“On your toes, slut,”  he barked at her.  She moaned.

“I…… can’t…..”

“Never, never tell me what you can’t do…that’s tantamount to saying you won’t . . . and for me, slut, you certainly will.”

She felt the sting of the rattan cane on the back of her thighs. Oh, it stung so badly…how could she…but she felt herself raising to her sore toes. Her arms above her head, they’d been there forever and they hurt so. She wanted to lower them, just for a moment, but knew he would be disappointed in yet another failure…

She was so new to him. To his needs. And yet, he continued to call her, to meet with her. “Training, ” he had said, “doesn’t transpire over the course of one or two meetings. It will take us a long, long time to get where we’re going. ” She was both reassured by this, and nervous. What if she failed him. Still, she had risen to every challenge.  He brought her back to the room with a sharp smack on her ass with his hand.

“Stay with me, slut” he commanded. Her attention snapped back.

“Yes, Sir!”  On her toes, arms stretched above her head, she fought gravity. For him. She felt the sharp sting of something across her left tit. Again. Then her nipple.  She danced around a bit on her toes, moaned low in her throat. Felt the fire on her breast give way to soothing warmth as his hand came and caressed her tormented flesh.

“Good girl, ” His praise meant all to her, renewing her resolve. She straighted further, arms reaching for the ceiling, feet poised and perfect. She felt him step away, and the stinging slaps of the cane on her left nipple and breast began again.  By 10 strokes, she was once again dancing in place. If only he would spread the blows to both. She felt lopsided. One side burning embers, heavy with the  pain, the other, cool and light. But he never did it that way. No. He loved to feel them, later, circling the cool one, then the hot one, as he lay, buried between her thighs.

His hand grasped her arm, lowering it, then the other.

“Good girl. ”  That was all he said as he led her to the bed, pushing her facedown. It was all she  needed. His pride.