FFF challenge 12 His Girl Monday

“What now” she sighed to herself,  looking up at him as he stood in the doorway, glowering at her. His frown was formidable.

“You forgot to send the memo to Clark and Co. letting them know I was pulling out of the deal.”

Uh Oh, that was a big mistake, a HUGE mistake.

“I’m, so-so-sorry, Mr. Smith,” she stammered, knowing he hated inefficiency.

“This is your  third mistake this month.”  The expression on his face did not bode well for her.

 “Come.”  He  gestured her into his office, pointed to his desk.

She bent over it, her creamy ass exposed and vulnerable. He used the leather paddle. She hated the leather paddle. She counted each blow aloud, until she was gasping, and tears welled, spilling down her face and dripping onto his desk.

“e—i–ghty  eight….” she gasped out the number in anguish. She tried to pull  away but she was tied tightly, unable to move away from the steadily descending paddle.

“Oh, oh….!”  She moaned.   Could she take the full three hundred strokes he had promised her?

“Please, please Sir, mercy!”  she cried out. The hand stopped, mid-swat. His voice, dark and ominous came from above her.

“You had something else in mind?”  he growled at her.

“Anything…anything else, please Sir,” she whimpered.

The sound of a zipper was loud in the sudden silence of the room.  Without further ado, his cock drove into her asshole.  Sitting and typing for the rest of  the day was going to be a very difficult prospect indeed.