Camp Nekkink ch. 20

Corinne’s cunt was on fire. Not only was it raw from “Walking the Rope” , but the Ice ‘n Hot gel applied to the knots as they dragged through her sex slit burned like nothing she had ever felt there before. She looked up at him, nestled in his bear hug, gazing at him through slitted eyes, while her cunt burned. Even through the pain she adored him.

He reveled in her submission, her need to do all the tasks he set for her. Watching her, seeing how she thrived on submitting to his needs filled him. He thrived on her strength, for he knew it took strength to take what he doled out to her. Strength for what he expected her to let him do to her body, so that he could reach her soul.

He wanted her to describe the sensations swirling in her body to him. She  wanted to share them with him more intimately than mere words. Smart man that he was, he was not falling for any of her  “Please, please Master, fuck me now!” lines, knowing that her fuck hole was chock full of the gel. He  knew his dick would never forgive him if he drilled it deep  into his slut, transferring the tormenting stuff from her burning cunt  onto his shaft.  He might as well take a match to it, he mused, absently rubbing the member in question through his jeans.

“Tell me,”  He ordered her. “Tell me of your cunt-fire!”  He laughed. She glared. Then, she told him, using very short words.


” On.”

” Fire.”

” You.”

” Bastard.”

He tossed his shaggy hair back out of his face, and laughed.

“So, my slut, that must mean you are ready for the next challenge in the Slave Games?” She gave him a look that would have melted rock. Molten, likely just like her cunt was at this moment.  He leaned around her, looking at the floor between her feet.

“You might think you’re pissed, but sweet cunt, you are leaking. Again. How many times have you had to clean up the floor since you’ve been here? ” He gave her an amused look, laughing aloud when she too peered down, and saw the drips of her arousal, liquid evidence that her submission to even the most painful of tasks turned her on.

 The flush that whooshed down her cheeks and breasts was one that he had come to expect, and adore about her. Walk naked across a cunt high rope and not flush a bit, but see her own arousal dripping on the floor and …blush.   She was charming!

Tweaking one nipple, he turned her around and pushed her forward. When she reached a white line of tape across the floor, he pushed on her shoulder, indicating she needed to kneel. From behind her, she felt him re-fasten her wrist cuffs, locking her arms behind her, then her ankles. To further restrain her, a longer length of chain was attached from her ankles, through her wrist cuffs, and latched securely.  Although her nipples ached fiercely from being clamped earlier, he once more decorated her with the jingly clamps. He walked around her, admiring her. He did love to see his cunt kneeling and chained. He leaned close to her ear.

“I’m hoping you’ll have lovely black and blue nipples for me later, cunt,” he whispered, smiling at her grimace. “It will match the lovely  marks on your ass!”  he continued, poking the bruises on her round cheeks. She winced, he chuckled.

 “Such a lovely shade of blue on you, cunt. Now, be a good girl and make me proud!” 

 Gripping her chin, he kissed her firmly, his tongue dancing around her mouth, making her moan. He bit her pouty lower lip, then sucked the wounded bit into his mouth. His hand reached down to fondle her tit, making her bell jingle.  With a grin, He strolled away, to stand with a group of other Masters, watching the proceedings.

Cori was in the middle of  a group of 12 slaves, and the announcement came over the mic….

“Oral Fixation Challenge  …..Center Floor!”

The speaker sounded quite excited, but that didn’t always mean a good thing for a participant as she had cause to know. Or rather, as her still-burning cunt knew.  She wondered exactly what “oral fixation’  meant. Then, craning her neck a bit, she saw. Gaped. A Domme was going down the row of slaves, who were in positions similar to Cori’s, kneeling. She held a very large, fat dildo in her hands, marked in one inch increments. A condom was carefully smoothed over the dildo, and the first slave was told to “open and suck it up”. Slowly the dildo was stuffed into the slaves open mouth. How she managed to breathe was anyone’s guess, as there was not a sliver of room between the lips of the slave and the sides of the massive tool entering her mouth. One inch disappeared quickly, but then two inches, three, four. By now the slaves mouth was distended, and her eyes were widened too. At four and a half she was gagging, and attempting to  pull away. The Domme followed her, pushing steadily. Taking the resisting slaves head in her hand, she managed to force almost 5 inches of the super cock into the slaves resisting mouth. Using a black grease pencil, the Domme wrote “4.75” on the slaves forehead in big dark numbers.

