Camp Nekkink–Reboot?Renewed?

So, y’all know slave b? he was one of the big fans of Camp Nekkink, and helped da nilla out with some facets of the male-slave end of things for several stories. He asked permission to write a varient of CN based on a “boot camp” for Mistresses and their s/o slave boys. I’ve read several chapters and found them vastly entertaining, as well as hawt! I hope you’ll all drop by and pay him a visit!


Nilla IRL

Hi, i am your hostess, nilla stillavanilla. I greet you from the land of snow and blizzards. Where a bout of nice hot juicy sex is the cure for most winter blues.

Except traveling through it.

fucking snow. er…that would be “not-fucking nilla” fucking snow.

we now return you to your regularly scheduled porn stories….


It wasn’t supposed to work out this way, he mused to himself. He wondered how things had all gone so strangely wrong. And yet, he was hard, horny as hell, and satisfied. He guessed he was well and truly fucked.

It all began when he offered his submission to his wife. She took the reins and life had been so much fun since then. She teased, she tortured him, but always there was pleasure between them. Oh, she would call him at work and offer suggestive vingnettes for him to think about, let his cock grow hard and heavy and painful in it’s cage. The teeth bit into his cock, reminding him that he was Her property, and he’d best contain that lust of his.

Late at night, when work days were put away, children sent to bed, and house settled for the night, she would open her thighs for his evening devotion to her cunt. He’d learned to please her. Often he would draw out his evening devotions, teasing her clit with his tongue, lapping at her lower lips, and sucking each one gently into his mouth. The gentle ministrations kept her humming and right near the edge, but she really craved the hardness of his teeth, his deep sucking to help drive her over the edge. And yet she would let him control this event . . . for awhile anyway. Eventually,  if he did not bring her off when she desired she would start swatting his back with the crop that was never far from her hand. By the 5th thwack on his bare back he’d give up, begin hard sucking and nibbling on her clit and she would explode into his waiting mouth.

Later, he might be allowed to slide his cock deep inside her warm wetness. If he’d sufficiently pleased her. Oh, he yearned for those wonderous times.

Lately, however, his Dominant Wife had a craving. One he could not resolve for her, as she still preferred him as her slave. She wanted a Dom. Someone she would submit to.  Knowing that she wanted another man to Dom her had an amazing effect on him. He grew hard just thinking of it. It was a forbidden excitement. Until she received a response. Not one of the wanna-be types, but a person who seemed tailor made for their situation.

They met Him for the first time when he arrived at their home. She knelt for him in the foyer as he had requested. Naked, palms on the floor, head on the back of her hands, ass in the air. He wanted an inspection. As for the slave? He was cuffed, hands behind his back, sitting in the chair across the room, where he could see all, and interfere not a bit. His collar was locked to a chain that ran behind the chair, under it, and attached to the steel cage that held his cock.  The key was tauntingly close on the table next to the chair. He could see it, but not reach it.

Sir came into the house, and poked her in the ass with his walking stick. She stayed put. Watching his Wife submitting to this humilating gesture caused his cock to twitch. As he continued to watch the Sir inspecting his Wife, spreading  her sweet ass cheeks and examining her asshole and pussy, he felt his cock rising steadily. When Sir stuck his thumb on her clit and pushed on it, eliciting a moan from her, he felt like his balls would tear off from the pressure of the cage. He moaned, low in his throat.

Sir looked up. Smiled.

“Ah, a two for one event. How …pleasing”. This was all he said before he went back to inspecting her.

And now here he was. Sir’s cock in his mouth. Sir’s fingers in his wife’ slurpingly wet cunt as she lay draped across their bed.  He knew once Sir was fully erect, the cock he’d helped to get that way would begin drilling that beloved piece of real estate between his woman’s thighs.  His ass hurt with the large butt plug Sir had thrust into it. His cock  ached with unresolved lust. His heart beat in his throat, his throat hurt from Sir’s rough thrusting.

It was promising to be a wonderful day.