Perchance (pt 1)

He hated being alone. He liked the feeling of a woman in his life. The scents, the sounds, the textures. The sex. Oh, yeah, the sex. He moved through the scene these days, picking up a woman here and there, but no one really meshed. No one stayed. No one was “in it” except for the fast thrill, the adrenaline of a good lashing, the hot glow of a well spanked ass. Oh, he was good at what he did, damned good. But an occasional beating here and there was not satisfying on a deeper level.

Yet, here he was, driving to yet another Group event. New Years Eve at a bondage club was certainly more enticing than, say, heading down to Times Square. He knew he’d have fun with his friends, and taj would expect a beating. She always expected a beating. She spread herself around, generously, to the guys who came stag. And she was a delicious subbie. Just, not his. Who would’ve thought he’d be looking at exclusivity at this point in the game. He wanted his own subbie. His wife wasn’t in the picture, nor in the lifestyle. She preferred Jamaica and Rubierto. What the fuck kind of name was Rubierto anyway. Dickhead. Now that was a name. Suited the guy, too. Mr. Armani Suit Dickhead at your service. He chuckled.  Turned his car into the parking lot and prepared to pretend to have fun, at least until the fun kicked in.

She was pulled into the room by her friend Taj. They’d met forever ago. And yet she’d never felt compelled to explore Taj’s lifestyle…that walk on the dark side, until recently. Until Rubierto had dumped her for some older woman. She sighed. The jerk. Jerk-o.

“Stop that!” Taj commanded her brusquely.

“What?”  she asked, slapping on a polite smile as she was herded past a Mistress in the tightest black leather corset she’d ever seen a woman squeezed into. Her tits were…enormous and sat poised atop the cups like .. well, she couldn’t even think of a metaphor that fit that one. And she, a writer, even.

“You’re thinking about that dickhead Rubierto again, and he does NOT belong here.” Taj spun around, face to face–almost nose to nose.

“That no-good sonofabitch fucked you over. Move on, kiddo. You’re worth 20 of that fucked up dickhead. Trust me, tonight will change your life.”

Well, on that one point she would agree. She’d never, ever seen some of the things she’d already seen and that was just heading to the bar. She gave her order to the bartender. He lifted a brow in a somewhat condescending way when she ordered her ginger ale. She stared back. He winked, then passed her the glass of bubbling ale. Phew. One down, how many more encounters to go. This was the strangest thing she had ever done. At least it could prove to be good story fodder, she mused…when her brain shut off.

He walked into the club. Music flowed out into the crisp night air as the door opened, and a deep throbbing base accompanied the twinkling of stars in the dark sky. Crossing the room, he met taj halfway. Grabbed her hair from the back and pulled her into him for a hard kiss. She giggled, smiling up at him.

“I’m so glad you came, Sir! Listen, i brought a friend with me tonight. her first time. if you have a moment to spare, Sir, would you come and meet her?”

He smiled down at the diminutive woman. She was pretty, feisty, and a good sex companion.  What the hell, he owed her. Laying his hand on her rounded shoulder, he bent into her back and  nibbled her earlobe.

“lead on” he murmured against her ear. He could feel her shiver of delight. Her ears were extremely sensitive. She’d probably orgasm right now if he blew a bit into it. So he did. She stopped moving forward. Tilted her head to allow him greater access. He bit into her lobe again, then swirled his tongue in her outer canal. He felt the shudder run through her, the low moan that came from deep inside of her. Slipping his finger down her spine, around the sweet curve of her asscrack, he felt the wetness dripping from her. Hmm, a honey of  a subbie, to be sure.

taj turned to him, smiled. “That was a hell of a hello, Sir! Thank you, Sir. Will you come now?”

“Maybe later,” he said with a smile. He laughed as she pouted,

“Oh, you mean come with you to meet your friend? oh, I thought you were offering me a blowjob, pretty subbie.” She batted her eyes at him. Then laughed and led him to the bar.

She could not believe her eyes. Had that man just…just fingered taj? Nibbling her ear and …she was certain that taj had just had an O! in public! Geeze…was that…pussy juice on taj’s thighs? And why was she looking at taj anyway? She looked down, smoothing the camisole top she wore. Fidgeted with her skirt. Checked her mile high heels that Taj had insisted she wear tonight. Fishnet thigh highs? Ah well, best to blend in, she mused.

He looked at taj’s friend as they approached the bar. She certainly looked like an uncomfortable outsider. Well, except for the ‘nets and heels. Hmmm, his personal favorite. He glanced at taj. He would not put it beyond her to have set this up as some kind of …blind date. Perish the thought. This woman was as vanilla as they came. How the hell had taj persuaded her to come to a BD/sm club on New Years Eve?

8 thoughts on “Perchance (pt 1)

    1. part two just finished and you’ll get it on Tuesday. gotta end the old year with a bang

      Oh my god…did I write that? heeheehee…talk about Freudian slip! hee! yeah, it’s gonna end with a bang, alright!!

      nilla goes off in gales of laughter…..

    1. thank you! yeah, have to end the year with something juicy. Need to have all my pervy friends being all hot and bothered and wet and slippery and…..



    1. thanks poppet! can’t believe i have any saga’s left in me, but sometimes they just pop out. like janet jacksons tit on the superbowl. hee.


  1. Ok, did I read this right? Is this playing out like that song “do you like pina colada?” oh the intrigue! I’m behind as you can see… Off to read above and hope for the next chapter 😉

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