…and He’s So Good!

She lay in his bed. A stranger. An intimate stranger. They’d met 3 hours ago, in the mall. She’d offered to sew on the button he was in a stew about, they’d had words about her intent and now, here she was, bound to the four corners of his bed.

After the searing kiss he’d laid on her, she thought her knees had melted. She’d waited 50 years for something like this. He didn’t care that she was older, that she was not “model-esque” either in height or physical beauty. He liked her spirit, he said. When they went for coffee she discovered that he was a “Dom”….how strange was that? She’d been fantasizing about a Dom/sub relationship for years, but had never known how to get there. She thought of that old Maine saying “ya caint get theyah from he-ah”…it so described her life to this point. Who knew that offering to stitch a button on a shirt would bring her to her ultimate fantasy…and fulfill it.

 Oh, she hoped she’d be fulfilled!   He’d tied her here forever ago, it seemed. Then, left.  Time stood still when you could not see. There were no dancing shadows in this dark nothingness, nor clock, simply no way to judge how long she had lain there, wanting. Saying nothing. She’d read how Dom’s liked to do this to their subs, how it increased their needyness. How it illustrated to the subbie that their Dom was in full control mode. Amazingly, she thought her cunt was wet! There was some fear, some trepidation. He was a stranger. Maybe he would carve her up and …Her eyes were bound shut,  but her senses were already attenuated to him. She felt the fine hairs on her arms lift, sensing his approach.

A  large, warm hand touched her at the base of her throat.

“I can see your pulse increasing, little one. Are you afraid?”   He watched her nod,  obedient to his command for silence.  His hand slid down her body, circling her large soft breasts. Withdrew. A sharp slap against the side of her left tit caused her to arch her back and gasp at the sudden sensation. Again he slid his hand downward. Circling her belly button, he saw her biting her lip to maintain silence. He could feel the twitching of giggles inside of her belly. He reached out with his other hand and pinched her right nipple, hard. She gasped again. The twin sensations, tickling and pain confused her. Although he did not see the rush of liquid, he smelled the warm wet scent of cunt. Again he withdrew his hands. He climbed onto the bed between her sprawled legs. Slid his palms under her ass cheeks and raised her hips a bit. Gazed at her slit. Watched the slow trail of liquid oozing from between puffy lips. Looked for the hidden, pulsing clit. Sliding his hands away from her plump and appealing ass, he reached forward, pulling her cuntlips apart, pinching them lightly. There he looked deeply into the valley of woman. Saw the streaming river run deeper, saw the deep auburn tones as flesh engorged with  heated blood. Like a skydiver plunging to earth, he dove into the soft wet folds and feasted. She writhed, moaned, a she beast in full heat. Her hips danced on the bed as much as she was able. The ropes held her tightly, and his hands pinned her further, but still she undulated her cunt to his mouth. When he bit her clit, she went crazy, her orgasm explosive.

He watched her cunt clench and ooze.  He looked up from between her legs,  as her long red hair whipped back and forth across her face. Her head was tossing about in her lust-filled frenzy, her mouth open, and low moans coming from her. He watched her as he thrust his fingers deeply into her fuck hole. Her body arched into a beautiful bow, tits bouncing, her bound arms taut, her heels pressed deeply into the mattress.

“Yell for me, slut!” he commanded as he wildly finger fucked her. His cock was a throbbing ache between his legs. At her ululating cry he withdrew his rampaging fingers, and slammed his hard hot cock as deeply as he could. She screamed, then, a steady stream of “yes, oh yes! Yesyesyes…oh SIR ohmygodSIR YESSSSSS” accompanied his every deep thrust into her.

“Do.You. Like. It.Hard.Cunt?” he asked, each word accompanied by a mercilessly hard stroke. Her wetness made a squelchy sound that made him push her for more. More strokes, more wetness. Another keening orgasm. He held back. Grabbing her nipples, he twisted them, pinched them. He felt, rather than heard, her moan of pain as their bellies met on the instroke.

He bent his head and sucked one engorged nipple and as much breast as he could get into his mouth.  Sucked, bit down with his back teeth, felt her writhing beneath him. His other hand found her clit, pulling and scraping the sensitive nubbin until he felt her cunt convulsing around his cock. He could not take any more and with a final bite, he buried his face between her tits and erupted inside of her.

Later, untied from his wraps, but tangled in his arms, she nuzzled into his neck, lightly kissing his throat. She felt  His quiet ‘mmmmm’  through her lips. She pulled away, looked up at him, her blue eyes dancing.

“What, little one?” he asked, wondering what was coming next.

She dropped her gaze, hiding her smile.   “Wel-llllll,” she drawled out, tracing a design on his chest with her finger.

“Yes-sssss” he drawled back, amused.

“I was just wondering…..” a long pause. He waited her out. She glanced up at him, down at his stirring cock. Traced her finger along its length, making it twitch.

“…wondering…how many other  buttons you need fixed?” 

He barked out a laugh! Oh, she was a treasure all right!

He bit her neck, none to gently. Muttered against her flesh that was captured between his teeth. She wasn’t sure, but she thought she heard him say ‘hundreds…”