FFF The Gift

The first note was on the front door.

Please come in Master, and you’ll find a package awaiting you on the table.

He entered the foyer, and found the merrily wrapped package. Inside, a single silver key. He turned it in his hand, but wasn’t sure what this key went to. A tag ran down the long edge of the key, and on it was hand-printed the word “kitchen”.  He smiled. One of her games, then. Very well, he would indulge her. It had been awhile since she’d shown this initiative, and it was always intriguing how her devious mind worked.

In the kitchen was a power drink beside a cup. She knew he abhorred drinking directly from bottles. As he poured the last of the drink into the glass, he saw another note on the bottom of the bottle.  It read simply “microwave”.

Taking the drink and sipping as he crossed the kitchen, he opened the microwave. Inside lay a smaller key..the one to the handcuffs he favored. A prettily stamped tag was attached to the key by a silver thread.  The tag read “garage, Master!”

He admired her crafting abilities. And her crafty way in keeping his attention. His cock began to twitch. She was up to something. And if the cuffs were involved…well…he knew how that would end up.

Exiting the kitchen door, he took the 3 steps to the walkway in a single leap, then strode to the garage door. The curtain was drawn across inside, and a posty note was centered in the glass. It had holly leaves stenciled around it, and in the center it read “Merry Christmas, Master”.

He opened the door slowly, and there they were. The convertible that he’d inherited from his dad this spring…fully restored! ….and her.

Blindfolded, naked, and cuffed to the steering wheel,  dark hair curling fetchingly around her.  As he approached,  moved beyond words at her magnificent gifts, he saw one last note. It was on a ribbon around her neck and read “Drive Me”.

He planned to do exactly that.