Flash Fiction Friday Week 14 The Piano Man

She’d seen him at the piano in the pub where she and her girlfriends went each Friday night for drinks after work. He played the usual numbers, keeping the crowd happy and drinking. They had made eye contact on numerous occasions. Once she sat beside him. He asked her if she played. She said ‘no’, but he came right back and told her that he knew she was a player. She smiled, then slid away through the crowd.

Now, here she was. He’d called her work and posed himself as a client. Asked specifically for her. She went to his loft, prepared to be business-like, but her cunt was clenching, and wet. Her nipples, engorged. Her breath, tight. 

He’d met her at the door. Told her to strip. She stared at him, truly shocked. And completely turned on. He told her again. Firmly.

“Little girl, strip now, or go.” She shivered. The tone of his voice, and his calling her little girl sent shock waves directly to her cunt. He directed her to sit on his piano bench. On her knees.

He sat across the room. She felt his eyes on her ass. Inspecting. Taunting her with his smile when she turned her head to watch him. Finally, he rose. Stroked her milky skin.

“Now it’s time to make you sing,” he told her, as he slowly fingered  the strings on the tawse. She shuddered. On the first stroke, she came. On the second stroke, she came undone. On the third stroke, her head came forward and a chord came from the piano as she bowed her head on the keyboard. Again a stroke, again a chord, over and over they played . There, the  soft grunt as he stroked the tawse on her upturned ass, here, the notes from the piano, until finally,  her voice raised in ululation as her body erupted, her juices pouring from her, her ass glowing.

His cock was hard and ready. He slid deeply into her sopping sheath. His thrusts caused her to cum again. Again she raised her voice to the heavens. He pounded into her willing body, groaning as he came deeply inside of her. She keened. He moaned. The piano chimed.

 He had known they’d make beautiful music together.

6 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Week 14 The Piano Man

    • me too…i get all squishy and submissive when my Sir calls me that! Had to work it into the story since it hits me so hard on my submissive bone! Happy FFF!!


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