Camp Nekkink ch. 18

Corinne wondered what her Master had in mind now. She’d just gotten one hell of a spanking for being rude to him, and now he was walking along like nothing had happened.  As if reading her mind, he tugged her closer to him, then snuggled her, tucking her under his arm. Her head nestled into his armpit, and although she tried to pull her head away, he would not allow it.

“You gave me a workout back there, slut,” he told her with a laugh, “now see how sweaty you’ve made me?”  She wrinkled up her face. While she did enjoy his scent, not just the woodsy scent he wore, but the man smell of him, it was a bit…intense, buried as she was in the heart of his sweaty pit.  She was more than willing to accept this, however, rather than risk another spanking on her already sore and bruised ass. When he sensed her capitulation, he released her.

“Good cunt,” he praised her. He was pleased at her progress. She was training much easier than he had thought she would. She had been an independent woman for quite awhile, he knew, and although he admired that streak in her, the strength of her, he also wanted his slave to be completely under his control, to comply with his desires and orders,  and to crave his control over her.  It was a fine balancing act, to give her enough freedom to be a woman he respected and would cherish, but to be a slave he could use to fulfill his darker cravings.

As they walked towards his friends campsite, he knew this would be yet another new experience for his love slave. He could hardly wait to see how this went over. He’d had more hard-on’s this weekend then he’d had in quite a long time, and he was certainly enjoying it! He laughed to himself. She never failed to get a rise out of him!

As they crested the small hill and looked down at his friends campsite, she was amazed. Ropes hung from the trees around the campsite, and on one picnic table (why did they have two?) was an open box with a huge variety of…whips? floggers? and what was that ? or that ? It looked just like the dog toy she used to have when the boys were  young and they had that large Setter. A Kong, yes, that’s what it was called. Why would that be in what was obviously a toy…… Oh. My.  Once again Cori felt like Dorothy lost in a much stranger version of Oz…she figured she knew where that big Kong would go after all.

Her Master called out “Hellooo Camp Chris!” The tent flap swished open and a large man came out, followed by a somewhat smaller woman. Both were naked, and judging by the jutting cock of Master Chris she had a feeling they were interrupting. The woman knelt by her Master’s feet and went to work on his hard-on, and Cori watched in near amazement as his large cock disappeared with ease into her throat. Her Master watched appreciately, too, and she could see the scene before them was exciting to Him, as he took her hand and rubbed it against his hardening member through his jeans. She cocked her head at him, but he shook his head “no”, and she was relieved…wasn’t she?   Truth to tell, she was more than a bit envious of that slave woman kneeling at her master’s feet, sucking on his dick like it was a giant lollipop.

Her Master watched her watching his friend get what looked like a superb blow job. His little slut was jealous! He could all but see the wheels turning in her head, but again he forstalled her attempt to unzip his jeans. As much as he would love her lips wrapped around his cock, there was more entertainment to be had here than that. Later, well, that was a different matter.

Cori watched as Master Chris came in his slaves throat, could see her throat move to swallow his gift to her, watched as he pulled all but the head out, to spurt the last bits directly onto her tongue.

“Hold” she heard his command to his slave. Her own Master broke her reverie by tapping her on the shoulder.

“Go make friends, cunt. She is a lovely slave and Chris and I are good friends. We want you two to become friends as well. Get very friendly. Start with a nice, deep kiss.” Cori stared up at him. Kiss. Another woman. One with a mouth full of another man’s cum. She took a step. Then, another. Somehow, without knowing how she made it, she was in front of the other woman. Bracing her hands on the womans soft shoulders, she bent down, and placed her lips gently upon the kneeling slaves lips.

She dimly heard  Master Chris say to his slave, “Slave, share your gift with your new friend now,”  and she felt the womans tongue press against her own still-closed lips. Slowly she opened her mouth, took in the cum gift. Tongues played, entwined, shared the cum, then toyed with each others inner moistness. Their tongues slid and danced across each other’s teeth, exploring inner cheeks, then each sucked and nibbled on the other’s tongue.  Somehow, almost amazingly, a warmth began deep in Cori’s belly.  Slave rose up, lips still locked with Cori, and the kiss deepened, although that hardly seemed possible,  lips slashing across each other’s mouths, the sounds of sucking and wetness, of suction and wet friction filled the clearing. What started as a small spark, became a passionate wildfire that spread between them, consumed them.

