Nilla Note

I’m having vanilla company for the Holiday, and wife will be home Tuesday thru Sunday so….I’ve been a writing freak for several days, and new stories will be here each day when you visit here…including part 2 of the Letters story, and hopefully another (last?) chapter of Camp Nekkink., but I’ll not be replying to comments etc until next Monday…I’ll also be behind on your blogs, too, which makes me all sad-faced!

As always, I hope you enjoy my fantasies, and if you have something naughty that you have a fantasy about, be sure to leave me a comment about it (or send an email)  …you can get to me at :   Just think…your fantasy could become one of  my stories.  I’m always on the lookout for new ‘kinks’ to perk my fantasy meter. That goes for you Domly ones out there as well…I know you’re reading, and I’m sure you have fantasies too….hmmm? Share!    Of course, if you email me, I will be glad to keep your fantasy anonymous if you so desire!

Nilla waves….have a good holiday!  Be good..naw…be bad…be very, very bad….. and have fun!

hugs n’ smoochies!


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