Going For A Ride

She had no idea what to expect. He had told her to be ready, that they were going for a ride.  They had pulled up in front of this ….mansion, and he had ushered her out of the car, telling her to ring the bell, but instead of coming up with her, he got back in the car and drove off.  Just before he left, he stuck his head out the window, made eye contact with her, and told her firmly to “be a good girl.”

 He had specified for her to dress  in these particular clothes. She looked down at her plain khaki coat,  and wondered what would happen when she went in and had to remove it. She knew that the basque she was wearing thrust her tits out to mega- proportions. She had been blessed with big ones, although as a teen it had been rough going, now in her mid-30’s she could appreciate the gift nature had bestowed upon her. Her full orbs were peaked by nipples that her Master admired greatly, calling them ‘the little Alps” .    Her heart beating a staccato rhythm in her chest, she climbed the two steps and rang the bell.

She could faintly hear the bells, sounding like Westminster Abbey, bonging off inside what must be a cavernous entry hall. The door opened, and a butler  ( “a butler?  omg !”  she thought,)  ushered her inside. He tried to take her coat, but she hung on to it.

Exasperation in his voice, he finally said to her “Madam, protocol of the house is that your coat MUST be removed before I may take you to the stables.”

“Stables?” she murmured, questioning her hearing. For certain she was not dressed in riding clothing!

“Yes Madam, now please, your coat or you will be late. Sir does not like his ….charges….. to be late.”

Although she was even more apprehensive now, she finally relinquished the coat. Her beautiful breasts were displayed for anyone to see, her long legs came into view, encased in silken black hose  and garters, and capped with slim heeled shoes. The butler spared not a glance her way.

Her ass, bare but for the thong with the black bow nearly begged for a crop, thought her  Sir as he watched from the rise of the staircase beside the hall. He was cloaked in shadows, all but invisible from below. Ah well, all good things came to those who wait, he chuckled to himself, and wait he could!  She was perfection, and he could hardly wait to watch her transformation. He would not reveal himself to her until the end, but she would reveal all to his secret gaze. All.

“Follow me, please, miss,” asked the butler, after hanging her coat in the coat room.  Embarrassed in her provocative clothing, her breasts bouncing gently as she followed the butler from the room, she wondered where her Master was.

Watching from above, He could see the tell-tale flush of embarrasment flush her lovely tits,  but her sweet nipples were hard and thrusting.  Always a sign of her encroaching lust, they were an excellant barometer of how far he could push her.  He watched until her sassy, bow draped  ass was no longer in sight, then he headed upstairs and across the hallway to the secret staircase that would lead him out to his next vantage point.

She was led to the stables. Actual, real stables, with horses. Led to the last set of stalls, where a groomsman waited. He was holding something in his hand. As she approached, she watched his face take in her form, the smile flit across his mouth, and became very nervous. She was a walking invitation for sex, and she was alone in the stables with two strangers. She slowed, but the butler pushed her forward. She hesitated again, but suddenly a hard shock hit her ass driving her forward with a yelp.

The groomsman stepped forward and took her arm firmly, turning her to look at the butler, who was holding some kind of electric prod in his hands. She knew she needed to be good for her owners sake, but gods sake, what the hell was….

“Open” came the curt order. She stared up at the groomsman. He was holding a ball gag. It looked different from the ones her Master used, but she opened her mouth anyway. This ball was slightly oval, with holes in it for better air flow and drainage, she supposed. She didn’t fight as he tightened up the straps, but they were very tight and she winced. Her long, sleek hair was already pulled into a long ponytail, but she felt the groomsman braiding it, braiding something into it. A hard pull to the left and she turned her head that way, moaning through the gag. He repeated the pull to the right and she moaned and turned again.

“Turns are done silently,” he informed her, curtly.  He led her, pulling her by the ties attached to the sides of  her gag.

“Give me your wrists,” and when she presented them to him, he examined her hands, nodding to himself. He took  a pair of dark leather cuffs from inside the stall, and buckled them on her.  A matching pair cuffed tightly around her ankles, and both sets of cuffs had long leather strips firmly attached.

He guided her out of the stall, and none to gently, either, pulling her firmly if she slowed even a fraction.  He pulled her over to a padded sawhorse, securing her feet widely apart, causing her heart to race once again.

From His vantage point above her, He could see her transformation, and His heart beat harder. The dark leather cuffs made a bold statement against her soft skin, the reins attaching them gave whoever held them total control over this sleek woman.  He watched as her legs were kicked widely apart and attached to the frame in front of her, watched her ass pull up and spread a bit as she was pulled over the frame, and her wrists firmly secured to the other side.  Oh, how He envied her trainer, watching closely as her  rounded asscheeks were rubbed, as the man was fingering the brown rosebud there. His cock twitched when he observed the groomsman running his fingers lightly across her lower lips, and turning slightly, raised those glistening fingers towards where He stood, hidden in the loft above.  He understood the silent message….she was wet. Good. He grinned.

