the front. They were glinting and winking with each breath she took.  Of course, the whispy shawl wasn’t that discreet, really.  Rather, it teased, it hinted, it taunted the watchers  at what lay quietly beneath,  the full round orbs of her breasts thrusting the shimmering shawl forward, proclaiming to all those who turned at her entry  “here is a Woman!”

Her head was held high, and the slight glint of a golden necklet hugging tightly  round her throat showed her status….slave.

He came into the room behind her, dressed in black. The stir that accompanied her arrival had served Him well, hiding Him in the backwash as all in the room pressed closer to her. He had heard about tonights auction by chance, and He knew this would be the opportunity He had waited for. Her Master had long refused His offers for her. And  He had wanted her  for a very long time.

When she reached the steps that lead to the small dias, she paused. Hands rose from the side, removed her necklet. Returned, and dipping behind her, untied the tight ties of the basque, releasing it to the floor.  She stepped clear of it.  As the hands rose for the third time, a man’s voice came from the darkness.

“Leave the rest.”

She was helped up the steps, her black high heels clicking as she moved to stand in the center of the dias. She was clad in only the thin  shawl,  and the sheer black slip.

“One will pay for the priveledge of removing the slip. The scarf will remain to …”  the voice paused, amusement lingering in the air,  “…to tantalize you with charms yet to be revealed.”

Despite the dim lighting, a soft blush could be seen illuminating the beautiful woman standing alone, the eyes of many strangers dancing over her nearly nude form. In the warmth of the room, her nipples could be seen, rising. Despite the calm demeanor, an observant person could see both fear, and excitement dancing through the still figure.

A voice rang out “$100 for the slip!”  Laughter, ribald jokes, then

“$200!”  and “$250….300…”

By the $450 mark the bids began to wane until the last two bidders fought over the last few dollars. Finally, at $457, her slip was won. The lucky winner trotted up the steps, and taking a pair of shears from a staffwoman, he snipped first one, then the other of the straps. With a nearly soundless whisper, the silken garment slid to the floor, revealing more of the stoic figure. The winner grazed his finger across the scarf that hid her magnificent tits, sliding it across one , then the other, then flicked quickly across  one nipple, before being escorted from the dias.  She shivered, sensing the hunger in the crowd below.

From the floor below, the bottoms of her well rounded tits were exposed. Heads tilted back, taking in the beauty of the globes hanging above them. The barest hint of aerola was visable beneath the sheer veil, hinting at the sweet cherries that rose at the peaks of those breasts.  Her  mons was bare, and showed the deep crease leading to her sex. She was turned, bent, to show the bidders her well rounded ass cheeks, and yet another view of her mons appeared. The full plump lower lips were flushed, with embarrassment of her predicament, or incipient lust was unclear, but the pouty flesh stirred many hungers in the crowd below.

After letting them look their fill, the bidding commenced. After a long, long while He spoke from the back of the room. His bid left the others in the room gaping in shock and awe. Silence filled the room. He stepped forward. Made eye contact with her. Watched her eyes widen in disbelief and hope.

Later, after the bidding, after the meet and greet, after their escape from the pointless babble of voices, He held her in his arms, soothing her welted ass with His palm.  She was in her rightful place at last.

7 thoughts on “Basquing in the Pleasure of You

  1. You are amazing! Very hot indeed.

    (I am loathe to mention this, but the basque is actually the corset/torsolette item I was wearing beneath the diaphanous shawl thinggumy. Which is damn shame, as it spoils your great pun in the title! As for the shawl thinggumy, I have no idea what it’s actually called … I have a cunning suspicion is was actually a coin-belt/belly-dancing hip shawl for a very small person, but I prefer the use I put it to.)

    xx Dee

    1. Yay! Thanks for the heads up on my gaffe! It bugged me that I was so woefully wrong, and now it’s not! Thanks Dee, for the inspiration and the ‘fix it’ !


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