Peeling off the condom, she reloaded the cock, and proceeded to the next kneeling slave. Despite the determined look on the slaves face , and her enthusiasm when the big cock was presented to her, her tiny mouth was no match for the giant dong, and a big black “3” embellished her forehead. Patting her cheek, the Domme spoke to her, in a voice that carried across the line,

“Well, little kitten, I’ll give you an A for effort!”  The Domme threw a look over her shoulder towards the knot of Masters, smiling at the Master who nodded at her.

On down the line the Domme came, until finally she stood before Cori. She, like the Domme from the earlier contest,  was another magnificent woman. Her tightly laced corset showed her body to advantage, her beautiful full tits rose above the top, the nipples pearled and hard. This was a woman enjoying her work; and the scent that wafted to Cori’s nose, on a level with the Domme’s cunt confirmed it.  She looked down at Cori, and Cori smiled up at her, before opening her mouth for the fresh-sheathed dildo. Her Master’s body had prepared her well for this challenge, she knew. 

The first three inches disappeared quickly, and as the fourth inch was pushed between her lips, she could feel the bulbous head starting to hit the back of her throat. She swallowed quickly, trying to relax the muscles in her throat and control her gag reflex.  The push was becoming more insistent, and another inch was forced deeper into Cori’s mouth. She looked for Master standing so far away, watched him watching her. There was a look of pride on his face, that his …cunt…yes, she could finally tell herself that this was what she was to this man, his cunt,  was doing this for him. Finally she broke eye contact with him, needing to concentrate on the rubber rod drilling deeply into her face hole.

 Her eyes began to tear up with the effort of receiving the mock cock deeply into the cavern of her mouth, and despite her trying to relax, she could feel her throat resisting any further forward motion. The Domme held the cock deeply in her throat, gazing just as deeply into Cori’s eyes. She felt the power of this sexy, female Mistress wash over her, hold her timelessly. Without being aware, another half-inch of cock was gently, persistently slipped into her openness. Gone was the burning in her cunt, replaced by the burn of the Dommes look into her own tearing, streaming eyes. When the beauty before her became blurry and her vision wavered, the dildo was withdrawn.

Turning to look at Cori’s Master for permission, the Domme took Cori’s chin and kissed her mouth, whispered, “lovely, lovely” and wrote a big black number on her forehead.

Cori was awash in sensation. She was tingly all over, her nipples, pinched and tormented in the clips were hard as they had ever been before. Blinking away the blinding tears, she stared at her Master, who was looking at her with an odd expression on his face. Tender and Master-y at the same time. Her cunt was churning and she knew it wasn’t the Ice ‘n Hot, but the total, complete feeling she embraced, submitting to the man across from her.

When all was done, Cori came in second place, as Master Chris’s slut was able to inhale nearly 7 inches of the dildo, topping Cori’s 6 1/2 by just a wee bit. Cori punched her new friend in the arm.

“Dammit, I almost had it, you slut!”

“Guess I’m the baddest slut, huh?!” teased Slave.

“Or the slut with the biggest hole to fill,” came  Master Chris’  voice from behind her, “one I’m more than ready to cram full of some nice hard meat.” Grabbing her by her hair, he slammed his lips onto hers, and Cori watched them, the persistent ache in her cunt now a sexual one, and wondered where her Master was. Chris and Slave had moved to the side of the room, not far from Cori, and she watched, unembarrassed now, as Chris pulled his very hard cock from his jeans, and rammed it into his Slave’s open and willing mouth.

“See something  you like, cunt?”

She turned as quickly as she was able, kneeling and shackled still. She cocked her eye at her Master.

“Obviously Master Chris has a well-trained Slave…I should have won that challenge, ” Cori pouted.

“Well then, I guess you need more practice, sweet cunt,” and without releasing her from her bonds, he released his throbbing cock from the confines of his jeans. It bobbed a bit in front of her face, and the ache in her cunt intensified, even as her mouth watered for a taste of him. Reaching for her, he gripped the sides of her head and pushing his cock forward, slipped between her lips and fucked her mouth. She vaguely heard him, concentrating as she was on pleasing him, as he murmured that her mouth was as hot as her cunt, that he was going to bang her face like it was a second cunt, that she was his wet, juicy slut. When he came, his cock buried deeply in her throat, she could feel each separate pulse as he spurted his seed into her stomach. He was clenching her head like it was a life ring, groaning as she sucked the last dewy drops of cum from his shaft, only releasing her head as she lapped at the length of him, cleaning him.

Reaching down, he wiped the number off of her forehead. Wrote something else. Smiled.