Bad Ass

He backed her across the room by her hair. His hand was fisted deeply in her tresses, causing her to wince and moan with the shock and pain of his sudden move on her. She knew she had been overstepping her boundaries of late, and he’d for certain given her the rope to hang herself with. When she told him that she’d be late for their meeting, that she was stuck in traffic, he told her that she should have planned better, she apologied, but apparently that was no longer going to cut it. 

“Seems to me I’ve been hearing “i’m sorry Master” quite a bit from those red lips of yours,” he growled into her ear. She was silent, tears forming and falling silently. He pushed her onto the bed, curtly ordered her to lift her short skirt and bare her bottom. She waited, tense and breathless for the first blow to fall. There was nothing. She wanted to peek, to see what he was doing back there, but wasn’t quite daring enough. The silence was deafening, the anticipation, made her shiver with a combination of fear, and lust. She could faintly hear the sounds of traffic in the street below, and her own ragged breathing. She could have been alone in the room for all she knew. But she knew better.

Against the silence of the room, the  rasp of a zipper was loud and shocking. His quiet footfalls came closer to where she lay on the bed, a supplicant to his every desire.

“What are you?” he asked, quietly.

“your slave, Master,” she responded.

“Who’s slave?”

“Your’s Master, always Yours.”

She felt a pressure against her anus, knew he was putting a butt plug in her ass, prayed it wasn’t the big one. It was.  This one was slippery, and he’d used a good amount of lube on it. It had a tendency to pop out at inappropriate times, which was humilating.

“Be sure to hold this in, tight.” he ordered, and then began spanking her. Over and over again his hand struck her ass. It went from warm glow to burning embers, to omg won’t He ever stop. His delivery was measured, unhurried. This was going to last awhile, and she couldn’t push away from the pain, for she might lose her hold on the butt plug. Squeezing down on the plug tightened her cheeks and intensified the blows. The lube added to the challenge, which is what he’d planned from the beginning, she knew.  She cried, she begged, she whimpered at the agony of her ass. Finally, he was done. Flipping her skirt down over her glowing asscheeks, he crossed the room and picked up his suitjacket.

“Let’s go out for dinner, pet.”

She looked at him, reproachful. She really needed to be fucked, her cunt was wet and wanting, and her asshole was stretched and hurting. She did not want dinner. She wanted the plug out. She wanted Him inside her. 

“And dancing.” He smiled at her, held out his hand.

It was all about him.

It was time she remembered it.




for Tightly Bound…just because I said I would….nilla


He had no idea what to expect. She’d glided into the room, patted him on his shoulder, told him to rise and follow Her upstairs. Always hopeful that this would be the day she would let him inside of Her, let him cum buried deeply in Her sweet cunt, he followed his Mistress, smiling. He loved to watch Her ass as She moved up the stairs, imagined Her smooth curves, the pouting cuntlips. Envisioned licking and suckling those lips, making Her croon with delight. Just thinking about it caused his cock to twitch hungrily, and the rising tide of lust was quickly attacked by the teeth around his ‘guilded cage’ as She called the chastity device he wore.  He gritted his teeth against the pain, then, letting it well up through his cock, into his balls, through his midsection, he embraced the pain. He got such a rush from just being horny, but perhaps this time She would let….

His musing thoughts came to an abrupt end as She opened the bedroom door.

“Get dressed.” Her order was  given in silken tones, but firm.  He looked on the bed where She was pointing…but all he saw was a dress, and heels and…wait! These things were waaaaay too large for Her…he stopped, stared at Her in disbelief. Shook his head, ‘no,no,no…Mistress, please no!” he knelt at Her feet, pushing his head into Her crotch, but She pushed him away.

“Dress, or be punished.”  She turned towards their bathroom. Turned Her head to look over Her shoulder at him. “And then, after your punishment, you’ll be dressed in that, anyway.”

He was alarmed. He had always had this fantasy of dressing up in drag, but to do this, and go out in public? What if someone he knew saw? He looked again at the closed bathroom door, then stood, resigned, and began to remove his clothing.

He sat at Her dressing table, as She expertly made his face up.

“You’re one pretty thing!”  She cooed at him, enjoying the flush that rose to his cheeks. She finished applying the lipliner, handed him the scarlet tube of lip paint and watched while he slowly, painstakingly applied it. He stood at Her gesture, the skirts of the long black dress swirling around his ankles, while the strappy black shoes raised him even higher than his normal 5’8″. Still, he did make a nice looking woman, if he did say so himself.

“I dunno,” he said, dubiously, looking at himself in the mirror. “Does this dress make my ass look big?” She laughed, then took his arm and led him downstairs and to the car. In the car, She bound his ankles and his wrists with matching  black silk scarves.

“It’s all in the accessories, sweetling”  She said with a wink. He could feel his cock swelling as She leaned across him, fastening his seat belt. She knew exactly what was happening, and smiled at him, brushing Her lips lightly across his exposed chest.

“Love your boobage, ” She said with a wink. He looked down. He supposed it was an impressive chest, but he really preferred his Mistress’ …boobage.

“I like yours, better,”  he said with a smile, catching an eyeful of Her beautiful tits.

“How’s Our cock feeling?”  She asked, rubbing Her hand over his caged flesh. “Having some serious hard-on there, aren’t you? That’s going to hurt, you know!”  And She laughed and withdrew from the car. He groaned. His cock was throbbing. Between Her outrageous teasing, and the teeth of the cage, he was in for a very long, painful night.

She got into the driver’s side of the car, and headed out-of-town. He knew better than to ask where they were going, not that She’d tell him anyway. After a 30 minute drive, they pulled into the driveway of a lovely home. He knew they were in the ‘burbs, but not exactly where. There were 6 or 7 other cars in the driveway and parked along the edge of the front lawn. She came around the car, and released his seatbelt, and his ankle tie. She took the scarf that had bound his legs, and wrapped it around his eyes, careful not to smudge his makeup, She told him. He grimaced. He felt Her hand on his arm, guiding him from the car, up the walkway to the front door. From inside was the sound of music, laughter, and voices.

“Play party” he mused, silent. “And I’m in drag.” He wondered what he was in for. He felt the whoosh of air as the front door was whisked open, and a woman’s voice greeting Mistress.

“Oh, you brought….your pet!” the woman exclaimed happily. “It’s going to be such a fun night!”

When his headscarf was finally removed, he found himself in a room, a lovely living room he supposed, but what held his attention was the man, suspended over the coffee table, his toes barely touching the slick, glossy surface. His arms were in prayer position behind his back, his body suspended by a girdle of ropes running between his legs, around his torso. His cock was tortured in a similar way as his own, and most amazing of all was the woman who was rhythmically fucking his ass. Out on the swing away, in on the swing back. The dildo was HUGE and the man gasped each time it entered his rectum, and his cock twitched, causing him to moan and groan.

In the dining room, another man was bent over the table, and was being fucked by a Domme with a strap-on.  He was led past this sight too, and his cock was twitching in a combination of fear and exhilaration.

She led him to the kitchen. Tied him to the island, bent over, and flipped up his skirt. The thigh high stockings were now visible, causing a great stir in the kitchen.

She hollered in Her best ‘c’mon and get it voice’  “Hey Girls, I brought dessert!”