Letters part 1.

She always hated when her Sir was away. This time it was a business trip to Miami. He’d been gone 5 days already, with four more to go until his return. She was so needy for him. Despite their texts, phone talks and emails, it was never the same as his hands,  demanding and strong on her body.

He’d given her a delicious spanking before he left. Her ass still bore the marks from that last time together. When she was lonely she would rub her ass softly, remembering his hands on her flesh. She had cried, the pain in her ass commingling with the pain in her heart. He was leaving and there was nothing she could do about it. Submit, as always, to his demands. Wear that dress on Monday. Masturbate for me on the cam.  Kneel and think of me each morning before your first cup of tea. Do your exercises.  And she did. She was making it through. Barely.

He knew how hard these separations were on her. She was a needy slut. Not just the sex, although he loved how needy she was in bed. On the couch. Across the table. He smiled, remembering the blowjob she finished just before the taxi pulled up to take him to the airport.   His cum on her lips, her beautiful face tipped up to him.  He’d mailed the letters from his destination. They would help her over the last days until his return. He could hardly wait for the fun to begin!

She got the large manila envelope four days before he was due to come home. She recognized his writing immediately, and dropping all the other mail to the carpet, she opened it swiftly, hands shaking in her eagerness to touch something his hands had been on. Inside the envelope were 5 white envelopes. The first one said Friday. That was today! Before she opened it, she checked the others…yes, there was one for each day before he came home…but there was an extra. She thumbed through them again. Friday, Saturday, Sunday Monday, Monday. Oh! The second “Monday” had a time on it…3:30 p.m.

She ripped open the one for today.

                  Good Morning, pet. I’m certain you’re in a  stew now, just about ready to be all weepy because I’m not there to administer corrective measures. Stop. No tears now. Are you dressed for work? Go change. I want to know you are in your black miniskirt, the white blouse with the black dots on it (the one with the luscious view of your cleavage) and your black, backless sandals. Heavy eye make up today, and the coral lipstick you know I like.

When you come home tonight, immediately disrobe at the front door. Lay on the carpet and masturbate yourself to an orgasm for me, then text me and let me know how it was in 3 words or less.

Eat your dinner, then you may watch some television for an hour, then an early bed. I’ll be on the computer at 9. Take care of my slut. I plan to use you hard when I get home.


Oh Gosh! She had just a few minutes before she needed to leave for work. She bolted upstairs and changed into the outfit he ordered. All through the day she thought of him. Even when Evan the Geek from Payroll almost drooled on her tits. Maybe even more, then.  Her cunt was soft, warm, and gently drooling all day. She barely made it into the house before she was nude. Clothing strewn across the hallway, she almost threw herself on the living room floor and had a wild orgasm in a very short time.

Flushed with her tingling success, she texted three words to him. Oh. My. Gawd.

They laughed about it when they had computer time later that night. She slept well, and woke, refreshed. She missed him, but the prospect of another letter waiting for her downstairs sustained her.  She knelt in posture, focused on Him for the allotted time, then made her way downstairs, naked. As the teapot heated, she ran to the front hall table and took up the letter marked “Saturday”.  There were two pages to today’s letter. One was her letter. The other had a heading on it. Uh Oh. It read “Chore List” and it must’ve had 10 things listed on it, in his neat, bold handwriting. She turned to her letter.

Dear pet,

I know you did well yesterday, and know that I am proud of you. Your devotion is noted, and will be appreciated upon my return home. In the mean time, this being Saturday, you have no work outside the house. It’s time to get to that “to do” list you’re always saying you need to work on. I will expect that every item on the list will be accomplished today. Also, not on that list, is your masturbation time. At noon, I want you to go outside, lay in the hammock, and masturbate yourself to two orgasms. I don’t care how long it takes to get to number 2, you will remain in that hammock until you do. Oh, and no going pee beforehand. That should serve to intensify your reactions. You may have your potty break *after* your 2nd orgasm, as well as your lunch. Text me when you are done. One word. Then it will be back to your chores.

Tonight I epect you will be tired. You will have had a busy day. Take a long soaking bath, and be on the computer by 930 p.m.

That’s my good girl.


She was intimidated by the size of the list, but what else would she do anyway, with him gone. The idea of masturbating at noon, outside, now that was certainly going to hang on her mind all morning!

She forgot he had told her not to pee, and had drank several glasses of iced tea as she worked her way through the list. By noon she really, really needed to pee, but she was also very turned on. She slid out of her shorts and tank top, and went outside to the hammock. Nestling into the swinging sheath was interesting, and the rope bit deliciously into her back and ass. Finding a good position to pleasure herself and not fall out was a challenge, but eventually she got the hang of it. Her first orgasm came quickly, her cries muffled, the hammock swinging gently with her ministrations. The second O was longer in coming, and she worked, rested, feeling the desperate need to pee nearly overtaking her excitement at doing this naughty deed outdoors. Eventually her clit overpowered her bladder, and she turned her chin skyward and keened out her release. Panting, she opened her eyes, squinting against the glare of the midday sun. She thought she saw the curtains twitch at the Campbell’s house next door. Could they have seen…..her blush covered her entire body, as she flung herself out of the hammock, and ran for the house. After emptying her bladder, she text messaged one word to him.


That night, when she fell into bed, she was exhausted, as He had said she would be. Again she slept soundly. Her Master was taking such good care of her!