Camp Nekkink, ch. 23

The Bonfire was over. Dancing done. True to her promise to Master, she had danced like a woman possessed. And she had been, she supposed. Possessed of a need for him greater than her need for food, or water, perhaps even, of breath.  She was his playtoy, his painslut, molded by his hands to be so. 

Camp had given her a taste of most everything she had ever wondered about. Nothing she read on the internet, on blogs, on sex sites had prepared her for this experience. The fire on her ass from her earlier whipping was nothing compared to the fire that burned, pulsing deeply between her legs. The fire of want. The fire of need. She was his living flame, and the wetness that glistened on  her  inner thighs was not likely to put out the flame, but to fan them to greater heights.

Master Michael had been there, sitting next to her Master. She knew they were good friends, but she still was wary of the sullen-seeming Master. He was very harsh to her earlier, and her mouth had gotten her in trouble with him, and earned her a spanking, which still rankled.  She had seen his eyes traveling down her body, watching her tits dance and writhe  as she moved to the music of the bonfire. She watched as he and Master inclined heads together and smiled. Laughed. Pointed. The jerks. In that  moment , she felt like a side of beef at the market. A thing.  Objectified. Oogled. She hated that.  And yet, the swollen slickness between her legs belied her womans lib attitude. She may have hated it on the top of her mind, but deep inside, where her darkest desires hid, she knew, or more precisely, her cunt knew, that she wanted to be wanted. To be used. To be His toy.

Later, Master Chris had joined them. By then she was deep into her slut dance, feeling the beast uncurling inside her, and she noticed little else than her Master, his arm braced against his bent  knee, watching her intently. From that angle she could not see his crotch, but she believed she knew what she would find if she came over and lay her face into the center of him.

He signalled her to come over, ending her dance. Lust curled in her belly, brought her  nipples to full aching hardness. He reached up, jingled one bell, then pulled the clamps from her. Her moan of mixed pain and passion made him smile, and he looked at the wetness leaking from her.  Rising, he grasped her upper arm, and steered her through the darkness towards their campsite.

She was surprised when they arrived. Trailing behind them were Masters Michael and Chris. And her friend Slave was here! She had lit lamps and the area glowed softly against the dark mantle of night. The sound of crickets  and the soft whine of mosquito’s accompanied Cori’s deep, ragged breathing.  The scent of water from the nearby pond permeated the air, but strongest of all was the scent of her. Her overheated sex was pouting with desire, and her juices filled the clearing with the aroma of wanton woman. As they passed the picnic table, Cori noted that Slave had spread several sleeping bags around the ground, all connected.

Master pointed to the bedding.  She went, hesitated, looked over her shoulder, questioning him, silently. He continued to point. She lay down. Watched as all three Masters slowly divested themselves of their clothing. Three very hard cocks sprang into her view. Three hungry Masters stared down at the sexy slut that had just put on a performance worthy of any pole dancer.

“Tonight, slut, we’re going to make you air-tight,” said her Master, as he came to lay beside her.  She watched Master Chris go over to his Slave, and give her directions, quietly.

“Master Michael wants your mouth, and I expect you to please him as you have pleased me so well with that sweet mouth of yours.” He stroked her tits, pulling on her bruised nipples, smiling at her wince. He continued, “I will take your lovely ass. You’ve been stretching it all afternoon for me, and I’ve been looking forward to sliding that plug out of you, and replacing it with my cock. That leaves your cunt for Master Chris. His slave will also play with you, and us.  Clean you up between rounds.  When all three of us are buried to the hilt in you, sweet cunt, you’ll be fully “airtight”!  Again, and again, sweet pet, until each of us have used all of your holes.”   He smiled. A hungry smile. Like a wolf.

She liked wolves.