Nilla has been put on Fleshbot’s Roundup! Thanks so much aag!!! I, i am ….speechless!!! I know…nilla??? speechless!  yet, i am!!

happy dancing! (oh, it was for ‘good night, little girl”  which is nilla’s true story, as so many have guessed! )…yay!!!



He laid her across the bed, a naked, living  blanket for him to warm himself with. Her arms were brought together above her head, wrists joined, then secured to the headboard frame. Her legs were open, cuffed at ankles and secured to the bar that kept her open, vulnerable. He watched her breath hitch as he secured the last buckle on her left ankle. Slid his hand slowly from ankle to knee, tickling gentle and making her buck and moan. Her scent spilled into the room, sweet perfume to entice him.
He laid his hand on her stomach. Felt the muscles twitch in response. He moved away from the bed, trailing his finger across to her hip. Moving to his table, he chose an item, returned to the bed. A flick of his wrist and a red welt appeared on her left breast. She jolted. Blindfolded, he had removed her advantage to prepare for his attentions. He slashed again caressing her flesh with his toys. Lines crisscrossed her tits, with special attention to her nipples. Reddened, swollen they strained from her chest as if seeking further attention from him. He was quick to answer their need. He adjusted the clamp on one, pulling firmly to seat it tightly. A whimper escaped her mouth, before she could pull it back. He chuckled. It pleased him to  pull this response from her. She was beginning to loosen her inner restrains. He could contain her flesh. He wanted her mind as well. Moving leisurely around the bed, he fastened the second clamp. Unsatisfied with the bite, he pulled it away from her nipple. She arched, biting her lip, and a muffled groan emerged. A louder sound came from her as he found the sweet spot, and a short, shrill scream as he firmly pulled the chain that interlocked her breasts.
He mounted the bed, and sliding his cock under the chain he fed her need. Each thrust forward gagged her, and pulled the nipple chain taut. She could not scream, but the vibrations that came from her throat swelled his cock harder, bigger. Tears formed and slid down the sides of her face.
She gave him her submission. He gave her raw power. Took her need and fed it back to her. When he was close to exploding, he pulled away, made her beg for it.
It was her final submission. He took all from her, gave all back.
Satisfaction filled him. He filled her.
Together, they came alive.