The Letters pt 2.

Sunday morning. The birds sang merrily. The sun shone brightly. Still she slept on. Eventually, the sheet slipped from her nude body, and the light breeze blowing in the open window  puckered her nipples, and aroused her. With a moan, her hand caressed the tight bud, and she came slowly awake from the ache in her breast.  She’ d dreamt of Him, and now, awake and lonely, she had only the throbbing between her legs. No Sir to give her an early morning tumble. No Sir to bite hard on her nipples, spurring her to darker and deeper passions. No Sir to spank her ass and tell her to get going….wait!  The letters!  She’d forgotten all about them!

She leapt from the bed, nearly falling as her foot tangled in the discarded sheet. Righting herself, she paused, giggled, then dashed down the stairs. She reached the sideboard for the letter marked Sunday and ripped it open. She read the note, and smiled and shook her head. He was amazing. He knew her so well….

good morning, pet. I see you slept late today. You don’t have time to get yourself into a funk. You have chores to do around the house, the same ones you do every Sunday. Iron my shirts. Press your skirts. Clean the bathroom stall. I expect no less from you while I’m away then I would if I were right there behind you.

When you have finished, you may relax with the paper for an hour. Then do your marketing. You’ll be busy the rest of the week and today will be a good day for it. I had thought to have you trim the hedge naked, but frankly I worried that I’d come home and find you nipple-less. That disturbed me. So, instead, I want you to clean out the fridge. It will be much safer. Of course, I’ll expect you to do this naked. I will smile thinking of your tight, chilled nipples. Oh, and perhaps you should put the clamps on them. Yes, do. The ones with the double strand of chain between them. They look so sensuous on your lovely tits. Be sure to capture the look with a photo and upload it to your blog. Your readers will enjoy that as well as I.

No television tonight pet. I’ll want you on the computer early, as I plan on watching you play as I direct you. It will be an enjoyable evening. I’ll see your picture on the blog by 4 p.m. and you on the computer by 6.

Be sure to pull those chains for me as you scrub that fridge!

Enjoy, pet. I know I will.


She shivered. Oh, how she hated cleaning the fridge. Today was no way as warm as yesterday, judging by the chill wind that had awoken her. Cleaning the fridge naked would be a challenge!

She scurried off to do His bidding. By the end of the day, she was happy to know that she’d accomplished all of His chores, and the house positively gleamed. What a great way to start the work week, all the nasty things were done, and when he came home tomorrow, she knew he’d be pleased, too.

The shrill call of the alarm clock announced it was Monday at last! Even though she had to work today, her day would pass quickly. She knew she’d be home by 3 p.m. today, as she’d arranged to have the early time off and Tuesday as well. She showered, dried her hair, then decided she’d best go read her first Monday letter to find out if he wanted her dressed a certain way. He’d made no mention of it last night when they were on the computer together…then again, they both been pretty well occupied masturbating for each other….she smiled as she headed downstairs.

Good Monday Morning, pet. You’ve had a very busy weekend, but I am very proud of all your accomplishments. I know you would not disappoint me intentionally.

 Today I want you to wear your white dress to work. I know you worry about soiling it, nonetheless, that will set off your beautiful tits nicely. No underwear, either pet. I want to think of you, of your sopping wet cunt and your nipples rubbing themselves raw against that linen dress.

 I also want you to use the small butt plug. The aluminum one that stays in…see I’m not completely heartless! Keep that in you all day, pet. Think about my pulling it out tonight and filling your ass with my cock. Maybe I’ll even sleep with my cock buried deeply in your anus. I’m amused at the thought of your ass keeping my cock  nice and warm, squeezing me tightly as you shift, my arms wrapped about you, keeping you still. That’s a lovely thought, isn’t it?

Enjoy your day, pet!


She hugged the letter to her chest. She was so turned on by the thought of his demands on her. Even with the distance between them, his hold on her was palpable. Gods how she adored him.

At three o’clock, she staggered home from work. She’d been busy, which helped the time to pass, but with every movement, her tits rubbed against the top and her nipples were abraded, sore and nearly raw. She could hardly wait to get the damned dress off! Not to mention her cunt was steaming hot, and her ass was not helping, adding to the frenzy of lust that was consuming her every thought. There was no sub-space here. No, right now it was pure, elemental animal sex. She needed it, needed Him. She dashed into the house and grabbed up the letter that said Monday 3:30p.m. She checked her watch.  Seven minutes to go. Sure, she could open it early. But she knew that he would know. How, she wasn’t quite sure. He could read her like a book. A dirty book! Nervously she paced to the kitchen. Opened the cleaned refrigerator. Checked to be certain the dark ale he preferred was in the front. Checked on dinner in the crockpot. Everything was good. The house was spotless. She however, was a wreck. She jiggled in place. She needed to be fucked!! She paced back into the living room. Back, through the dining room. Ran upstairs and checked the computer. Ran back downstairs. One minute left. She counted the seconds on her watch and at the exact moment it said 3:30 she tore open the envelope.

hello pet.

She turned the paper over. Re-read the front. What??? She bent over to retrieve the envelope from the floor.

“Now that’s what I call a welcome home!” Her  eyes widened with shock and pleasure. She rose, turning towards him. Grasping her chin with his large hand, he pulled her  face to his. His hand slid from her chin to tangle and twine in her hair.  His lips claimed her, branding her with the searing fire generated between them. When he finally relinquished her mouth, her lips were swollen, her eyes glazed with need.

He reached behind her neck, releasing the catch on the halter of the dress, and tore it off of her.

“I’ve always hated this dress. I could hardly wait to come home and rip it from you, ” he chuckled aloud.

She smiled. He was home. All was well in her world once more.

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