The Prisoner

He sat in his computer chair, oblivious to the world around Him. His tasks consumed his attention, He was known and renowned for His attention to even the smallest details.

she slipped into the room silently. she watched Him working for a moment, then turned quietly and began to shed her day. she hung her blazer and skirt on the hanger and slipped it into the bathroom to freshen up. Wool only needed cleaning so often. Simply airing it out took away much of the day’s wear from it. Tomorrow she would press it, then hang it away. He had taught her to take care of her things, a skill she had sorely lacked before last year. She smiled to remember the look on His face when He had come to her place unannounced. Usually she prepared carefully for His visits, but this one time, she had slipped back into old habits and the place…well, suffice it to say that her bottom reminded her frequently after that visit, to put her stuff away, pronto! Since moving in with Him 5 months ago, her personal habits had rarely faltered. He had made her. She felt the familiar fluttering inside her heart. He had created her, molded her. She was what He needed, and He was everything to her.

The blouse she wore went into the hamper, as well as the chemise she had chosen rather than a bra. He hated the marks a brassiere left on her skin, so although she preferred to contain her large breasts that way, it was His way that mattered.

Naked, she stopped at the bathroom sink and began to wash away her work makeup. Eyes closed as she gently removed her mascara, she didn’t hear Him come up behind her. She jumped as His hands closed over hers, keeping her gaze shuttered. Oh, she hated being blindfolded. She much preferred to see His face, to watch as the Beast in Him was unleashed, to prepare for His passionate onslaught.

He pulled away the washcloth, and replaced it with the blindfold. Her mascara was smudged, hair disheveled, lips bare of paint. There were times when the ‘tired, used whore’ look appealed. He pulled her head backwards with the ties of the blindfold, bowing her back, and kissed her open mouth. His tongue dove deeply into her, tasting her. She remained quiescent, but tonight, tonight he wanted a fight. Still grasping the ties, and a large hank of hair, he roughly shook her head.

“Fight!”  he growled into her mouth.

Pushing her hands against his chest was useless, and he continued to draw her closer to him. She stamped on his foot hard. Her bold move surprised him, and he dropped his hand from her hair, while lifting his abused foot and rubbing it. She pulled the bandanna from her eyes, threw it at him as she turned and ran out the door.

The chase was on. He gave her mere moments before he began to hunt. His cock began to grow and thicken in his pants. She had been nearly silent going down the stairs, but a faint crash from the kitchen and a muffled “dammit” sent him in the right direction.

As he entered the kitchen, he saw the back door swinging gently. Had she been bold enough to go outside and hide in the backyard? It was dusky out, and their property was private, but she never went out naked unless he ordered it. Or was the door a trick. He paused, listening.  Silence. He could hear the faint ticking of the dining room clock, feel the increased pulses of his cock, which had surged to life. She was a crafty slut, he knew, but he…he was a hunter. Moving to the dining room doorway, he took a slow, deep breath. Nothing. Moving back to the back door, he took another deep slow breath. Aaahhh. The sweet smell of his toy. His smile was feral.  He retreated from the door, closing it.  He made his way back through the house, stopping to grab a few items from the play drawer in the living room, and slipped silently out the front door.

She hid behind the large maple tree, catching her breath. Leave it to him to want to play hunter once she was naked. Already mosquito’s from as far away as Atlanta got the signal that fresh meat was outside and ready for tasting. Swatting one, she froze. He would hear that. Drat the man!  Her head rose as she heard the back door shut. She laughed silently! He’d fallen for it! Thought that the back door opened was a trick because he knew how much she hated being outside, naked.  Oh, he insisted from time to time, but still she hated it. Breath easing, she slipped from her hiding place and scanned the yard. Clumps of bushes created walkways and hiding spots galore. Could she make it to her special nook? She didn’t think he knew about it…but then again He was the Man…Looking around the darkening yard, she slipped behind the nearest shrub and, crouching low, began to scuttle around and through the undergrowth.

Occasionally she thought she heard…something. Good God! Don’t let there be any sort of animal out here. The last thing she needed was an encounter with a skunk!  She slipped, finally into her haven, and turned to watch the back of the house. She giggled a bit to think of him, searching high and low for her in there.

“Something funny, slutgirl?” came the mild voice behind her. She screeched and tried to dart to the left, only to find herself wrapped in steely arms. Kicking and yelling, he bore her to the ground, biting hard at her shoulder to quell her. She moaned, then sagged softly against him.

He pulled her hands behind her, and handcuffed her. She fought a bit when she felt the first circlet on her wrist, but with Him sitting on her ass, she had no leverage. Rising, he pulled her to her feet. He gently dusted her tits, her belly, and paid special care to cleaning her pussy. Over and over he rubbed along the cleft of her lower lips. Another, lower and deeper moan came from her as she rocked back and forth against his hand. His finger grazed her clit and she gasped and tried to push harder.

“No, no, greedy little slut” he admonished her, “you’ve been a very bad little girl. Now I have to take you in for questioning.” He teased her nipples to hardness, pulling and tweaking them. Finally, he put his mouth on first one succulent morsel, then the other. Wet nipples and night air were a brilliant combination, and they rose to stellar heights. Flicking each nubbin, he pulled the clamps out of his pocket. Fastened them securely. Ignoring her moans, he pulled on them to be sure of their tightness. After securing a chain to the clamps, he began pulling her towards the house by it. Cock throbbing hard in his jeans, he felt a thrill deep inside of him. His toy. His painslut. The anticipation was sublime.

Interrogation was so much fun.