Cookie Madness and “Marthanity”

So I was reading over at kaya’s blog about cookies…she posted a great recipe for gingerbread cookies. Personally, nilla finds gingerbread revolting. Ugh. I made gingersnaps in Jr. High (back in the day when Home Ec was required for all girls, heh) and my family loved them so much, poor nilla had to bake them over and over and over. double ugh. That said, i still will make them for my family, but ONLY during Yule. Still haven’t made them yet, but they’re on my docket.

what nilla did do? made dough. lotsa lotsa dough. Scoop dough into balls and freeze. Chocolate chip. Reverse chocolate chip. And sugar cookies? Rolled, cut into cute Yule shapes, flash frozen. All ready for “Marathon Baking Day” which was Sunday. Dozens and dozens (13.5 just in chip cookies alone) went through my oven. Then the decorating….maybe 12 or 13 dozen mini sugar cookies.

I can’t help it. I was infected by Marthanity. Now, a small aside here. My mom discovered she was terminally ill in December. She died 4 months later. She LOVED Christmas. But her loss really killed my spirit. Too young …in fact, i’m only 7 years younger than she was when she died (gulp). It was impossible for me to be all “merry and bright” for years and years …and then the littles came along and it was necessary to get through it. And by getting through it, you get into it. (is this a D/s analogy? hmmm). Finally this year, nilla is W-AAAAA-Y into it.  And I have the pictures to prove it!

Artfully decorated stars….

snowmen with cheery red scarves, brown buttons and blue eyes,

Can you hear those bells ringin?

mini trees complete with wee ornaments…

9 square feet of cookies on the island and still more to bake…

all the mini sugars done and waiting to be packed into tins for holiday gifting..

See, told you i was “marthanity”…and I still have fudge to make. Still, I love driving around town, dropping cookie tins at the flower shop, the mechanics, the doctors office, the dentist (hoardes them and tries not to share with the hygenist and secretary!), the library ladies…and on it goes.

7 thoughts on “Cookie Madness and “Marthanity”

  1. I love the decorated cookies nilla. So cute. My cookies were kid decorated so not anywhere near as even and pretty.

    And oooh, I should make fudge.

    1. Yes, this year momma nilla did the cookies as kids were just not into it (and i let out a secret cheer!) This is the first time i’ve gone all “marthanity” in…forever…and really, i had the bestest time!
      yeah, fudge. still on the ‘to do list’…and i need to deliver…cold air is coming this way…


    1. That sounds interesting…lmk how they come out. I love oatmeal cookies with a hot cuppa (tea)…although your eggnog sounds tempting..(hiccup!) hee!


    1. Thank you! It sure was a fun and productive day! now to get them delivered with the coldest air of the season bearing down on new england…

      nilla, shivering

  2. Awesome cookies! Guess what I have left on my list? Cookies and fudge! Lol! That’s sweet you bring them to so many people, very gratuitous! I give them out to friends / neighbors that help us out. Hope you’re enjoying the holidays and getting some down time between your hard work!

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