FFF the Corset 75 words.

She’d just bought this new corset last week, found at one of those second-hand stores that had become so popular recently. Soft old cotton, juxtaposed with the hard stays that boosted her tits up to penthouse standards.

He used a new whip which shredded her corset rather quickly. 

“What a delicious package to unwrap!”, He had exclaimed. 

 As He revealed each luscious inch of flesh his smile grew wider. What a Merry Christmas it was!

9 thoughts on “FFF the Corset 75 words.

    1. liked yours ever better! nilla never even saw the Pearls…just the old cotton …and you and your spankings got the nilla brain spinning…such inspiration!


      1. hehe the picture was haunting me…I knew there was something there I was missing and no matter how much I tried to write about the corset….it wasn’t right! so glad I finally got it 😛

        can’t wait to see what you come up with hehe I like your brain spinning!

    1. Can’t … wife will be home early thursday for 1st night, and i’ll have no computer again until monday. sigh. mayhap next week….but yes, I should take my turn.

      damn i hate not having full fun w/my computer. have to choose between writing and reading…today writing won out.


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