fff wk 13 Super Slut


What’s a poor Superhero to do? Already today she’d serviced Superman, Batman *and* Robin, the little pervert, and Wonder Woman. Oh, that one…she just never got enough rug munching.

She knew she really needed to get changed out of her working gear before some regular bloke saw her, sitting here, exhausted. But even Super Sluts get tired. All she really wanted was a warm bath, with some Dom, and a massage.

“Can I help you, miss?” came a voice very near her ear.

She opened her eyes with a start. She’d not even heard him approaching! Gah, She was seriously off her game tonight.

“oh, uh, no, no, I’m fine,” she replied, “really. Just…a bit …tired.”

“Your shoulders look quite tense to me. How about you lean forward a bit, and let me slip behind you and give you a brief rubdown?”

He seemed a harmless type, and he wasn’t even oogling her still-bare breasts.  Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt just this one time, to be seen by a mortal, helped by one.

“Oh, well, uh, if you’re certain you don’t…mind?” she replied, a bit hesitantly.

“Not a problem. You look beat.” He held up his hands, front, then back. “See, clean! No tricks here, Miss, just a treat.”

She shuffled forward a bit and felt the warmth of his body behind her. His strong hands settled on her shoulders, smoothing her skin softly, teasing her nape with a light touch, then sliding gently down the slopes of her shoulders. Over and over again his palms eased across her flesh…now sliding forwards, then cupping her throat, her nape. She felt his breath on her hair, and was that the briefest of kisses? Her eyes fluttered shut, her body relaxed, pliant as she gave herself over to the relaxing pleasure this stranger was giving to her.

She never felt the wrist cuffs go on, woke only when his hands began to cup and fondle her breasts, as her breath rasped through a throat suddenly gone dry with lust…

“I have you now, my beauty!” He crowed softly in her ear. “Sitting here at the Wishing Bench, you wished for a  massage.  And a Dom.”

She gasped! Oh no! She’d been caught, finally, by the Genii’s double-edged wishing bench….

“Wait…where’s the Bubble Bath I wished for?” she asked, pouncing on him verbally, for she could not struggle with her arms cuffed behind her.

He scooped  her up in his strong arms, nuzzled her breast with his mouth, drawing a moan from her.

“Later,” he murmured, “much, much later, my dear.”

There was a flash of light, a puff of smoke. When it cleared, they were gone.

Later it is said, came the mysterious sounds of giggles and splashing water. But that is a story for another day!