She stood outside the hotel room door. He’d posed her just so. Back to the wall, eyes shut. She was wearing the high heels he’d requested, as well as the dress, stockings and make up. Her eyes were closed, head up. No leaning, no fidgeting. Just stand, breathe, eyes closed, hands clasped behind her back.

How long she had been here, she was uncertain. There was a certain amount of stress in that. They only had so much time before she had to be back. Back to home and hearth. Back to reality after adventure. He was wasting time. She felt certain that he was watching her from the peep hole in the door behind her, however, and she did not have permission to move yet. And she did so want to be an obedient girl for Him. Her Master. She sighed a little, thinking that. A happy, albiet nervous sigh.

She heard a sound in the hallway. Someone was coming towards her. She heard the swish of pants, the strong smell of freshly applied cologne. A hand touched her shoulder.

“Are you okay, miss?” came a deep, male voice.

She was not permitted to speak. She nodded softly.

“Sure?” She smiled, a slow, full smile. Nodded again.

“Okay then, sorry to have disturbed you,” and she heard him move away. Not her Master. Just a concerned citizen. Or perhaps a friend of Master, testing her? She didn’t know how this stuff worked.

He came out of room across the hall once the elder gentleman entered the elevator. He had seen them interact, and was pleased. She had not broken posture, nor any of his ‘rules’ for the game.

He slid his hand down her face, hooking his finger into her dress at the neck, tugging a bit. She started. He watched the smile flood over her face when she understood. She followed his tugging finger across the hall, and through the door.

Soon she would have permission for much, much more.