D/s the CD

She was bent over the dining room table, the table that in a few hours would hold her family as they gathered for Sunday dinner. Just now, however, it was her prison.

Her arms were bound to the legs on the far side of the table, not letting her slide backward, while her legs were stretched far apart and tied to the near side legs.

She felt his hand, wincing with every slap of His hand against her ass. Over and over again, first one cheek, then the other, until finally, blessedly, He stopped. She felt him move away, prayed that perhaps He was done, but at the sting of the leather strap, knew it was going to be quite awhile before He would release her.  Every three or four blows, she could feel His hand tracing across the welted lines that covered her lower body. Then the relentless movement of the hated strap would resume.  He fingered her slit, finding the wetness there, then lashed her folds with the strap, causing her to rise up and shout.

When He was done, He fucked her, His strokes hard in and out, and her wetness made a loud squishing sound as He pounded into her. He recorded the sounds of her, turning off the recorder as she began to moan and wail her orgasm. He felt her cunt clutching His cock, slowing His strokes to extend their pleasure, until finally He came inside of her.

Later, with family and friends gathered around the table that held their passion, the music he’d cut in around her cuntnoise flowed through the speakers in the dining room.

“I love your music!” His sister in law said.  His unique musical cd’s  graced many a meal here.

“I’m rather fond of it myself ,” He smiled, looking down the table at his cunt, and watched her blush.

Camp Nekking ch.21

Cori was tired, but exhilarated at the same time. She had done well with the  two challenges at Slave Games, coming in first at Cunt Rope Walking, and second at Oral Fixation. Who knew what devious challenge Master had signed her up for next. She was resting, a can of soda in her hand, half gone. Deep throat work was thirsty work!  She watched Master make his way across the room towards her, his impish grin clear warning that something wicked was coming her way!

He stopped a few feet away, holding out his hand, silently ordering her to come to him. Rising slowly, she grimaced when he pulled her firmly into him, mashing her sore bits and pieces purposely. She moaned when his fingers probed the deep purple bruise on her ass cheek, and she caught his grin.

“Beast,” she whispered, reaching up and tweaking his nipple.

“Feeling brave, cunt?” he asked, dangerously lazy. The gleam in his eye should have warned her, but too late. He grabbed her by the back of her hair, and rather than kissing her more than willing mouth, he bit her lower lip, hitting the exact spot he’d bitten earlier. She moaned, but he would not release the captured bit of flesh. She felt his tongue lap across it, then the sucking pull as he closed his lips around it. She moaned again, but there was heat mixed in with the hurt. Her hips pushed against his, wanting him. She felt his lips curl into a smile. He released her lip, puffy and darkening from his bruising bite. He rubbed his face against her soft cheek, nuzzling that sensitive spot just under her earlobe, and her hum vibrated against him as his lips softly cruised along her jaw and back up to her ear. He did love how she responded to all he gave to her, the pain and the pleasure. She was learning to love both, to accept his needs as her wants.

He led her across the room. All along the far wall was a series of rings. At various points, other slaves had been tied or cuffed securely. A long horizon of asscheeks, all sizes, all colors, and both sexes met her gaze as she turned to look while Master secured her likewise. Even old and young asses, she mused, knowing wryly that she was in the first category. She watched as Masters and Mistresses alike ran their hands down backs, pinched the backs of thighs, probed assholes or cunts, fondled caged cocks, tortured balls. The floor began to clear, and her Master moved away as the mic screeed on, and onlookers winced from the feedback.

“Whip contest begins in 5 minutes!” 

Cori started. Whips?! O.My.Fucking.Gawd. She didn’t sign up for that? Did she? She tried to meet her Masters’ gaze, but he was ignoring her, as the leather-clad Mistresses from yesterday and today passed down the line, attaching balloons to the slaves pinned to the wall. Cori wondered if an entomologist’s room would look like this, insects pinned helplessly to the wall. 

She watched as the Mistresses taped red balloons onto the backs, upper arms, asscheeks, thighs, and between the legs of each bound slave.  Ten balloons, affixed tightly to bound flesh.  She quivered involuntarily as the Mistress preparing her scraped a line down her back with one long fingernail.

“Remember me, sweet pet? You have one of the best mouths I’ve ever seen. I would love to have that mouth of yours working on my cunt. Perhaps your Master and I can come to some…” she paused, then her purring voice continued….”…some mutual agreement for our mutual satisfaction.”

