Don’t Stop…

“ooooo, don’t stop, ” she moaned softly into his ear as he moved deeply and slowly inside her wetness.

“mmmmmm” he responded, as softly as she. If she had opened her eyes at that moment, she would have seen the devilish light gleam in his eyes as he looked down at his slave.

She came, and came again. Moans, dripping wet holes, thrashing bodies dancing across the soft cotton sheets. The gleam of fresh cum across her lips , the flash of teeth capturing swollen nipples,  holding and tugging.

Hands capturing wrists, chains jingling in the dark. Subdued. Submitting. Contained rapture.

The buzz of the hitachi. She moaned…”ooooooo…can’t …cum…anymore…”

He spoke softly in the dark…

“tonight I told you  the first wish you made was my command to follow. You  told me, remember? ”

She moaned. Looked up at him through glazed eyes as he held the wand against her straining mons….

she remembered.

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