Soft, but strong hands explored Cori’s breasts, pulling her nipples, twisting and turning them, hard, and she returned the favor. The Slave had lovely perky breasts, likely a “B+” cup, she thought idly, as her hands shaped and moulded the lovely tits. Even as her own nipples became engorged and swollen, she pulled and pinched the Slaves nipples. Moans rose between them. Lips still locked, after what seemed an eternity later, the kiss broke. The two women, nipples high and tight, flushed with passion, stared at each other, and smiled.

Master Dave looked at his cunt. He could see she was intriqued by what had happened, but he wanted more from her. “What are you waiting for cunt? I told you to get friendly. Explore. I want you to make her cum before she can make you cum. Chris here owes me $50 if you win, so do your best. Remember, slut, I know full well what you are capable of, so, no holding back.”

Cori blinked. He’d placed a wager about her cumming? Er, the slave cumming first? Truly, odd Oz.  The woman leaned into Cori. Whispered into her ear “I’m Dot, but you can call me Slave, as He does. You’re Cori, er Cunt, right? ” At Cori’s nod, she smiled again, and took her hand. “C’mon, I’ll go pull a sleeping bag over here, and you can get the fur cover. It’s liquid repellant, so we won’t get the sleeping bag wet…er wetter than he and I made it already today, ” Slave said with a wink and a quick grin. They made short work of creating a small pallet for them to stretch out on. Although she should have felt strange about it, Cori was actually excited. She had never ‘made it’ with a woman, although there had been a few hot kisses when she was in college.  She felt Slave exploring her legs, working her way up to her cunt, where her juices were already stirring. Ohboy! She’d best get exploring herself or else the Master would be out his fifty bucks, and who knew how he’d extract payment for that?!

She let her lips drift from Slaves’ smooth cheek, down her throat, biting gently at the base by her collar bone. Slave arched, moaned. In the background Cori sensed the Masters’ watchful eyes, heard them discussing tits and legs and cunts, and saw them walk over to the game table, as Slave’s Master called it. Then she tuned them out, as Slave bit her inner thigh, causing pain and an intense bolt of pleasure to scream through her body. She arched herself, and keened with the mixture of hurt/lust, then she responded, biting hard where slaves shoulder and neck joined, a particularly erogoneous zone, judging by Slaves moaning response. Cori jolted as she felt Slaves tongue begin to lave at the crack at the top of her mons, and slide slowly, flirting around her clit, but just missing it with each gentle lap. Cori felt her hips thrust up, trying unsuccessfully to generate contact with Slaves taunting tongue, then, grabbing Slaves legs, pulled into the classic position and began her own tonguing of another woman’s cunt. She sucked on Slaves lower lips, pulling them through her slightly closed teeth, and then shoved her tongue deeply between them, missing the entry hole and causing Slave to lurch and push her cunt harder onto Cori’s face.

Turning her head slightly to draw a quick breath, Cori breathed in the scent of another females arousal, and found it intensely stimulating. The smell, the taste rose up a wildness inside her, and she found herself ministering to the woman above her with rapt attention to detail. She latched onto Slaves clit, which was swollen and faintly pulsing just like a small prick, and sucked it, hard. Slave screamed her delight at this treatment, the echo of it sliding into Cori’s cunt, causing a near geyer of fluids to rush from each woman as their excitement mounted.

Tuned out to everything except for the honeyed cunt in front of her, Cori stabbed her tongue into the twitching folds, and began to fuck the dripping hole with it, then rolling her tongue, strawlike, she would suck deeply, drawing more moisture from Slave into her mouth. She slid her teeth up and grazed the swollen bud, then bit down, at first gently, then harder, causing Slave to treat her in a similar fashion. Cunt throbbing, Cori could feel her orgasm swelling, pulling her in a tidal wave of feelings, the suck and swirl of Slaves tongue were doing their job, and as she crested, she felt cum explode from inside her, even as Slave’s own cunt twitched and churned out her own orgasm. Licking and sucking, they consumed each other’s fluids frantically, until hands pulled them apart, and her Master’s cock slid into her aching cunt.

“So.Fuckin.Hot.You.Were.Amazing.”  He growled into her ear, staccatto fashion, as he ground his cock deeply into her. In moments he came inside her, and she noted, feebly, that Slave’s Master similarly engaged.  Spent, the couples lay side by side, panting.

With a high five slap of palms, the two men grinned at each other.

“Well, guess we’ll have to call that a ‘Draw’.  Hafta try that again sometime….” drawled Master Mike.

“oh. Ye-ah. And soon!”

The two women, sprawled, filled with their Masters’ cum in their cunts,as well each other’s taste in their mouths, looked at each other. Smiled. Oh. Yeah.