Cori could only visualize the woman, for her head was bound facing the wall, but she remembered the beauty of the Mistress from earlier.  She could easily picture her lovely tits perched so high above the tight black corset, the swell of her ass, the scent of her cunt as she had forced a large dildo into Cori’s mouth. 

Was it only this morning that she had had her first woman to woman sexual experience?  She knew the woman before her would demand much, much more from her than Master Chris’s slave had, and the thought of it caused her own cunt to pulse with desire. A shiver ran down her spine as the Mistress smoothed the balloon on her lower back, then caressed Cori’s smooth round ass.She felt the brush of a breast against her side, as yet another balloon was attached to her.  The Mistress’ lethal fingernails gave Cori’s ass a firm pinch, making her jump, and her throaty laugh sounded wonderfully enticing.

“mmmmm, later, little one, I think I will be certain to speak to Master Dave about you when you are done here.” The Mistress finished applying the balloons over Cori’s backside, between her spread legs, and at the top of her thighs. Her hand snaked up and cupped Cori’s large breast, teasing the nipple to sudden hardness, pulling  and squeezing the nub firmly. Cori felt lips on her shoulder, and a fingernail scraped through her slit, across  her clit. A soft moan escaped her lips, and she turned her head as much as she was able, to make eye contact. Smiled shyly. The Mistress looked at her, unsmiling, but Cori saw the smoldering heat in her gaze. Then, the glorious, powerful woman  moved away, after giving Cori a  gentle pat on her ass. Cori saw her pass the balloon-securing task to another, and watched the beautiful Domme’s ass swing and sway as she made her way over to talk to Master. The two heads drew together, and Cori admitted, she was getting very wet, knowing what Mistress was proposing to Master, and wondering if he would allow the Mistress to have her. She watched as they smiled at each other, the Mistress’s hand sliding down from Master’s shoulder, to pat him on his ass. There was a lot of ass patting going on here! Oh. My!  Excitement shivered through her.

Her excitement dimmed a bit as she watched Master pick up a long, fierce-looking whip from those offered by a staffer. He flexed the whip a bit, looking directly at her for the first time since leaving her tied to the rough pine boards of the Lodge. 

The mic screeed and hissed, then came the announcement that Cori dreaded.

“Places, everyone, spectators, please clear the area or you may be an unintentional ” a pause, a light smattering of laughter…”playpartner.”

“The Rules are as follows. Break all the balloons first and your team wins! Easy, Peasy!”

“Yeah, right,” thought Cori, eyes screwed tightly shut, “easy for you to say, you damned idjiot!”

“Ready, Steady…”

“Oh holy shit!!!!” Cori felt her entire body drawing up, tensing….


The sound of the first whip blow was loud, and  nearly simultaneous, as arms flashed downward heading for the red balloons. Groans, gasps, two screams erupted as whips met flesh, but Cori just grunted, accepting the blow.

Her master smiled  with pride. His second stroke caught the right distance, force and speed, and there was a loud “POP” when his blow broke the first balloon in the line of tethered slaves.

Wagers were being placed, the raucous sound of laughter, and in a brief moment of silence the splatter of some liquid, piss or cum, Cori didn’t know, but the sound was overloud. Seven of her balloons were gone, her flesh was welted and she swore her body had been lit with a blowtorch. She hunkered down her shoulders at the warning whistle of the whip, but since she didn’t know where he was aiming, and she couldn’t really brace for the blow. She moaned as the fierce lash sliced across her tortured ass, moaned again as the balloon broke with a snap.

“Eight down, two to go,”  she thought through gritted teeth.  As incredible as it seemed, she could feel wetness on the balloon between her thighs. It was wet from her juices. She was one sick cunt, that was for certain. She hated this. She loved this. His dominance over her body, her mind was nearly overwhelming, and she was coming to crave more, and still more from him. Again the whistle of the lashing whip, again the pop and snap of latex.  She knew where that last whip lash was heading. She couldn’t take it. She couldn’t, wouldn’t bear it…

..and before she could open her mouth to beg him to stop, it was done! With a sizzle and pop, the balloon snapped onto her cunt, eliciting her first and only scream. She jumped as much as she was able, throwing herself against the rough planked walls, and cried.

The mic screamed to life.

“Ladies and Sirs, we have a winner. For the third year in a row, Master Dave has taken the Whipping  Prize…or rather, his slave has! ” Laughter erupted, but Cori was nearly deaf to the noise. She felt a probing at her ass, and moaned, deep and low. A cold sensation gliding across the wetness then slipping back to her anus, pushing.

“First prize,” he whispered in her ear, “a stainless steel butt plug, size medium!” and he pushed it home.