Even though the sawhorse was padded, being folded nearly in half was uncomfortable after even a few minutes. Feeling her ass, her holes being fondled increased her feeling of vulnerablity, of her fear of what would happen next. Her Master…had he sold her to this man? Traded her services for some unknown reason?  He usually kept her solely to himself…had she done something wrong to be punished? Her thoughts were racing, blood was pooling in her head from her upside-down position, when she felt something cool graze her asshole. Then rub. The groomsman was rubbing…oh god, he was going to fuck her in the ass?! Her Master would not have allowed this? Would he? Panic had her pulling at her wrists and ankles, but they were tied tightly. She grunted, whistling through the holes in her gag, but  her struggles went virtually unnoticed by the man lubing her ass. As she thrashed her head,  his finger began to penetrate her anus, pushing against her tight sphincter firmly. He felt her tense against the invading finger, and he slapped her sharply on her hip.

“Stop that! Push out like you’re taking a shit, and stop fighting this. It’s gonna happen either way, but it will be much easier on you if you cooperate.”

Tears formed, dropped onto the ground in front of her, shoulders drooped, fight slid away. Her Master had told her to be a good girl. She took heart in that, grabbed that thought to stop the swirling rise of panic. Chanted it in her head, “master’s good girl, mastersgoodgirl” and let the fingers drill her ass.

Pushing and pulling, one finger was joined by a second, then a third. He fucked her ass, pushing against her sphincter to relax it. His fingers were buried deeply, she could feel them stretching her, and the pain had disappeared, and in it’s place, came lust. He sensed the change in her, could feel her push back against his fingers as much as she was able in  her position, heard her grunts changing to pants, saw the slow rise of sex need blushing her cunt lips, watched as the slow drops of her fluid  fell to the floor between her spread legs. He pulled his fingers from her ass, and in one smooth motion inserted the plug deeply. He heard her gasp, and knowing she was in for even more of a surprise, smiled.  He loved his job!  Setting the tube into the valve, he pumped.

She gasped as the plug entered her ass, deeper than his stretching fingers had. Then moaned as she felt the plug expand. And expand. And expand. She could hear the hiss of the pump in his hand, squeeze, expand, squeeze, expand. If she had thought his fingers were big, it was nothing compared to the size he was blowing up this plug to. He pumped until she was moaning in pain, her ass squirming as she tried to get away from the pumping plug. He turned and looked over his shoulder, gave two more squeezes at the silent command from the Master, then disattached the pump.

He had a truly excellant view of his slaves sweet ass, now fully stuffed with the horse tail butt plug. There was no way that was coming out any time soon, and certainly not by accident, he mused humorously to himself. What a sight she was, black satin bow topping the yard-long glossy black tail that dangled nearly to the floor between her spread legs. His hard-on pulsed happily between his legs at the sight. He watched as her trainer began unbuckling her wrists and helped her rise. She held onto the  top rail of the sawhorse for balance, still not aware that she had a tail, only that her ass was crammed with a plug. The trainer released first one slim ankle, then the other. As her legs drew together, her tail swished gently from side to side, and she turned suddenly. Her tail twirled, some curling around her ankles. He nearly laughed aloud at the expression on her face, a face still ruddy from being bent in half. There was shock, yes, that was to be expected, but there was also embarrassment and awe, too. He watched as her hand reached under the bow, found where the tail started, pulled her hand along the full, beautiful length of it. He thought he would shoot off in his pants if he watched her play with that tail for a moment longer! To the relief of his twitching cock, the trainer led her back into the stall. Through the openwork at the top of the stall wall, he could see her as she was attached to each side of the wall, holding her in the center of the stall. A headband with sweet ears was secured onto her head, and the door shut as the trainer walked out.

Not only was she secured, on hand pulled to each side of the stall, but the gag was fitted with what she now knew to be reins, and they were also secured to each side. She could not turn her head, nor move in any direction. She stood, facing the door, tits balanced high in her basque, nipples engorged and her cunt aching for release. Her ass was a steady drumbeat of pain from the heavily pumped up plug, but her tail was…lovely. She could not smile with the gag so deeply seated in her mouth, but she wished her Master could see her now.

The door to her stall opened, and there He was. He looked at her.  She could feel his eyes traveling across her body.  Slowly, inch by inch, his gaze moved like a touch over her, stopping briefly to appreciate her upthrust, blush colored  tits.  Her nipples responded by tightening still more, rising as if to beckon his touch. Her breathing deepened, as she saw him taking in her regalia, and she watched as his cock thust forward in  his pants.

For him. All of this was for Him. She could ignore the throb in her asshole. She could ignore the embarrassment of the butler. She could embrace all that she had done to come to this place in this time. For Him.

He ducked under her arm, she could feel him lightly brushing the silky bow over her ass, felt him stroke her tail, tugging a bit and startling a low moan from her.

“Come Ponycunt. It’s time to take your Master for a ride.”