Camp Nekkink Ch 24 (Fini)

Cori sat at her computer keyboard. Stared at the screen before her. It was still grey. No New Mail. Fuck. She stuck her tongue out at the monitor. Shook her head in disgust at herself. What had she expected, after all?

The long weekend at Camp Nekkink resonated in her mind, her body, her spirit. She still had a few faint bruises, notably one on her ass that she might have until New Year’s Day at this rate. Maybe that was an exaggeration, since it was only late September, but. Oh, the buts. She was so changed now, from the woman she’d been as she driven into the campground geared for the kinky set. She missed walking around naked, and in fact, did quite a lot of it when she was home.  She’d bought a set of nipple clamps with chains, but it wasn’t the same when you fastened them on yourself. She was much more careful of their placement than her Master had been. Well, to amend that, he was careful…careful to put them where they’d hurt the most! And that’s where the rush was.

She remembered that Sunday morning as if it were yesterday, waking in a tangle of arms and legs. A tangle that contained 3 men, a slave woman, and herself. There had been much hedonistic pleasure that night, some of it was just a blur now. Hands seeking flesh to probe, squeeze, open, or pull upon. Mouths, now biting, now licking, now sucking firmly. Groans, whimpers, the sounds of bodies slapping together. The smell of sex hanging in the air, surrounding them. They had awoken within minutes of each other, smiling and groaning as bruised flesh moved and flexed. Cori had been shocked to realize that there were an equal number of women to men, that Mistress Andi had joined them sometime in the night. She remembered eating cunt, she thought she did, anyway, but had assumed it was Master Chris’ girl, Slave.  They had shared a communal breakfast, with Cori and Slave preparing and serving the food. Master had made her lay down and put the food on her belly for him to lick off. That had started a fresh round of sex, and it was nearly noon before the six of them, 4 sated Dom/mes and 2 exhausted sluts parted. Master helped her take apart her tent, pack up her few things, and load them down to her car.

At the car, he’d taken her face in his two big hands, and pulling her firmly to him, kissed her with great tenderness and passion.

“This is not the last you will see of me, sweet cunt,” he had promised her. Then, he swiftly and skillfully brought her to an orgasm. Right there, leaning against her car.  Pushed his fingers into her cunt. Sawed deeply into her, pushing her back into the door, and pistoned his hand back and forth until she literally erupted on him. Breathless, she had leaned back against the car, his body the only thing holding her upright. He held her body close to his, and she recovered to the sound of his steadily beating heart. Gently he pulled away from her, kissed her softly on her mouth. Putting her into the car, he had ruffled her hair, and sent her home.

They’d exchanged emails. At first, several a day. Then her obligations and his had caused the flood to run to a stream, then a trickle. Now it had been 10 long days, and no reply to her last three emails. She sounded desperate. She hated that. She was not a needy bitch.

She rose from the computer. She wasn’t. Was she? Perhaps she would find out about a “munch” in her area. She was certain the City had at least one group. She could work up her courage and attend. How did one go about finding a Dom anyway? It’s not like one was just going to arrive on her doorstep and say “Hi honey, get naked so I can whale on your ass!” She wished.

She shook her head, annoyed at herself. And frustrated. Her self-pleasuring staved off the worst of the need, but it was always there, a pulsing, pounding need in her, to go deeper, darker. She loved the helpless feeling of the ropes binding her to his will. She loved that he took her further, higher, harder than anyone had ever dared before. She loved the challenges he forced her to face.

Making her way downstairs, she started the teapot and began to put away the dishes from last night. It had been nice to see her sons and daughter-in-law again. She was going to pop out that grandbaby any day now! Sheesh. A Grammy. She sighed deeply, patted her belly. Hefted her left tit. She still had it. She nodded to herself. She squeezed her nipple gently. Sighed again. This just wasn’t working. She was heading for depression alley, and that wasn’t going to do her any good at all.

Once the dishes were done, she made her tea and a light breakfast. She headed upstairs, and dressed for her day. She was going to hit the mall and look for some truly salacious underwear. Something truly sin-worthy. Then she was going to find out about a munch. And find someone to fuck her silly. She sighed again. How she missed Master.

She perused her closet. Lately she’d taken to hating her wardrobe. Boring, middle-aged lady clothing. Not that she was going to run out and buy 20 miniskirts, not at her age, but perhaps it was time to ….loosen up a bit. She put on a knee-high skirt, thigh high stockings with a garter and back seam and her tallest heels. She didn’t care that her feet would kill her by the time she was done shopping she just wanted to feel sexy again. Like she had at camp. All the time. Imagining Master’s eyes on her, she took out a blouse. Put it back. Went to her lingerie drawer and pulled out a soft, silky camisole. This was underwear! But what the hell. Slipping it on, she admired the swell of  her creamy, large tits, the faint shadow of her areola and nipples, the way the soft rose silk complimented her skin tone. She smiled.

“There she is” she murmured to herself, admiring the sexy beast looking out from her eyes in the mirror.  Giving her hair a quick tousle, so far removed from her usual neat ‘do, she turned, admired her ass and checked the seam in the stockings, and headed downstairs.

As she hit the landing, the doorbell rang. A moment of panic. What if it was Mrs. McGillicuddy from across the street? Shit. Fuck. She glanced longingly upstairs, as the bell rang again. Remembering the beast that gazed from her eyes upstairs, she released her hold on propriety, and came slowly downstairs. Grasping at the remnants of courage, she pulled open the door.

Her red, gleaming lips parted into a giant O of surprise.  Standing on her front porch was her Master. And Mistress Andi. Smiling at her surprise, He stepped forward, inviting himself and the Mistress into her foyer.

His finger pushed gently up on her chin.

“Close your mouth, sweet cunt!”

“Hello, pet!” This, from Mistress Andy.

They reached for her simultaneously, and a lovely group hug ensued.

“I believe you’ve met my wife, Andy, ” he said to Cori. She gaped at him, turned to look at the Mistress. Looked back at him. And knew she had at last truly found all that she had ever wanted.