It’s Official !

Good Morning Pervie Friends!

I have official permission to announce that *clears throat* your nilla…has a Sir!

I’ve alluded to it, but now it is out there for all of you to share my happiness. And I am. So happy. We will meet in person next week. He gave me space to make up my mind. No forcing the issue. I’m cheating on my wife. With a man. Probably the ultimate slap to a lesbian relationship. I still love my wife, and my family, but. And it’s a big but.  I’m not happy in this Vanilla World. Not that all of life is about what makes us “happy=happy” all the time. But I’ve finally decided that this is something I must do.  Free my sexay beast. Let her explore this dark fascination I have had. You, you all know my fantasies. He will work on making them come true. For both of us…and that says so much, doesn’t it?

We’ve been talking online for about a month, and………… (nilla shakes her head, smiles) ….some things can’t be put into words. He is just simply…. perfect for me.  I’ll tell you all a secret…I adore him already.  He’s very, very patient w/me. And he loves all the silly and sexy pics I’ve sent. He thinks nilla is sexy! Oh. Wow.

(nilla fans face) And…he makes me very hot. Very wet. Very, very needy. He’s told me a few things he plans to do to me, but I’m going to tease you…and tell you later!

(nilla happy dances around the computer)

hee! I so happy!

Thank you Sir. For listening. For caring. For making me feel safe enough to leap. Because I’m coming (talk about word play, hee!), and I’m going to run right to the edge of that precipice and …..


12 thoughts on “It’s Official !

    1. were you reading our texts?? lol, that’s *exactly* what Sir has been sayin’!

      Great Dom’s think alike!



  1. Oh nilla! I’m so happy for you!! I completely understand how you feel needing to explore your submissive side plus all the yummy kink on the darkside *giggles* I’m so looking forward to hearing all about your new relationship.

    Big Hugs,

    1. thanks kitten! I’m so excited I can hardly stand it…the nervous anticipation, the needy nilla…He is sooo patient w/me. *smiles*


    1. thank you Lexi. It was not an easy choice to make. I’m not a young thing that leaps w/o understanding the consequences. Maybe that even fueled part of the decision. At 50, nilla is not getting any younger…and there is this whole part of life that I never knew existed, but made me feel like finally i belonged. I’m a freak inside, but…there are other freaks right there with me.

      I truly appreciate your kind sentiments!


  2. I can’t pretend I ever condone deception and cheating… I don’t. It just doesn’t fit with how I try to live my life.

    But… I am young. And I guess I’ve come to understand that my ethics don’t have to be everyone else’s ethics. And that plenty of loving, responsible, productive, and necessary relationships are formed in secret, it would seem.

    I guess my only “advice” (useless as it may be) would be a game my mother taught me to play. The Worst Case Scenario Game. Imagine the worst way this could turn out. Your wife, or your children, discover you – discover everything. Or you’re ratted out. Your family crumbles, etc. Whatever the worst, plausible thing that could come out of it would be – imagine that. And then ask yourself – Will I regret my choice? Will I survive this with my capacity for happiness and self-respect intact? Will I know what to do?

    If the answers are “No, I won’t regret this choice” and “I will survive it with my capacity for self-respect and happiness intact” and “I will know what to do” then you’re all set. Then you’re okay. Because if you can handle the worst case and won’t regret it, you can handle anything without regret.

    You have my crossed fingers and best wishes.


  3. OMG, where the heck was I at when you posted this the other day? Obviously I have been in a coma (getting ready to fly overseas and too busy to read I guess). I am so freaking happy for you that my hands are shaking as I type this!You are so right, life is finite and so damned is a shame to waste a moment of it and it is much more a shame to have reached the end and have regrets over things you did NOT try or do that you so much wanted to try or do. Go for it! You have more than earned this and you have every right to some happiness. Hugs and kisses. Poppet.

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